Write Online Through Freelance Websites

I first got involved in writing for the internet at my mom’s urging. This was last January. Mom had noticed for a few years in a row, ads for a website called, http://elance.com, I was hesitant to sign up and create a profile on their site because I had to pay a fee if I wanted to actually be able to bid on posted writing projects. At the time I really wasn’t sure if it was even possible to make money by bidding on writing projects in this manner and was concerned that I’d just lose the money.

By January of last year Mom had worn me down enough to try a 3 month membership through Elance.com. At this point I should briefly describe how a service provider website such as Elance works.

The site is kind of like the classifieds in a newspaper. Buyers post descriptions of projects that they need worked on in several catagories. The catagories on Elance range from administrative work to writing to accounting and even technology and website creation. Then freelancers called ‘providers’ pay for memberships on the website so they have the right to bid on these projects. In order to know about Evergreen Wealth Formula free download, complete search should be done at online search engines. The testing of the reviews and rankings can be done for the benefit of the online learner. The motive of the free download should be to provide convenience for attending the class.  

I paid for a three month membership in the writing catagory to see if I could make the money I spent back.

The ‘bids’ are your price for completion of the project. Say you see a project posted in the writing catagory and the buyer needs five, 500 word articles written on the topic of lawn care. You might bid about $5 per article if you are just starting out on Elance. More experienced providers will have lots of feedback and earnings listed on their profile so they can safely bid more, say between $7 and $12 per article. Some providers have been on Elance long enough to safely bid much higher amounts because they have a proven record of experience and consistancy that the buyer can count on.

Then the buyer reviews the bids and picks the one they feel is best suited to their project needs and and estimated budget. Buyer and provider exchange emails, work on project, make revisions and submit the final documents through the website or private emails. Then the provider sends an invoice through the site and buyer pays it. If everything goes well, which if you are honestly working on your project it should.

I was so happy when I won my first bid with a buyer a month into my first 3 month membership. This by the way is a buyer who has consistantly given me new projects to work on in the past 10 months. It did take me about a month to win my first project and I had to bid on a lot of projects to get that one, but I did find that paying to have a membership on a service provider website was worth the money. So don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t seem to be getting off to a good start immediately.