Worst Things for Your Teeth

A recent trip to the dentist and two absent teeth later inspired me to write this article. Much too often people overlook the importance of taking care of their mouth. Not only can not taking care of your teeth cause for several severe health issues, it will leave you with a smile many will frown upon and may cause you to join me in the overwhelming amount of dental bills.

Staining of the teeth is one of the world’s most common problems. We indulge ourselves in foods, drinks, and sometimes even tobaccos which all cause stains. One of the worst things for your pearly whites is wine. Not just red wine but white wine also. Wine is very acidic and causes for stains to darken. Teas, berries, sodas, and cigarettes are just a few other things that will stain your teeth. Even if you have completely healthy teeth, stains may cause you to have one ugly smile.

Nothing creates a worst first impression than your lousy dressing sense and bad posture coupled with dirty yellow teeth, which is why junk food intake has to be controlled because there eventually comes a time when Cosmetic dentistry is the only alternative left to try out.

Drinking bottled water is common for most of us however it isn’t as good for you as tap water. Tap water is more enriched with fluoride. We need fluoride to help us fight off tooth decay. While bottled water may taste better than tap water, it isn’t helping us prevent decay.

Eating sweets such as candy, pastries, and baked goods will allow for tooth decay. The sugar itself doesn’t cause for the decay but the acids that fight the sugars will eat through the enamel of your teeth. This is a major cause for decay for most people, including myself. If you are unable to brush right after eating such a treat, make sure you have some sugarless gum . Gum will help increase the flow of saliva which helps to neutralize acids.

Other things that will damage your teeth include pregnancy, birth control pills, puberty, grinding your teeth, and dieting, amongst many others. I had received a chip in my teeth for every child I bared. It is important to make sure you take prenatal vitamins and if allowed by your doctor, calcium pills as well. Pregnancy plays a big role in the condition of your teeth. However, pregnant or not, you should always make sure to consume enough vitamins and calcium to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

While there are many factors that play a role in the condition of your teeth, those named above are some of the most severe. After having several cavities and teeth pulled I now find it important to take care of my teeth. The health of your mouth should be a priority unless you are prepared to pay many bills, have a smile that’s not quite white, you aren’t afraid of pain or dentures, and are aware of the other severe side effects or heath issues that arise from tooth decay.