What To Expect And How To Get Ready For Your Sleep Study

Sleep Studies

Sleep studies are used to diagnose sleep problems so that our sleep specialists can best treat what is going on specifically with your body. Sleep studies take place in the comfortable sleep lab at El Camino Hospital at your home, if indicated, and may take place during the day or the night depending on your normal sleep routine.

What should I bring?

Please bring pajamas to sleep in. Everyone needs to wear PJ’s on the night of the study, whether it be a t-shirt, sweats, nightgowns, or gym shorts. Don’t forget your toothbrush, eye glasses, and other toiletries. You will likely want to go home and shower after your study before you start your day. Be sure to bring any medications or vitamins that you normally take. We also recommend you bring some reading materials, DVD’s, or something else to keep you occupied while you are preparing for bed. Other items to bring include: insurance cards, photo ID, and any paperwork given to you from the doctor or staff that needs to be filled out and returned.


We are so excited to welcome our pediatric patients. Parents, we need your help; we know that this can be a stressful time for your family, and we would like to make this night as easy as possible. For the younger patients, we try to make the experience fun and positive. We encourage parents to be part of the adventure too! If your child has a special blanket or toy, please bring it. We need parents to participate in the process to make it a fun and easy time. You can help the tech by not allowing your child to pull off materials that have been put in place. The faster this process goes, the easier it will be for your child.

Male patients:

We ask all male patients to arrive for their study with a clean-shaven face. If you have a beard, that is okay; just please remember to have it well-groomed.

Female Patients:

Please remove make-up, lotions, and perfumes before the study. The cleaner the skin, the better the results.

Hook up process:

You will have 15+ wires on your head, face, and chin. These are held in place by a paste-like material.

  • Snore sensor
  • Two belts (one around your chest one around your stomach)
  • 2 EKG leads (to monitor your heart)
  • 2 leads on each leg to look for movement
  • A nasal cannula/ thermoster to measure nasal/oral breathing
  • A pulse ox at the tip of one finger

Don’t worry if you need to get up and use the restroom in the night. You can do so at any point.

What happens in the morning?

We will wake you up around 6:00am in order to unhook you and fill out morning paperwork. An earlier wake up time may be needed in some studies. All patients will leave the lab by 7:00am. This lab runs day and night, and the day shift starts shortly after 7:00am. We thank you in advance for your understanding throughout the study. We look forward to seeing you the night of your study! With websites such as https://observer.com/2020/09/best-cbd-oil-for-sleep/ you can easily get all the information you are looking for regarding sleeping oil associated to cbd. Always know that you have to consume the cbd tinctures and cbd oil in a limited dose only else it can cause negative effects on your body. Also always make sure you a prescription for this.