What My Doctor Didn’t Tell Me About the Effects of Low Blood Pressure

The effects of low blood pressure can be very scary at times. The effects were so different than the doctor told me. Here is my story.

I experienced the effects of low blood pressure after I was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease. I was told my blood pressure was very low and I would have to take florinef acetate, 0.5mg, per day. I did this faithfully every day for 9 ¬Ω years. I wasn’t told any of the effects I could experience from low blood pressure. There were times that my blood pressure was as low as 60/30.

During the time I was having the effects of low blood pressure, I had to be careful about going up and down stairs. If I went either way too fast, I would nearly pass out. One day at work I hurried upstairs, dropped off my paper and back down the stairs. I remember looking down at the offices, everything turned gray, feeling faint and a big pole ahead of me. I was out briefly and when I realized where I was and what happened, I was hugging the pole and the guys from the offices were there with me along with the guys on the floor….about 7 in all. I went back to my job and finished the day.

In the future I remembered that day and went slowly, although the first few days someone would run and grab any paperwork from me and take it upstairs. They weren’t taking any chances of having to pick me up but more so, falling into a customer.

Another effect of low blood pressure was migraine headaches. The doctor told me that he believed the cause of the migraines was that of my blood pressure dropping, causing the headaches.

When my blood pressure would be low, I would get so sleepy and fall asleep when I would sit down with family or visitors. By eating salty foods it would help to keep the blood pressure up. So I was told, they couldn’t increase the florinef acetate because it could easily increase my blood pressure too much, the danger of a stroke and/or heart attack.

Another effect of low blood pressure for me was that of shaking and getting to the point of tears. Here come the potato chips, adding just a little more salt. I carried the individual bags of potato chips with me. After about two-thirds of a bag I would start feeling better but, sometimes it took two bags.

None of the various things that happened was told to me in advance, but each was confirmed after the fact. I was totally unprepared and certainly not aware any of these things would happen. It was always a scare when something would happen as I would think, “What now?” until I found that what was happening was all part of the effects of low blood pressure.

This happened years ago, and today I would be willing to bet that today’s doctors would disagree, as they so often do, with any diagnosis that happened 20 years ago.

Hence, it is really important to choose the right doctor for you as well, there are several factors that you need to consider when finding the right doctor to attend your needs when it comes to your health. Make sure that your doctor has years of experience already, had trainings and certifications like o1 visa Oral Surgeon.

As strange as it may be, I now see a doctor for high blood pressure, with a totally different disease.