Weight Loss Program Unsuccessful?

I have had “fat” little friends that are forever on a diet, and engage in diet programs to lose weight. Almost all were unsuccessful in their attempts. As I have maintained a healthy weight for my size by using leptoconnect, for which maybe they thought “skinny” would happen by osmosis. I would be cajoled into doing something with them to help in their weight loss efforts.

The Grapefruit Diet

When we lived in the City, my neighbor reminded me of the Pillsbury Dough Boy. She was a beautiful woman, cheerful, plump all over, and always on a diet. Her bright idea was that I should do a special diet program with her for one week, (seven days) was all she asked. The diet program consisted of a salad with lemon juice dressing and grapefruit. At the end of a week (seven days), my digestive system was a wreck, I had signs of a rash, and I had lost 5 pounds. My neighbor had gained 3 pounds.

After pressuring her for the truth, she admitted she had been eating Snickers Candy Bars that were for her children’s school lunches. She also insisted that since she had to prepare meals for a family, she could not resist “tasting” the food. I had a family. I prepared the meals. Lesson learned. I made a firm decision to avoid diets and diet programs with “fat” little friends.

Exercise Weight Loss Program

The next proposition blind-sided me. She (a new fat little friend) talked me into joining an aerobic class with her to help her lose weight. She said “It would be more fun if we did it together” and an exercise weight loss program was just the thing for her. Joining the class meant several weeks of classes, twice a week. After the third class, she came no more and she gave some lame excuse for not attending. I found the classes enjoyable and finished the course. My digestive tract was still in order! Obviously, her plan did not work for her.

Weight Watchers

Over the years, I have had many “fat” little friends that were forever dieting to lose weight. With few exceptions, the diets have not worked for them. The women would not adhere to the regimen required. One friend did lose weight with Weight Watchers until she stopped going to their meetings. After that, she regained the lost weight, and more.

Overeaters Anonymous

I have a long-time friend that belongs to Overeaters Anonymous. She has lost 60 to 70 pounds and has maintained her weight loss for more than five years by following the designated eating plans and continued participation in their program.

In watching my “fat” little friends over the years, my conclusion is; there is no unsuccessful diet. The people are unsuccessful because of what, how much, and when they eat.