Ways To Gain Muscle

If you have tried and failed at may ways to gain muscle, you must take a hard look at yourself and ask yourself if you are overlooking some of the simpler tips. With bodybuilding magazines and fitness gurus feeding our mind with conflicted information, it’s easy to get to the point of giving up when you see no results. The idea of looking like the actors from the movie ‘300′ seems like a faraway goal. Try these three ’secret’ muscle building tips that will turbo charge your muscle gains faster:

Tip #1 – Training Inside Of Your Own Body Weight

Most body weight training is simply difficult to sustain. The damage to your ego could be substantial. Employing external loading such as barbells and dumbbells should not be your focus if you cannot work within your own body weight.

If you find that you cannot do a single set of push-ups or chin ups, there is no point in hitting the weights. Before going that route, you must master at least a set of 70 push ups and 30 chin ups. You could also add a set of 20 1-leg squats, 1 set of 30 dips and 1 set of 15 pull ups. Women can adjust the sets with a little lesser amounts of reps. Reaching these standards will set the groundwork for solid muscle gains and endurance in the later stages of your weight training program.

Tip #2 – Change Up Your Program Every 3 weeks

Your body will often plateau after training with the same set of exercises week after week. Consider that you have been training your biceps and back every Tuesday. Before taking Testosterone Booster You should consult the doctor or the gym trainer to know everything about the dosage of it. Natural testosterone booster do not cause any side-effects. do the complete opposite in the next phase three weeks later.

For instance, you will switch up and train your triceps, shoulders than chest on Thursday. It allows each muscle group to fresh and decrease gains. If you are training your shoulders, triceps, abs and forearms on Friday. The following Monday, you should be training your forearms, abs, triceps and shoulders – simply going in the reverse sequence.

By switching everything upside down, you are making sure that these muscles receive an opportunity to train first in the week when your body is at its peak freshness.

Tip #3 – Browse The Grocery Store Aisles Longer

The other facet of muscle building is your diet. Instead of realizing you can eat the typical muscle foods, you should pay attention to all kinds of food. That means paying spending longer periods in the grocery store to fill your cart. Allow your kitchen and pantry to be stocked with the right foods. This means shopping more than once a week. Toss the junk that is in your kitchen right now and replenish with the right foods and continue to make that a habit. Never allow yourself to run low on food with good nutrients. Put these tips into practice and start noticing the changes to your body.