Types Of Drug Tests

Learn About the Different Types of Drug Tests and How to Detox for Them

There are various types of Drug Tests that are performed on a person for examining the biological status of that person. In simple words, the purpose of most drug tests is to determine whether or not a person is fit for a particular situation or job. Drug testing has become very popular in the last few years, especially within large corporations. Therefore, it’s imperative to learn about the types of drug tests and how to detox for them.

There are some common types of drug testing like Urine drug tests, Hair testing, Alcohol, Saliva drug screen / Oral fluid-based drug screen, and Saliva drug screen / Oral fluid-based drug screen. It is better we evaluate each type of drug test separately. Let’s start by discussing the common urine drug test.

The Different Types of Drug Tests

Urine drug test and Hair Follicle drug test are the most common of the types of drug tests when it comes to landing a new job. The reason employers like using the urine drug test is because it is very accurate. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works. The testing site is split into two aliquots. One aliquot provides the initial screening and the second one is for confirming the findings. In the resultant type, if immunoassay and GC-MS are non-negative with a concentration of the parent drug then the person is answerable. This means that the test is positive for an illegal drug such as marijuana. We will cover weed detox in another article.

Hair drug tests are also among the most popular types of drug tests. In this case, hair follicles are tested for drugs such as marijuana, codeine, morphine, and heroin. This detection is mainly done by analyzing a full-grown hair in the lab. The result will vary accurately detect the presence of these drugs and the quantity of them.

Blood drug tests are common types of drug tests. However, blood testing for drugs is considered by many people as an intrusive form of testing. There are a large number of people that are terrified of needles and having their blood drawn. Therefore, blood drug testing is not a popular method for employers to use. The way it works is a sample of blood is drawn out of a person’s veins and placed in a test tube. From there the sample is taken and the blood is analyzed for detecting the presence of any drug particle. The blood sample drug tests are extremely accurate but not often used when it comes to pre-employment testing.

Saliva drug tests are not as accurate as blood, hair, or urine test and often give mixed results. Another term for saliva tests is “patch tests”. The chances of contaminating the saliva test are greater than any of the other type of drug test which makes it unreliable and is thus not the preferred type of drug test for employers.

Situations where the Types of Drug Tests previously mentioned are used:

Pre-Employment Drug Testing: Many large corporations and mid-size businesses require potential job candidates to pass a mandatory pre-employment drug test before hiring them. This is done to keep their insurance costs down and to make sure the person that is potentially joining their organization is not a drug junkie. Post Accident Drug Testing: After an accident, there are possibilities of drugs presenting within a body. With the help of saliva or blood test these can be analyzed. Blood drug tests are often performed after car accidents to see if drugs or alcohol played a part in the accident. Random Drug Testing: Random drug tests are often used by corporations to test their current employees. They often are looking for the Pot Smokers.

So random drug testing is used on employed people. Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing: Erratic behavior, unstable gait can lead to the reasonable suspicion drug test. Also, a police officer can authorize this type of drug test if he suspects that a driver is under the influence of drugs. Return on Duty Testing: This is a type of drug test that is usually performed by an employer or often the military on people that are coming back from vacation or leave. They want to try and catch people after having time off to relax. It’s sort of regarded as a sneaky and unethical drug test. Follow-up Testing: this is a type of drug test usually used for people on probation. A person on probation is not allowed to use any type of drugs. Their parole officers will often require them to take follow-up drug tests at least once a month.

The important thing to remember is that many types of drug tests can be passed with the proper drug testing detox. If you have to suddenly take a drug test, chug as much water as you possibly can prior to the test to help flush your system. Also, drinking pomegranate juice or Niacin can also help to detox your body prior to a drug test. So if you are subject to any of these types of drug tests just remember that there are very effective ways to detox your body.