Top Reasons to Avoid Free Web Hosting

It’s tempting to use a free website hosting service because you’re excited to begin your own websites but wait a minute! Before you sign up for free website hosting and put all your precious time into building your site, you must know these very real (and critical) costs to using these cheap hosting plans.

#1: Reliability

Reliability should be one of the most crucial elements you should examine when choosing a web host for your website. In simplest terms: if your website doesn’t stay online, you’re out of luck. What’s the point of owning a website if it never seems to be live – people can’t visit your site!

Free web hosting, being free, generally can’t offer the same up-time for websites in comparison to actual paid web hosting companies. Take reliability into deep consideration before you jump on board with hosting your website on these free servers.

Naturally no one would want to work for free in current times and certainly not youngsters as they don’t even spare their parents while charging so it is better to take a fastcomet coupon with a good discount from website.

#2: Tech Support

What if something goes wrong with your website in the middle of the night. You may not care because it’s just about your cats but suppose you’re running a business on these free website hosts – your business is now losing money!

Tech support will come in handy much like insurance – you never care for it until you really need it. Paying for hosting allows you to get hold of tech support in a relatively short manner as oppose to free web hosts which will get to it when they feel like it or if they have free time.

#3: Unsolicited Advertising

In exchange for hosting your website on a free server, you’re giving up prime real estate due to advertising your host places on your website. Hey, these hosting companies have to make money some how – they do this by using your own website as a way to make money through advertising.

Consider that you work hard to bring in visitors to your website; you don’t want them to go away just because your website looks too spammy or because they found a better site through advertisements being displayed on each page.

#4: Slow Speed

Most free web hosting packages don’t offer a lot of bandwidth which can be the death of any website which takes off in popularity. Besides the outrageous charges you could find when you go over your monthly bandwidth, once you pop the threshold your website is coming down.

Don’t get caught in a catch 22 by relying on shoddy bandwidth issues – go with paid hosting with unlimited bandwidth for when your site really takes off.

#5: You Could Lose It All

The worst case scenario when running a website on free hosting is that if the hosting provider decides to stop services (unless you have a backup) everything is going to be lost.

If you’re lucky the web host will give you a heads up to export all your data but sometimes there are free website hosting businesses that let it go, everything comes down and all that have their websites on these servers are, well, SOL. Don’t be caught in this situation, your website is on the line – don’t let it disappear.