Top Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

The summer is approaching with very high temperatures; the need for air conditioners is here. This article will take a look at energy efficient air conditions that will not only help you stay cool this summer, but will help save your wallet. This list will look at 5 different energy efficient air conditions, where to get them, and price.

  1. Energy Star Air Conditioner – Window Unit by Sunpentown

This single room air conditioner is great for cooling down a single room while using as little energy as possible. This air conditioner by Sunpentown is energy star certified and comes with a thermostat control to help unnecessary use; this AC also has a timer to control how long the unit stays on. This product comes in 6,500, 8,200, and 10,000 BTU models and range in price from $259 to $429 and can be found at

  1. Haier ESA3085 7800 BTU ENERGY STAR Air Conditioner

This powerful air conditioner is not only highly effective but it also highly energy efficient. This AC comes with a timer with a remote and also a thermostat sensor to prevent unwanted use. This energy efficient air conditioner is of course energy star certified, and is ultra quiet. This product can be found for $199.99 at

  1. Sharp AFS60NX 6,000 BTU Energy Star Air Conditioner

This energy star certified air conditioner by sharp comes with a timer and temperature gauge to ensure that this unit is only on when it is needed. This unit also comes with a removable filter for easy cleaning, and comes allows the user to direct air flow so that you can get the cool air where you need it most. This energy efficient air conditioner can be found at for around $195.75.

  1. Frigidaire – 5200 BTU Room Air Conditioner

This powerful single room energy efficient air conditioner is the perfect mix between practicality and usability. This unit can cool a room up to 165 sq. feet and even takes allergens out of the air, and is energy star certified. This AC also uses low voltage consumption, and can be found for around $169 at

  1. Frigidaire – 12000 BTU Room Air Conditioner

This large room air conditioner is easy to install and works within minutes. This low voltage consumption air conditioner has an energy saver setting to help cut back on energy use. This energy efficient air conditioner also removes up to 4 pints of moisture in the air per hour, and also reduces allergens. This product can be found at for around $329.99.

Apart from the aforementioned ones, there is also the renowned blaux portable ac that is one of the best brands in the world where you can avail the choicest of benefits whether it is savings or better cooling, you name it and Blaux is going to give it to you.