Top 5 Best Minecraft Cities Ever Created

The world of Minecraft is so vast that it wasn´t long before it got its own original towns. Click site and read this list here and find the best Minecraft cities you will find in the game!

Planet Earth is full of wonders and some cities are certainly one of human kind’s greatest legacy. Over the centuries the possession of strategic lands to build towns has driven people to extreme wars and conflicts. However, in the Minecraft world, the terrain is infinite to the point that there is no need for fighting, and the only challenge players might find is their imagination’s limit.

Because the building is one of the most fun features Minecraft has to offer, it was about time that the most devoted players created block by block the most original cities. By taking advantage of the wide land and the chance to build a town from scratch, these avid crafters have applied their knowledge and creativity in order to build their ideal places to live.

Take a look at our new list of Top Creations and discover these original Minecraft cities. Minecraftopia has some amazing metropolises that you can´t miss!

Imagine yourself in a yacht while the Sun rises on the horizon and caresses the colossal buildings of a city made of blocks and located on an island. Such is the case of our first city created by Minecraft user <MC_Nightmare>.

This modern city has everything you could expect from a real-life one. There are fantastic tall constructions with a variety of colors and particular designs that make each one of them unique. It even has a similar London Eye nearby the sea and it also has a public beach for sunny days. This city imitates several London features with all the capitol’s glamour. As you take a tour around, don’t forget to visit its amazing shipyard!

When someone dedicates so many years building a spectacular city the results are impressive. In this city created by <jesse_harris97>, you will find houses and big mansions instead of skyscrapers and tall buildings. Full of color and specifics designs will amaze you every corner you turn.

Houses with pools, parks, streets with lights, several office buildings and sculptures, are just some of the creations you will encounter as you stroll around. It is so big that a bridge is needed to connect every neighborhood, and it also has an underground metro system.

On top of that, the city has a green policy where everything is clean in order to keep the nature growing. Trees and animals coexist with the city structure in a way that real cities could copy to be cleaner.

Sometimes a city has everything it needs in a small but well-designed space. In Lormevielle, created by <Dodge8136>, you can have the experience of being in a highly functional city, but not be overwhelm and lost in a gigantic space surrounded by buildings.

This city is so well planned-out that you can have different neighborhoods, each with their own importance. For example, you have the bank and office blocks, as well as you can the hospital area and the family houses neighbor. Moreover, every single building has its own self-explanatory sign! That’s practical, right?

There is a certain charm in old-fashioned buildings and ancient cities. The feeling of nostalgia usually strikes both their inhabitants and visitors, and that is probably the exact reason why this city holds a style that reminds of the past times.

Minton City does its best to recreate how people used to live in the old days when the world’s biggest metropolises were staring to increase and boost their wealth. This amazing first-century city, created by <Frossa and Nossa>, has been so well designed that you can imagine yourself walking through a real city.

It has so many citizens all over the place walking around that it seems alive! Different stands and buildings make the market, and you can also see libraries and a shipyard with a great ship waiting to set sails. Enjoy being surrounded by villagers and try not to get lost in a sea of people!

One of the most renowned cities in the world is New York City. Nicknamed “The City of Lights” and “The Big Apple” it is one of the most amazing cities anyone can ever visit these days. However, <C_B_John> Minecraft player has decided to take the road less taken and decided to inspire his creation in one of the city’s most symbolic eras: the 1940’s.

With an incredible, detailed structure and a careful design, this 1940´s New York will amaze you. You can be part of history and feel how to be part of the world´s most renowned city as you walk across it.

Every important building is there not only for you to see on the outside but also for you to explore inside. Every detail in the interior it has been reproduced in order to give the player a true insight. Enjoy the park and visit all the antique buildings!

Creating a city is no easy task, but when takes the chance to live their mark in Minecraft, truly astounding things can be achieved. As you can recreate almost every material and color for your personal designs, the most devoted players take it into their advantage to build this like the ones we´ve seen on this list.

Take note of these Minecraft masters and learn how to create your own Minecraft cities by yourself! Practice, craft, and practice even more until you get it right! Improve your building skills every new block you create, every new street you design, and every building you imagine, and the world of Minecraft will be yours!