Tips for Rally Attack – Lords Mobile

Lords mobile is a game that revolves around rally and battles. So, if you are a newbie in this game, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the important aspects of the game pertaining to rally attack. This will certainly help you to easily advance in the game. To help you out, here are some tips that you may consider and utilize for rally attack in Lords Mobile.

One of the important things that you need to pay attention to when playing Lords Mobile is to understand your troop. This is very crucial because the quality and strength of your troops will determine whether or not you will win the battle. When it comes to the realm of war in Lords Mobile, there are lots of details that you need to pay attention to. But the most important and the bottom line would always go back to understanding your troop. It is important that you know how to wield all your weapons in your arsenal so you can easily and successfully destroy the castles of your opponent.

It is also important to know about troop counters. Basically, there are three main troop types in the game. These are infantry, cavalry and range. But ideally, you are allowed to send 100,000 infantries in order to counter the attack of your opponent that has the range of 50,000. You may also consider sending 150,000 range in order o counter the cavalry and at the same time balance the range. Another strategy that you may also want to take into account is sending 150 infantries to counter the bulk range from the opponent. It is important that you understand and learn these things as it will help you defeat your enemy.

The formation of your troop also matters in the game. It is important that you form your troop in a way that it can effectively counter the attack of your enemy. Technically speaking, the formation of your troop are the location on your main screen. The default option that you may want to consider is Infantry, Range and Cavalry. You can also unlock other elements to help you form your troop effectively.

Battle Leaders and Heroes are also important to consider. This is one of your bases when making a decision when you must attack the enemy. As recommended by expert players, it is smart to always send your hero. You should be enjoying the game and you should not hold back. You can use paid heroes because they are considered as the best way to attack your enemy and impose huge amount of damage.

Last but not the least, to sustain the strength of your troop and army, it is important that you manage your resources wisely and efficiently. Overall, when playing Lords Mobile bot, there are some aspects of the game that you need to understand so you can make your own decision and strategy. This will help you progress quickly in the game.