Tips for buying cannabis seed from a genuine online store and grow them

If you are reading this article, you probably want to know if it is safe to buy Cannabis seeds online, as there is the possibility of being scammed in the attempt. First of all, it is legal to purchase Cannabis seeds online. However, you always have to be careful about the platforms of the websites that sell them. Only the best cannabis seed banks can make sure of delivering high-quality seeds at affordable prices. 

Check the domain name. 

The first thing you should do to know if you are facing a crooked site is to check the page’s domain. The site address can be found in the search bar of the browser. Here you can find the first sign of a possible trap. For secure sites, it begins with “HTTPS”, where the “s” at the end will indicate that the site is “secure”. The lock before the domain is another indicator that the site you are viewing is secure. 

Check the reputation of the seed bank.

The second recommendation involves a little research and not complicated at all. All you will need is your eyes and your intuition. Checking the reputation of a website is quite simple. It is just a matter of typing the site’s name in the search bar followed by “reviews”. In this way, you will be able to read the experiences of other users who have used that web page so that you will have a better idea about it.

Examine the content of the portal

Some pages appear to be harmless, but they often have traps hidden in them. These traps can be hidden behind the click of advertisements. These sites often end up infecting your computer with different viruses that are hard to find and stop. Having an antivirus installed will help you protect your computer.

How to grow them?

If you are interested in growing marijuana, feminised seeds are the preferred option to achieve the harvest you need. And how do you manage to produce feminised seeds? 

Prevent the dryness of the plant

When growing with feminised marijuana seeds, it is essential to prevent plants from drying out by maintaining good water levels.

Do not drown cultivation.

The irrigation of our crop is essential. We must try to establish adequate water levels to avoid overflowing our crops with excessive water. Use hydroponic systems.

Maintain a high humidity: Above 60% to achieve adequate growth and flowering period.

Maintain a suitable temperature

Growing marijuana seeds in environments with excessive heat will harm the development of the plants. Maintain an average temperature between 20-22 degrees.

Use appropriate lighting

If we use a light with a reddish hue, our marijuana plants are more likely to be stressed. For this reason, we recommend using a bluish or white light.

Supply nitrogen

For the natural growth and development of the plant, it is advisable to provide nutrients using nitrogen, controlling supply levels well not to commit excesses.

Support phosphorus and potassium levels

Besides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium provide beneficial nutrients to our plant during the flowering stage.