The Simple 7-Step Guide To Songwriting In The Sims

Songwriting in the sims has been one of the most loved tasks. It is a fun and creative expression that also allows players to earn a little money on the side. Here is a complete and simple seven-step guide on How to Write Songs and Make Money with Music in The Sims 4 to help players get the best of this experience

  • Step 1 – Prep

To take up songwriting, players need to have at least one instrument, and the options to choose from include guitar, violin, piano, and the pipe organ. It is best to stick to only one instrument in the beginning. Sims with musical traits are also likely to have better odds.

  • Step 2 – Practice

The next step is to practice regularly on the chosen musical instrument, as one needs to get to level 8 before the songwriting option is allowed. There are no shortcuts here, so one should take some time out of daily gameplay and dedicate it to music practice.

  • Step 3 – Initial Songwriting

Just like a human being will not get proficient in a task from the get-go, a sim’s initial attempts at songwriting will also be little more than jingles or short melodies. It will take some time for the music to become complete.

  • Step 4 – Inventory

Many players reported frustration about having to sit through long music sessions – however, all sims have an inventory that can be accessed by the players. This inventory contains both completed and incomplete music, so players can leave a music session in the middle and return to it.

  • Step 5 – Public Displays

Sims who practice their music in public invite tips from the other sims. This tipping amount also increases as the sim levels up. Thus, it is good to practice in public to get both experience and money in one go.

  • Step 6 Licensing Music –

At level 9, sims can license music. This music rakes in the sims money that ranges between one to eight hundred simoleons. However, players can only license one music per instrument per week.

  • Step 7 – Career Possibilities

Due to licensing music restrictions, becoming a musician is not that lucrative a career model as other paths are. For players who want to have the best simoleons can buy, it would be best to use music as a side-job, which gets players some extra cash for updates.

This simple guide is thus all it takes to begin a songwriting career in the sims. While not a money-minting option, it is a great avenue for those who want to flex their creative muscles, have some fun, and enjoy their time in the game with some funny and frequently moving songs. Dedicated players can even push their sims to stardom by having them perform in public places. In the end, the musical ability of sims is all about doing having fun in the game and enjoying the show.