The Future of Internet Browsing: Social Web Browsers

That social networking is now the top internet trend cannot be over-emphasized. So how would you feel if your social networking was made easier and How to buy TikTok likes? Would you like it if you did not have to visit all those numerous social sites to connect with your friends? How about being able to share links, pictures, and media straight from your browser?

These are exactly what Social Web Browsers intend to do. There are currently about 3 of them available. Here’s a look at what they have to offer.


Flock calls itself “The Social Web Browser built for Facebook and Twitter” but it allows you to do much more. It was launched back in 2007 and is the best known social web browser available. Initially based on the Mozilla Firefox browser, the latest beta version of Flock that was released in June 2010 is based on Google’s Chromium. Chromium is the open-source project on which Google Chrome is based

The following are some of the things you can do with Flock:

  •  Manage updates from social services like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Digg.
  •  Use multiple webmail accounts like AOL Webmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail.
  •  View and share media from the Media Bar.
  •  Set up and manage your blogs.

– You can also view, manage, and subscribe to feeds.

Besides all of these, there are also many available extensions which can add Firefox-like functionality to the Flock browser. However, these extensions may not be available for the newest version of Flock which is based on Chromium.


RockMelt is the newest social web browser and was launched in November 2010. It is also based on Google’s Chromium and is the first browser that requires you to log in to use it. You have to log in to Facebook and give the browser permission to access your data. RockMelt in its launch state is mainly geared for use with Facebook and will most probably include support for the other popular social sites in the future.

RockMelt allows you to do the following amongst many others:

  • Connect with friends on Facebook and get Twitter updates.
  • Share links, pictures, and videos.
  • Manage your feeds.

Note: Since RockMelt is currently in beta mode, you have to receive a “beta invite” to be able to use it. You can get an invite from its website. To download the browser, you must also be logged in to Facebook.


Fizzik is a little-known social web browser that was launched in the month of May 2010. While it hardly got any media attention at the time of its launch in contrast with the aforementioned social browsers, it boasts features that should satisfy many social web users.

You can do these with Fizzik:

  • Access status updates from your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Watch online media such as videos from YouTube.
  • Stay up-to-date with online news.
  • Get the latest mail updates from your Gmail account.