Taking Care of Your Small Kitchen Appliances

Things can go wrong with small kitchen appliances. A few simple steps can prevent some wear and tear on our appliances. They generally last several years, within reasonable usage and care.

First off, you need to realize these appliances have electric motors. These will go bad eventually, especially when you run them hard. Let’s say if you use your blender three times a day, processing heavy amounts of food, it will probably wear out quicker than a blender processing soft foods, three times a day. Also, if you prepare large amounts of food or extremely heavy food, it can cause these motors to burn up. If you do process large or heavy amounts of food, purchase an industrial-size machine.

If you ever notice one of the motors, like on a blender, food processor, or bread machine stall, turn it off immediately. This is why it is best never to leave an appliance, that is turned on, unattended. Once you remove the item that is jamming the appliance, it should be okay to use again, but only if you realized what was happening. If the motor is completely burned up, don’t try to use it.

If your machine is hot to the touch, and I’m not talking about a crock-pot or toaster, you need to turn it off and let it cool down completely before using it. A small fan, blowing on your workspace, in the kitchen is handy.

A few extra handy tips:

Since these do have small motors, electric cords and sometimes sharp moving pieces, do not let your children operate one without supervision. With the purchase of the kitchen appliances, proper care should be done to increase the life. The purchasers can check it out that how the maintenance is essential for the kitchen products. The sharp edge things should be handled with care and intelligence so that no harm is caused to the user of the products. 

Read all instructions before using and wash all parts with warm, soapy water to get rid of any residue.

Do your homework before you buy. Is it something you really need or will it be great to use once or twice and then store it away and forget about it?

After washing and drying your appliance, stick a couple of pieces of paper toweling in them to absorb moisture if the appliance has a lid.

Always clean the appliance well after each use.

Never use an extension cord with your appliance. Not enough outlets, go ahead and have a licensed electrician add some for you.

Turn your appliance off before you unplug it.

Do not use during lightning storms. A power surge can damage the motor.

Do not use an appliance if it becomes cracked or chipped or if the electrical cord becomes frayed.

If you drop an appliance, do not risk using it again until it is checked out by a professional. The impact could have caused damage to the inside components of the machine.

Do not make repairs yourself, unless you are qualified. Take it to a dealer or send it to the manufacturer.

Never crowd the appliances with other items while using. It can cause heat to buildup and it will have to work twice as hard.

Do not use kitchen appliances outside unless stated in the owner’s manual.

Do not mix parts from other machines.

Always register your item and fill out the warranty.

Please, always remember, safety first.

Small appliances are handy to have and saves so much time. Use them correctly, keep them clean and you should get several years worth of work out of them.