Stop Buying Into Everyones Cardio Myths

Here’s the truth: cardio’s effective for fat-loss if the exercise is done with intensity. There were some studies done recently that spearated twenty seven overweight females into 3 categories: a control group, a Low Intensity Exercise (LIE) group that worked five days out of seven, and an High Intensity Exercise (HIE) group that worked 3 days out of seven. The intense work is done after the point where acids are accumulated in the bloodstream faster than they can be processed. At this level, there is a certain amount of discomfort that makes it difficult to deal with for more than half an hour.

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The report that came out discussed how that the exertion period wasn’t measured by minutes, but by calories, so that both exercise groups burned the same amount. Each person worked off a caloric load of four hundred.

So the low intensity folks had to work a lot longer than the high intensity folks. In the end, the more intense group showed much better results.

In fact, the low intensity group was the same as the control group. They looked as if they did nothing.

This is why I recommend to people to avoid low intensity cardio. The ones who pushed real hard had lost stomach flab.

To review, let’s see what we know for a fact.

The harder you exert yourself, the quicker you’ll get a lean body. Pushing yourself hard is going to get rid of abdominal fat.

And, of course, you’re wasting your time doing slow cardiovascular workouts.

The obvious drawback is the time. Even with more intensity you have to spend at least half an hour just to use four hundred calories.

So if you want to get your body composed of less fat and more muscle, your best bet is with HIE, unless you’re willing to do intervals. Just get away from the cardio LIE: it’s going to nothing but frustrate you and make you lose time.