Stiff Elbow Pain and Causes – Understand them to reduce pain!!

If you are like most people, a few aches and pains is just a part of getting older. But what if the pain starts to interfere with your daily tasks and prevent you from enjoying your favorite hobbies or participating in sports. Perhaps it even prevents you from taking out the trash.

This can happen if you have a stiff elbow pain. For the simple reason that when you have elbow stiffness, your range of motion and flexibility is greatly reduced. You most likely find it challenging to fully straighten or extend your affected arm. Perhaps your elbow is most stiff in the morning when you wake. When a common injury in the outer part of the elbow and hand is there, then it can be challenging. The treatment of the pain should be done with the home remedies to get the fast results. The process of curing the pain is simple and easy in the morning. The straightening of the elbow needs to be comfortable for the patient. 

So what could be causing your elbow stiffness? But more importantly how do you stop it so you can get your life back and enjoy the simple pleasures in life?

The very first thing you should do is press on the outside of your elbow, near the bony prominence of your elbow. Here is a picture of the exact location of where on your affected arm I want you to press:

Is it tender and sore?

Ok next, I want you to find a doorknob, grab it, twist and open the door. Do you feel any discomfort or pain in your upper forearm or elbow region?

If you answer “yes” to either one of these two questions then the reason why you have a stiff elbow is because you have developed the most common repetitive strain injury that affects your arm – tennis elbow.

Elbow stiffness is just one of the many signs and symptoms of tennis elbow. Another sign is nightly elbow pain and pain that sometimes shoots down your arm into your wrist.

But what exactly causes tennis elbow?

If you work with your arms/hands on a daily basis performing tasks that are repetitive in nature, especially where you have to keep a tight grip on an object as you are doing this task, this is how you get tennis elbow.

It doesn’t have to be work that requires brute strength, it just has to be repetitive in nature. Your Grandmother who crochets is as high a risk of getting tennis elbow as a plumber who needs to use a wrench all day long. The one thing they have in common is the constant use of their hands, while they tightly grip their needles and wrench to get the job done.

What physically happens in your elbow is that due to the repetitive nature of the movement, your extensor tendon starts to fray and tear. The tear forms in the shape of a “V”. When the tear occurs, this is what is responsible for your stiff elbow pain because your elbow is prevented from fully extending.

How do you stop it, so you can still do your job or continue with your hobbies or sports?

It’s actually quite simple. It takes just 5 simple steps that you do from the comfort of home without needing any medical devices or exercise equipment. You can even do these easy-to-follow techniques while sitting on your couch watching television.

Go ahead and click here for a short video tutorial that will show you these 5 steps so you can eliminate your stiff elbow pain right now!