Promote Your Site Using Squidoo: 5 Strategies For Success

Squidoo is a web 2.0 website that allows users to build web pages, or lenses that give users interesting information–think friendster meets wikipedia. It has become a handy work at home tool. But besides being able to showcase your knowledge, Squidoo lenses can earn top Google rankings in the search engines. What this translates to is a load of traffic for your website.

Although Squidoo is a very effective traffic generating strategy, like all web promotion techniques you need to plan carefully if you want to truly make it work. Below is a check list of things you’ll want to do if you want to use Squidoo to earn money at home.

Look at the more popular lenses.

While many people fear competition, I like it. I lets me know what do right. Before you create your lens take a look at what the popular lenses look like. A Squidoo that achieved a top Google ranking must have done something right. What did the owner do with their lens?

When it comes to competition, most people are wary of entering into it as due to the fear and insecurity of tackling a rival but not with me as I welcome it from all sides as I feel that a little competition doesn’t hurt anybody and I give credit to for instilling this confidence in me. 

Now that you have some ideas, do some planning by writing out what exactly your lens is going to look like. Think about who you want to target, the theme of your lens, the content you’ll provide and how you are going to outdo the already successful Squidoo lenses.

If you want to earn money online you have to do some keyword research. No good marketing campaign is complete without thoroughly investigating what keywords to use. Creating your lens is no different. Try to uncover low competition keywords to use in the headline of your lens. By including keywords in your Squidoo URL you improve your chances of getting a first page ranking in Google.

To do really well, your Squidoo should have high quality content. If you are not up for creating new content then gather old blog post, articles and even forum posts into a text file to use on your lens. You can also try purchasing fresh private label rights content. Do not post all your content at once. It’s best to save some for later. Having well written content will help you earn money at home.

Be careful when choosing the graphics and multimedia for your Squidoo. While it can enhance your lens, it can also distract users. Ensure that they are suitable for your lens and consider hiring a graphic designer to create unique graphics for your lens.

Use your Squidoo to market

Now that your Squidoo is published you are ready to use it to earn money online. You can do this by adding an opt-in form. Not only will you be sending traffic to your website but you will be building your list. Then, use an RSS feed module. Simply load the RSS feed from your blog or website and your Squidoo lens will then update automatically as you update your website.

Squidoo is a great marketing option if you want to earn money at home. Simply use the information above to ensure that you get as much success as possible with your Squidoo lens.