Portable Vapes Marijuana Continue Innovate

People love to smoke weed and get high to have fun limitless. There are many methods of consuming weeds. In the countries where weed consumption is illegal, vaporizers can be really helpful. with dry herb vaporizer it is possible to consume weed anywhere. A slew of new portable vaporizers for medical marijuana having been flooding the market as of late. While the Ascent vaporizer has continued to impress everyone there are other portables that are making a name for themselves as well. One of the newer vaporizers for weed that is making a run at the throne is the Indica vaporizer. The Indica is very portable and fits easily inside of your pocket, it is also features an LED indicator that alerts you to the heat settings. It also claims to have one of the one of the largest herbal chambers of any portable and after receiving ours we can confirm that statement.

The fast heat up time allows beginners or experts to start vaporizing in just a matter of minutes, the Indica vaporizer is very easy to use. If for some reason you were to purchase the Indica vaporizer instead of the Ascent vaporizer it would arrive with a instruction manual, wall charger, extra herbal chamber door, three vaporizer mini spacers, two vaporizer picks, four outstanding replacement screens, one cleaning brush, one cleaning kit, a vaporizer charging system and delightful wooden storage case.

Another vaporizer that we would recommend after the Ascent (currently the best portable vaporizer) is the Magic Flight Launch Box. The MFLB is a small wooden vaporizer that is handmade in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is probably the easiest portable vaporizer to use and is very user-friendly. The Magic Flight Launch Box also comes with a ton of optional accessories.

  • Glass Stem
  • Acrylic Stem
  • Maple Wood Stem
  • Cherry Wood Stem
  • Walnut Wood Stem
  • Maple Dart Stem
  • Cherry Dart Stem
  • Walnut Dart Stem
  • 1 ft. Draw Whip
  • 2 ft. Draw Whip
  • 3 ft. Draw Whip
  • Black Nano Grinder
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Felt-Lined Tin

The Ascent vaporizer that was featured here and here still seems to be an enigma. The initial release was delayed and people started to get upset but what they did not realize was that the Ascent was being refined and upgraded the entire time. Now that the Ascent is in full production it has really started to shine and prove all of the doubters wrong. It has been compared the Pax but we feel that the comparison is unfair and unjustified. The Ascent features an entirely glass air path while the Pax is almost completely made of plastic. The Ascent has an impressive battery life and large herbal chamber while the Pax constantly needs charging. The Ascent is easy to clean and the maintenance of the vaporizer is very simple, the Pax needs tiresome attention and breaks very easily