Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds- Weaponry for Battling the Enemy

While the video game era has long since come to a close, it does have an old world charm that is too hard to resist especially for the older generation folks, which is good in a way as it does unleash a wave of nostalgia that modern age films can never do but for safety sake, let us stick to a modern day game.

Due to the younger generation being higher in number, the number of readers for this article would amount for the same so it is but natural that we need to talk about a game of their liking because the one that we are going to mention is the most popular one of all in current times.

It is called Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), an excellent online battle royal that basically involves target practice where you find a shooter and go for the kill with some interesting twists and turns to speak of but a mind boggling plot twist in the end is what takes the cake.

Korean Wave

It is to PUBG Corporation that goes the credit for changing the dynamics of MODS where people assumed that mobile games can never be as popular as video games and PlayStations of the 90s.

A South Korean venture, it quickly became the darling of the masses where people started identifying with the characters as they felt that this was a story that they can perfectly relate to similar to when you watch a movie and you start identifying with the characters as though they are putting out your story on celluloid.

There are nearly 100 players in a team where the main goal is to take refuge on a huge island via parachute and start scavenging the whole area for weapons and other artillery equipment so that one can start shooting at the specific targets while simultaneously taking care to keep oneself safe from harm.

PUBG can be considered as the beginning of the Korean New Wave in video gaming similar to the French and Japanese New Wave movies during the mid 20th century but here you don’t have to go for a movie ticket but just buy PUBG account and get going with the adventure.

Best Weapons

PUBG Mobile has attained iconic status where you have aficionados constantly searching for new weapons but still unable to decide which one is the best of the lot because the variety of weaponry found in PUBG is unlike any action adventure that we have seen that includes the likes of AFK Arena and Rainbow Six Siege.

For starters, AKN or Assault Rifles is one that immediately comes to mind where you have around 8mm rounds where it is second only to Gorza in inflicting hardcore damage to its targets be it object or human.

Shotgun 12K is the next one in the list where it has an automatic fire mechanism that aims at the target and demolishes it in a blinding flash, leaving no room for anything else.

Sniper is a powerful weapon for airdropping bullets on to the target that produce a huge sound that is enough to frighten the bravest of warriors.