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Fast Weight Loss? – Have Patience

Obesity is one of the more persistent health-related issues troubling Americans in this day and age. What is even more disturbing is the alarming rate that people are turning obese, or even suffering from being overweight. Not even children are exempt, as the current lifestyle of most families gravitates towards the fast food industry -where cholesterol intake rises higher and higher year after year. Individuals who wish to deal with their problem are presented with a lot of options. The risk lies in not being able to find the right method, as some would tend to pick the easiest way, not knowing that it’s not suited to him or her. While it’s good to finally be aware of the seriousness of weight loss, it’s equally important to do your research, so that you don’t end up with a program that eventually frustrates you into hopelessness. Here are some basic tips for those who wish to hit the rewarding road to weight loss: Consult your doctor. 

 This is the very first step you must take above all others. A physical exam ensures that you are healthy, and actually just dealing with weight loss. This would also let you know your actual and ideal weight, based on your height, age, and lifestyle. This also makes sure that it is safe for you to go on a suitable diet without suffering from any allergies or medical repercussions. Do your research and check some proven reviews and feedback from other customers. This will give you insights  and an overview on what exactly to expect from the program.

 As mentioned before, there are a lot of options available for weight loss. Familiarize yourself with them, know their differences, and note down programs that seem possible for you. A good, next step will be to consult a dietician or nutritionist. It wouldn’t do to starve yourself to death with crash diets. You still need food to make it through each day. Dieting is actually a scientific approach to your body’s needs, your metabolic rate, and the lifestyle you lead. With all of these information, a professional can help you in organizing a good diet. Just be honest during the whole process. When you cheat on your diet, you are actually just cheating on yourself. Once you get your weight loss diet plan, be strict with yourself. Not only will you need to empty your kitchen with all the food you shouldn’t eat, you should also try to steer away from places that provide temptation. This doesn’t have to be such a life-altering event, however. You’ll find that as your diet goes on, you’ll even be able to resist food that’s not in your diet even if it was right in front of you. Sweat it out. 

 Young and old alike benefit from an active lifestyle -and so will you, especially if you’re aiming for weight loss. You’ll find that you actually started gaining weight when you stayed more in the office, sitting more and more at your desk as you worked all day. Incorporate simple activities to your routine and watch as they yield results -from walking that short distance back to your office after lunch, to climbing that short flight of stairs instead of taking the elevator, and doing the house cleaning when you have nothing else to do during weekends. You could even enroll at the gym and have a personal trainer make a program suited to your target weight loss. Even as you feel your body creaking and protesting, you’ll find that it gets easier in time. When you finally lose all that weight, you’ll find that you don’t just possess a body that is good to look at, you’ll also have one that is strong and guarantees a better and longer life. Patience is a virtue. 

 Don’t expect instant results. It took you all that time before you realized that you’re seriously overweight. It’s only logical that it will also take some time for you to get back into shape. Your weight may swing back and forth, but this is only because your body is adapting to all the changes occurring as a result of actual weight loss. Not only are you still dealing with your daily intake of food, your body is also processing your stored body fat at the same time. Millions of people have sworn by the diet-exercise regimen, so that should provide a good motivation for you. Consider it a work in progress and don’t lose heart. Think of it as a win-win situation, a strong body also equals a strong mind, and that’s something that money can’t buy. It will be entirely your own. Frederic Madore is the founder of the Weight loss Information Center . Get the best information about weight loss and weight loss programs. NL Natural Weight Loss understands that there is no standard diet program that works for everyone. They realize that everyone is different which is why they have created simple step by step guidelines that make it easy to personalize the plan for each and every individual. The plan doesn’t include costly meal replacements, supplements or pre-packaged food, only real foods from the supermarket. The simplicity and convenience of NL Natural Weight Loss put it a step ahead of the traditional diet programs. This program sets the standard for modern permanent weight loss solutions, without the stress of dieting. Their philosophy is based on a healthy balanced diet, adequate exercise, and improved lifestyle, and it’s backed by a mountain of scientific evidence. They offer free online support and a free newsletter packed with useful information and tips on weight loss health and exercise, including healthy recipes.

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Escape from Tarkov- Points to Lookout for In a Thrilling Adventure

When we have numerous things up for grabs, it becomes difficult to choose only one as there are many to look forward to and the best examples are there when it comes to fun and entertainment because everyone is spoilt for choice and wants to enjoy them as much as possible.

In the 3 phases of life, childhood is considered the best as there is little to worry about and the parents take care of everything as they are always at your disposal fulfilling all your needs and demands.

When it comes to entertainment, video games immediately come to mind with games like super Mario, Contra, Dangerous Dave and Swat Kats dominating the frontline among others as they regale their audience with the necessary doses of thrill and excitement at regular intervals.

Political Conundrum

Escape from Tarkov is a game that caters to today’s generation kids that are more thrilled with blood, gore, violence and sex galore as this change of taste began with Grand Theft Auto (GTA) in the late 90s and the trend continued as more and more games in the gangster genre started clicking with everyone.

However, this one also has political corruption and scandal as a parallel plot where politicians have all the vices that you can think of that are engraved in their psyche that comes to define their true character at regular intervals.

The game is set in the fictional city of Tarkov located in Russia that has two different teams engaged in one-upmanship and engaging plots thrown in that are bound to give an adrenaline rush to everyone, especially the beginners.

Therefore, let us now look at some important tips and tricks that need to be known while playing the game and win it fair and square because given the scenario, even the protagonists are fully virtuous and are grey shaded characters that are willing to deviate from the right path to achieve their goals.

Tips and Tricks

For a game as thrilling as Escape from Tarkov, there are numerous points that would help you in winning the game and they are as follows:

  • The most basic thing is to carry a lot of arms alongside tones of ammunition because you cannot leave any stone unturned while going for a long battle where there is going to be bloodshed and loss of life
  • You have to be an expert in multitasking as magazines require refilling from time to time and you can avail the best ones at EFT store with some new age battle props

  • Where there is a battle, there is going to be destruction and where there is destruction, there is an insurance so be sure to claim one for yourself and for the property that is going to get damaged
  • While grenades are necessary to keep, they are only used to start or end the battle in an emergency due to unforeseen circumstances
  • You need to have prior knowledge of all the weapons that you’re carrying in detail as it is important to keep the enemy off guard
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How to protect your laptop from getting stolen? Read out the details below!

The laptop is the device that is capable of serving several people with ease as it is being used from kids to adults everyone. According to the survey in the respective country, the laptops are stolen every 53 seconds. We all know that laptops are quite expensive, and not everyone wants to buy them over again.

It would be best if you prevented your laptop from getting stolen so that you will use it for a prolonged period. This review guide will enable you to understand what are the safety measures that you can prefer doing in order to keep them safe. 

It will help you take a look at the following points where we have described essential information about safety measures. So let do not invest furthermore time and have a look at the following points. Check them out:-

Considerable safety measures that can be done for preventing the laptop:-

  • Keep the track on your essential data:-

To prevent the laptop from getting stolen, you need to pen down the computer serial number and the model number and the support phone number. You need to pen down the useful details as well so that the essential information will remain stored in selective files.

It will be helpful for you to keep your computer’s receipts along with the attachments/equipment. Such details are considered as the handy things when you need to report the stolen laptop you will have every single detail so that you can find it easily.

  • Do not keep your laptop open:-

It is recommended that people neglect to keep the laptop out in the open site; this is due to the elevated chances of getting stolen. Keeping the expensive belongings in the open site will elevate the chances of your belongings will get stolen. Do not leave your laptop on the car as leaving it alone for the moment can easily trigger the thieves to grab the things, and you will bear a massive loss.

  • Safety guards:-

In the market (considering online and offline both), there are several security/safety guards available. These are the applications that might be available in the CD form, and you need to install it and go through it thoroughly.

While unveiling the specifications, you need to allow the required permissions and submit the essential details. This is how you can keep your laptop at the safer side, and if it gets stolen, then there are increased chances that you will get it back as soon as possible.

  • Keep it password protected:-

It would be best to protect your laptop with the password; in your absence, no will able you to use it until they have your password. It will be helpful for you to copy the data in the pen drive or hard disk so that if your laptop gets stolen and it is password protect, you will have your data along with it.

Suppose if thieves took your laptop, and it is password protected, then there are increased chances that thieves will try to reset it. So that they can open it, these things will format your data. This is the reason that you need to keep your data safe.

The peroration 

Now we’re here along with the conclusion that laptops can be easily prevented from getting stolen if you have preferred opting for the tips mentioned above. It will help you prefer opting for the safety guards like thief protection and several other options. These things will enable you to keep track of your laptop gets stolen, and you will get it back as soon as possible.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Luxury Car

Buying a luxury car is a dream for many of us, but not all of us have that much cash in our pockets. There are car lovers that are really passionate about their cars out there as well, for instance, is a really passionate Ferrari lover. In this article, we are going to discuss all the important aspects of potential car buyers that they should look into in order to get the best deals on their favorite cars. 

  1. As you are out there looking for the best deal on your favorite cars, then instead of buying from your local dealership you should try out different dealerships in other states as they can offer you exclusive deals and incentives that you might not get from your local dealerships.
    Additionally, you can also avoid these dealers ship by buying your vehicle privately as well. As you buy a car from these dealers you get additional benefits such as different financing options, inspections, and additional warranty. As the prices they offer are negotiable as well, allowing you to get even more discount on the final price depending on your negotiation skills.

  2. Secondly, in order to get really good deals on your dream cars that are out of your budget, you can also look for used cars. Buying a used or cosmetically damaged car is a great way to save a lot of money as you can easily repair the cosmetics of your car. While buying a car that is used, is a much cheaper and affordable option. 
  3. If you are interested in trying your luck, you can visit local police auctions as well. Your local police authorities are going to auction those cars that they impound and you can get some really good deals and cars there. Although, you are not allowed to look inside the car or inspect the engine of the car, getting a car that is worth 70K in under 10-15K is still a really great deal. 
  4. Paying in cash for your car can save you money as well. This is why instead of buying your car through loan you should pay for it in cash, as that way you will be able to avoid penalties and financing fees altogether. This is how you get to save thousands of dollars while buying your luxury car. 
  5. If you can neglect the importance of insurance, in that case, you can also invest in cars with salvaged titles. The cars with salvaged titles are the ones that have been declared totaled by the insurance companies and you won’t be able to get it insured under any circumstance. You can get such cars at really cheap prices if you can ignore the insurance aspect.
    Or else, if you have spare time and experience that you can invest in your car, you can buy cars that are damaged and are pretty much useless. You can easily find such cars online at relatively cheaper prices. 
  6. Before buying any car, you should make sure that you crunch the numbers properly and the different offers that are offered by your local dealers, resellers, and dealerships that are around your state. This is you will be able to get the best price on your deals along with all the different ongoing offers.

  7. Lastly, if your budget is not allowing you to buy your dream car, you can just get yourself a rental car. As these cars have been used heavily, you will get them for a much cheaper price. Although, these cars might not be in their best shape but will be a lot cheaper when compared to their brand new models. 

These are the 7 tips that every potential buyer should try so that they can get the best deal on their dream cars.

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AstroDatabank – Learning Tool

How do we become better astrologers? We read more charts ‚Äì lots more. AstroDatabank has more charts (with biographies) of fascinating lives than any other source. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store as you hop from one record to another, peeking in on one celebrity’s chart after another.

Every student of astrology eventually “hits the wall.” You know you’ve hit the wall when every book you read seems to be a rehash of things you’ve read elsewhere. So how do you get past the wall and deepen your astrological knowledge? I would like to propose that the best way to deepen your astrological knowledge is to begin a systematic study of the astrological archetypes in lots and lots of charts. Every time we read a chart, we observe how a different combination of the archetypes ‚Äì combined with other factors like gender, race and level of consciousness ‚Äì affect the archetypes’ range of expression.

It is only through years of getting a sense of the possibilities and probabilities of those expressions that we really get to know astrology. Textbooks point out the basic principles, but to deepen and extend our knowledge ‚Äì to become better counseling astrologers ‚Äì we have to study lots of charts. Rather than studying charts haphazardly, we can deepen our understanding of astrology much faster if we study charts systematically. By relying on reliable websites like, it will be easier for you to study astrology as this site will provide you all the necessary information that you need. Furthermore, relying on this site will also allow you to read graphs and charts in the most accurate manner. 

By gathering charts with similar astrological factors and looking for common traits, we learn new things not found in textbooks. Similarly, by gathering charts with similar biographical traits and looking for common astrological factors we will also gain a deeper appreciation for how astrology works. Using a product like AstroDatabank, you can select charts using: You can filter data with Western or Vedic calculations; you can select among famous people or people that you know well. No matter how you slice the data, you will improve your delineations, going beyond textbook summaries by observing actual effects.

All the best astrologers have at one point in their lives compiled a personalized study guide that lists people they know by planet, sign, and house. Why? Because we all find it easier to remember concepts that are tied to a familiar experience. Wouldn’t you find it easier to picture your overly-amorous Aunt Doris as the paradigm of Venus in Leo rather than memorizing the textbook description? If you want to become a great astrologer, at some point in your career you’ll have to build a personalized study guide from charts of people you know. Before AstroDatabank, creating such a personalized study guide was a mind-numbing experience.

With AstroDatabank in hand, however, you can import the charts of people you know best and start printing personalized study guides right away. AstroDatabank has three astrology data views that are designed for building your study guide. The Astrology Positions view shows the sign, degree, and house for each planet. It can be sorted by any column and house number can be hidden.

 When you study aspects with the Astrology Aspects view, you can print out aspect lists sorted by sign and house.

 The Planetary Conditioning view shows you everything you’d ever want to know about the forces working on a planet. Intermediate astrologers find this view especially helpful as they practice the hardest part of astrology ‚Äì integrating the disparate influences into a unified story.

 “Software to Create Better Astrologers” is our company motto. No matter what level you’re at, you’ll improve by reading more charts. What is the best motivator for plowing through those charts? Fascinating lives. We’re constantly receiving letters from people gloating about how much fun they’re having exploring the riches of AstroDatabank’s 20,000 charts.

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Worst Things for Your Teeth

A recent trip to the dentist and two absent teeth later inspired me to write this article. Much too often people overlook the importance of taking care of their mouth. Not only can not taking care of your teeth cause for several severe health issues, it will leave you with a smile many will frown upon and may cause you to join me in the overwhelming amount of dental bills.

Staining of the teeth is one of the world’s most common problems. We indulge ourselves in foods, drinks, and sometimes even tobaccos which all cause stains. One of the worst things for your pearly whites is wine. Not just red wine but white wine also. Wine is very acidic and causes for stains to darken. Teas, berries, sodas, and cigarettes are just a few other things that will stain your teeth. Even if you have completely healthy teeth, stains may cause you to have one ugly smile.

Nothing creates a worst first impression than your lousy dressing sense and bad posture coupled with dirty yellow teeth, which is why junk food intake has to be controlled because there eventually comes a time when Cosmetic dentistry is the only alternative left to try out.

Drinking bottled water is common for most of us however it isn’t as good for you as tap water. Tap water is more enriched with fluoride. We need fluoride to help us fight off tooth decay. While bottled water may taste better than tap water, it isn’t helping us prevent decay.

Eating sweets such as candy, pastries, and baked goods will allow for tooth decay. The sugar itself doesn’t cause for the decay but the acids that fight the sugars will eat through the enamel of your teeth. This is a major cause for decay for most people, including myself. If you are unable to brush right after eating such a treat, make sure you have some sugarless gum . Gum will help increase the flow of saliva which helps to neutralize acids.

Other things that will damage your teeth include pregnancy, birth control pills, puberty, grinding your teeth, and dieting, amongst many others. I had received a chip in my teeth for every child I bared. It is important to make sure you take prenatal vitamins and if allowed by your doctor, calcium pills as well. Pregnancy plays a big role in the condition of your teeth. However, pregnant or not, you should always make sure to consume enough vitamins and calcium to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

While there are many factors that play a role in the condition of your teeth, those named above are some of the most severe. After having several cavities and teeth pulled I now find it important to take care of my teeth. The health of your mouth should be a priority unless you are prepared to pay many bills, have a smile that’s not quite white, you aren’t afraid of pain or dentures, and are aware of the other severe side effects or heath issues that arise from tooth decay.

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Martha Munizzi: The Wife, Mother and Recording Artist

Making a difference in Gospel music and inevitably in the lives of many, Martha Munizzi is a dynamic speaker, motivator, singer, performer, wife, mother…the list goes on. We sat down with Martha to get a glimpse into the dream she lives every day through her life and ministry. You can listen to this complete interview on gudang lagu as well.


You’ve found tremendous success as a singer, songwriter, and pioneer in the music industry. Is this the success you have always wanted? Is this where you thought you would be today?


I’ve always had big dreams. The last ten years comprise what God put on my heart to do. I always knew I would be involved in ministry in some capacity, whether it be speaking, singing, or writing. There were ministers that prophesied over my life. To see those things happen has confirmed for me what God dropped in my spirit about my future. It’s so much greater than I thought it would ever be.


You’ve been married for over 18 years; as your manager and ministry partner, describe the experience of sharing your success with your spouse. Have you two always shared the same interests and vision in terms of performing and ministry?


It’s a blessing. We actually met because of our similar love of music, ministry, and love of the Lord. We met in a band. He was a bass player and I was a singer. The ministry has been our focus. There have been difficult times; working side by side can be challenging. It’s such a blessing to be able to look at my husband and know that everything we’ve accomplished we did together. When I win an award, it is for both of us.


From performing to touring and making appearances all around the country, what is your method of juggling your career and family?


We’ve thought everything through so that we put God first. In doing so, everyone benefits and has balance. Early, we learned to turn the challenges we can’t handle over to God and we focus on what’s most important. In regards to our children, we believe it’s important to involve them in what we do. They work with us. It’s not just mommy’s and daddy’s ministry; it’s a family ministry. We try very hard to prioritize and balance. We trust God.


Regarding your children, Danielle, Nicole, and Nathan would you encourage them to pursue careers in the industry?


They love it. From piano and drums to guitar, they have a natural love for it. It’s so exciting to see their excitement for something we all can share.


What do you do to unwind, in your personal time


I like to be real and keep life simple. I like to go to the beach, read and meditate. Anything I can do with my family makes me feel whole and satisfied.


You made history as the first non-African-American female to win a Stellar Award in 2005. How significant is this achievement to your career and personal satisfaction as an artist?


I felt like it was God saying, “This is your season, for you to do something you’ve never done before.” And I believed God called me to break barriers and erase some racial lines. When I won the Stellar Award, I heard God telling me not to take credit, that it was Him moving His hand over the Earth, in the church, and through Gospel music. The wall of division is coming down.


You are well-known as an exceptional leader of praise and worship and your style has been deemed extraordinary. What are your thoughts in terms of the praise and worship experience?


The whole idea of praise and worship is part of who we are. We have to understand that praise and worship is not just something we do as preliminary to preaching. I want to take it beyond the music, beyond just the sound. I want to lead people into God’s presence. I want to disappear and allow the Holy Spirit to take over. We have the authority and power to break depression and sickness through our praise. It is so key that we understand it’s a lifestyle.


What has been the most satisfying or rewarding moment in your career?


To be able to be in front of and minister to unbelievers and bring those individuals to a greater understanding of God. This is really why I do all of this.


Who have you most enjoyed working with?


Donnie McClurkin. He is one of the most gracious and giving people I’ve ever worked with. Every time I’m ministering with him I feel so challenged. He makes me sing better, performs better.


Are you currently working on a new project? If so, what is the release date?


Our No Limits CD was recently released. Actually one of the songs on the album is inspired by a sermon delivered by Dr. Dollar. We are also working on a kids’ record and my own children are singing on that project. We are looking forward to more touring and traveling. I also have something in a store that God put on my heart to not share with anyone just yet, but it’s forthcoming.


What advice would you give aspiring artists wanting to make a career in the Gospel music industry?


Count the cost and make sure you’re called to do this. It can be lonely and confusing and if you’re not called to do this, it can be difficult. You have to be doing this for people; it’s not just about winning awards. Also, make sure you are involved in your local church. You have to learn how to serve. My husband and I started in our local churches. Remember, there are no limits. My mom says it best, “Wisdom is crying in the streets” and that’s how I want to reach people.

Although a pro in the industry, Martha Munizzi is as enthusiastic about the future of Gospel music and praise and worship now as she was while in the choir of her hometown church. With genuine passion and energy for the Word of God, there’s no stopping her now! From wife and mother to dynamic recording artist, Ms. Munizzi is changing lives through the heart and soul of Gospel music!

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Do’s and Don’ts for Hitting on Your Accountant

You’re sitting in your accountant’s office trying hard to concentrate on the matters at hand, but it’s difficult because he looks more like a “Mc” cast member of “Grey’s Anatomy” than someone who is adept at organizing your finances. You want to make your move, but you’re a little hesitant. This is sticky territory. One little misstep and you could easily roll down the slippery slope of creepiness. But just because he has the power to determine whether you eat grilled cheese for the rest of the year doesn’t mean you should miss this romantic opportunity. Take the plunge if you must, but keep these do’s and don’ts in mind.

  1. DON’T make blatant overtures during tax season. For obvious reasons, you don’t want him to think you’re just trying to score financial brownie points. Plan your romantic attack wisely.
  1. DO divert his attention away from money. Steer his attention from financial matters and charm your sexy number cruncher with casual questions about his non-work interests. Better yet, focus on what you can bring to the table.
  1. DON’T be a deadbeat mom. If you’re a single mother and you’re looking to score with your male accountant, make sure you’re taking care of your kids. You never know where the romance may lead, and you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot – definitely not a good look.
  1. DO avoid coming across as super cheap or a spendthrift. Your accountant is a financially savvy stud who will likely appreciate someone with the same outlook about her money.
  1. DO compliment his amazing work ethic. No matter what, guys like to know that you notice how hard they are working. Every guy likes a little ego boost-duh!
  1. DON’T ask him if you can count your dates as tax deductions. You might think you’re being clever; but he won’t think so. No, really, he won’t.
  1. DON’T schedule your date until after you receive your rapid refund. If you can’t afford to go to dinner now, you probably won’t be able to do dinner later.
  1. DON’T ask him out if the status on your W-2 status reads, “married.” This one is self-explanatory.
  1. DO refrain from telling any joke that involves death and taxes. He’s probably heard these at least 14 times in the past three hours. They are no longer cute.
  1. DO ask him what he thinks you should do with your refund. You might be opening Pandora’s box. But Pandora’s box often contains lots of yummy delights.

And ladies, remember to use your romantic whims with care. Sometimes they can be dangerous. In other words, if you’re really trying to cozy up to your hunky accountant, you’ll need to do more than show off your goods to snag his attention. Anything less than that borders on skeevy So to help you hire the right accountant for your business, check some great service here.

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Facebook Games Offer Downtime for Homemakers and Writers

It’s called downtime. Even between scheduled breaks and lunch hours, people need to decompress. But most writers and homemakers don’t get scheduled breaks. This is the real world, and most of us aren’t Peg Bundy, eating bon bons and watching soaps. For some, that’s where Facebook games come in.

What are they?

Facebook games allow players to farm, build empires, and even make social connections. It sounds simple, even childish. Tell that to the millions of Facebook users. The success of Facebook games made by companies like Zynga and Playfish is undeniable. Zynga alone is worth 4.5 billion (Miguel Heft, MSN). But it isn’t necessary to monitor stock reports to understand the popularity of social network gaming. One has only to log in and count the number of updates related to extra-special eggs and alien cow births. These can be phenomenally annoying, but for some players, Facebook games are a way to decompress. They’re easy to play, and just as easy to set aside when real life calls.

Why harvest crops on Farmville or battle snakes on Frontierville?

There are other pc games that far outshine any on Facebook in terms of graphics and plot. In some ways, most don’t quite fit the bill the way that Country Life and Yoville might. While they may not be as intense as World of Warcraft, Diablo II, or Guild Wars, Facebook games are a quick distraction. Cooking “vampire staked steak” on Café World takes less time than running Black Rock Depths or Molten Core in Warcraft. It’s even possible to peek at Facebook at work away from home, since coworkers in surrounding cubicles won’t be treated to the sounds of your pet core hound spouting flame as you use your explosive shot to take down grousing orcs. Best of all, Facebook won’t reel you in and hold you for hours while the laundry goes undone and your articles go unwritten.

Yes, there are numerous PC games that 80s and 90s generation are exceptionally fond of that no social media can have that nostalgic feeling down memory lane but still reading Farmville and Frontierville is like reading the perfect list for jewelry companies.

Facebook games can save sanity.

Catharsis. There are definitions for the term in dictionaries and Wiki pages. Better to keep matters simple. Kill zombies, not your kids. Plant crops that always come up in a predictable pattern, unlike those characters in your story that won’t do what you think they should. Release the tension.

Why does the work from home set need catharsis?

One of the most stressful and misunderstood occupations has got to be that of stay at home parent. Peg Bundy may have enjoyed all-day couch time and snacks while soap operas spun out their improbable tales, but that is not reality. To do the job right, the parent must wear many hats. There are no real breaks and lunch periods, because the responsibility doesn’t stop when the clock strikes the noon hour. Despite the monetary values placed on the roles of childcare workers, chauffeurs, chefs, and housekeepers, staying at home with the kids is undervalued. In fact, according to MSN Money writer Liz Pulliam Weston, a parent who stays at home is worth only about 30,000 a year (Liz Pulliam Weston). That’s a painful fact for anyone whose job offers no real monetary compensation, vacation time, or insurance coverage. Given that fact, shooting some mobsters or blowing up an armored car starts to sound like fun.

Writers may or may not have all the standard business perks, depending on their particular jobs and credits. Writers, for the most part, get what they earn. No article, book, or game content, no pay. Work on your own schedule has its advantages – like being able to stop and play Facebook games. Regardless, the brain smokes. Maybe it’s the facts and figures of high finance that need to be set into readable format. The deadline for that call for content is looming! That horror novel isn’t plausible and you need a new premise.

Whatever challenges the muse, there’s likely a need to stop and let the brain cells cool off.

All intelligent beings need to play. As Stephen King said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Lighten up with some farming and trail blazing – Facebook style.

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How to Write an Estimate for Cleaning Services

When you run a cleaning service you will inevitably need to offer your customers a quote or an estimate on the cleaning services that they request. If you want to close the most deals possible then you need to learn how to write an effective estimate. This estimate will include itemized cleaning services, prices and notes.

Step #1 – Conduct a Physical Walk-through

The first step in writing a cleaning service estimate is to visit the property that needs to be cleaned. You will talk with the owner of the property when you first arrive. As they give you a tour of the building, office or apartment, you will take notes regarding what cleaning services they need. You will need to take measurements and gather the data that you will need to write up your estimate or quote. After the walk-through shake their hand and tell them that you will have their estimate for them by the end of the day or by the next business day.

Step #2 – Itemize the Cleaning Services

When you are writing up your cleaning services estimate you need to start by itemizing your charges. You can group services together or you can create a very details itemized list. Each itemized line will need to include a description of the service, including measurements, the rate and the final quoted price for that service.  Shine up company offers the best cleaning services to the apartments and flats. The description of this Chicago cleaning company is available at online search engines for the information to the clients. The information provided should be great to meet with the desired results. 

Step #3 – Create a Letterhead

To make your estimate look professional you will want to create a letterhead to add to the top of your quote. The letterhead needs to include your business name, its physical address and your phone number. You can also include a graphic, your email address and your website address.

Step #4 – Add Basic Quote Information

Below your letterhead you will need to add a section to denote who the quote is for, the date and how long the price will be good for.

Step #5 – Add Your Line Items

The next step is to add your line items to your quote or estimate. The line items need to be organized in a logical manner. For example, you can organize the services by alphabetical order, you can organize the services by room or you can organize the services by price.

Step #6 – Create a Tally

Step six is to tally your line items and to create a final quote price. You will want to double check all of your calculations to make sure that they are correct.

Step #7 – Finish Your Estimate

The final step is to edit your estimate and add finishing touches. You will want to add a thank you note at the bottom of the estimate and then edit the estimate for spelling, formatting and punctuation errors.

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