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Nutritional Value of Honey

Despite its sweet taste, honey is a very healthy food when eaten in moderation. Honey contains carbohydrates, vitamins, amino acids,minerals and antioxidants which are all part of a healthy diet. When making a choice of the healthiest sweeteners and the one that offer the most health benefits, honey is the clear winner. Honey is very similar to milk in that it contains a wide variety of nutrients that are rarely seen in a single source of food.

Here is a list of the nutritional value of honey and why honey should become your sweetener of choice for a healthier diet.

  • Complex sugars and carbohydrates –

Unlike other sweeteners, honey contains complex carbohydrates that prevent sugar spikes. The carbohydrates are slowly broken down over time and the energy produced is spread out over a longer period of time. This makes honey a great addition to the breakfast table as the energy it contains will last until lunchtime

  • Amino Acids –

Many are surprised that a food as sweet as honey also contains amino acids, the building blocks of protein and muscle. The health benefits get even better. Not only is honey loaded with amino acids, but it contains certain amino acids that aren´t found in vegetables and fruit, including tryptophan and lysine. These amino acids are usually only consumed in meat products, that also contain harmful saturated fats, something that honey doesn’t have.

  • Vitamins and minerals –

Honey contains large amounts of vitamins B and C along with Potassium. Vitamin B is important for healthy metabolism and is required by the body to produce energy. Vitamin C is important for proper skin and digestion. Potassium is a vital mineral that can significantly increase cardiovascular health by reducing blood pressure. Besides these three, there are other vitamins and minerals found in honey in smaller amounts.

  • Antioxidants

Antioxidants are a class of compounds that the body uses to prevent many harmful things from happening. The most notable uses for antioxidants is the removal of harmful materials like heavy metals (mercury, lead etc) from our cells. Antioxidants also protect DNA during cell division and thus prevent cancers from forming.

Besides its overall health benefits, there are also certain situations where honey can act as a powerful and natural medicine.

  • Sore throats –

Honey helps to coat the throat and diminishes pain. A little bit of honey before bed is a great way to reduce nighttime coughing.

  • Insomnia

As mentioned, honey contains tryptophan, which is an amino acid that has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and to cause sleepiness. Its the same amino acid that is found in large amounts in turkey, that causes the famous Thanksgiving Day nap.

  • Indigestion

it is no surprise that honey helps with indigestion, and especially long term digestive problems as this very thing is mentioned in both the old and new testaments of the Bible. The reason honey helps with digestion is that it contains bacteria that is beneficial to the digestive tract. By eating honey, we are placing this bacteria in our intestines that then helps us break down foods that we have a hard time breaking down ourselvs. The presence of this good bacteria also makes it harder for disease causing bacteria to grown. This effect is the same as is caused by eating yogurt. Not sure about you, but I´d much rather eat honey than yogurt.

Fructose and Glucose, the sugars contained in honey, are the same as is found in most other common sweeteners, the presence of larger carbohydrate molecules helps prevent sugar spikes like can be seen from eating table sugar or high fructose corn syrup. This is important for the health of diabetics and also for the prevention of diabetes to begin with.

Honey contains a large number of nutrients needed by the body including protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. While honey contains a sweet taste, it is more complex a food than simple table sugar. Because of the texture and health benefits of honey, it is a great addition to medicine and other foods that can be used to treat many common ailments such as sore throats, indigestion and insomnia. With the consumption of the top rated probiotic supplement, there should be involvement of honey. The eating of honey will be favorable for the health of the person. The complex food will be converted into simple one for the consumption of the supplements. The proportion of the vitamins and minerals should be great for the health of the person. 

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The Best Orange Juice Money Can Buy

Orange juice, how many calories in an orange juice are there? I usually bypass it because it’s sugary and expensive. I’d sooner gather my grams of sugar elsewhere, perhaps in a mug of hot chocolate or Werther’s Original. My childhood orange juice experience consisted of cylindrical tubes of frozen concentrate which my mother would dump into a plastic container, cover in water, and mush to pulpy perfection with a wooden spoon. I can’t say I loved it. College cafeteria orange juice was dispensed from a buzzing machine, much like Diet Coke or Sprite, two beverages I preferred over the Tang-like liquid I was led to call “orange juice.” Fast forward to the present day, and orange juice has improved considerably. Since returning to the world of communal living, where I am not Ruler of the Visa Card, orange juice has resumed a role in my morning routine. Other members of the family want it, and so it appears before each time I swing open the refrigerator door and I can’t resist a taste. Thus, it is important that we choose a good OJ. Consider the following:

Simply Orange

The name says it all. My family buys the pulpiest version, and it’s quite good. Bright and tangy flavor, ample pulp. This juice deserves to be sipped and savored. It tends to sit on the higher end of the OJ price bracket, sometimes over three dollars, but it’s worth the upgrade.


just how many varieties of Tropicana can you find? Each week, the number seems to grow. Calcium-enhanced, Pulp Free, Lotsa Pulp, Trop50 (less sugar), etc. Sometimes the Tropicana Pure Premium Grovestand – the pulpy kind – wins the price battle over Simply Orange, and my family can reach for a jug of it feeling like we haven’t made a huge quality sacrifice. The Grovestand lacks the indescribable freshness of Simply Orange, but as a runner-up, it provides a solid, pulpy start to your day.

Florida’s Natural

I would place this juice in the same tier as Tropicana. And like Tropicana, it, too, sometimes wins the price battle over Simply Orange and is worthy of a purchase.

Meijer/ generic

There are certain instances when you shouldn’t save the extra dollar by purchasing a generic brand. Orange juice is one such instance. Meijer, the Midwestern megastore, offers some great generic products for even better prices. But don’t get Meijer orange juice. It’s like the stuff from the college cafeterias, only more dilute. Spend a little more, get a better juice.

Maybe it’s the smooth, streamlined plastic jugs of Simply Orange that make us think it tastes better than its carton-bound peers. Maybe it’s just really a better juice. Of course, nothing beats hand-squeezed juice, but who has the time or wrist strength to do that every day? A store-bought dose of Vitamin C will do just fine. But for two to four dollars and about one hundred calories per serving, make sure you get a juice.

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A Cat Fostering Primer

I’ve fostered a mother and her litter of five kittens for the local animal shelter, three tiny orphaned kittens on my own, and an adult former stray that I ended up adopting. It’s gratifying to be able to care for needy cats, even if it’s only briefly while they’re waiting for their forever home.

If you have cats of your own, you need to protect them as well as your foster cats by learning about feline diseases and their possible transmission throughout your cat family or even to you and your human family.

Some cat diseases, such as feline panleukopenia (aka feline distemper), rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and chlamydia, are all highly contagious but avoidable through a combination vaccination (called FVRCP-C) administered at about six, twelve and sixteen weeks. Rabies can be contracted by outdoor cats, or even by indoor cats if they come into contact with bats, but both foster and adopted cats can be protected with a rabies vaccine, first administered at about four months of age. Feline leukemia virus is detectable through a lab test at about twelve weeks, and, if negative, it is preventable through two vaccines. If you find yourself with a FeLV-positive foster cat, you may be putting your other cats at risk. Check with your vet for the best approach to this problem.

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and feline immune deficiency virus (FIV) can also be transmitted from cat to cat. There is an intranasal inoculation for FIP that unfortunately may not be very effective, and the vaccination for FIV is very problematic. Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite in the feces that can be a real danger for immune-compromised people or pregnant women as well as other cats. Campylobacter is another bacterial intestinal disease that affects both humans and cats.

If you’re fostering kittens, make sure they have their first FVRCP by the age of eight weeks, repeated at twelve and sixteen weeks and sixteen months if they’re still living with you. If you’re fostering an adult stray and have no clue about her health history, it’s wise to bring her to the vet for a checkup and the basic shots (FVRCP) plus a Feline Leukemia test. Ringworm, ear mites, ticks, fleas, cheyletiella (a skin parasite that can also infect humans) and intestinal parasites are other potential problems for you and your temporary or permanent cats.

My three orphaned kittens were less than a week old when I brought them home. I bought KMR formula, kitten bottles and an eye dropper and fed them frequently throughout the day and night. Sadly, one of them died after just a few days, probably a victim of fading kitten syndrome, but the other two thrived. I kept them in a cat carrier with a heating pad, and at night it was right next to my bed to keep them from getting into trouble while I was sleeping and protect them from any unwanted intrusions of my own cats. I know that sometimes adult cats are willing to pinch hit as foster mothers themselves even if they don’t have any of their own milk to contribute, but my cats weren’t at all interested in being maternal. So I gave the kittens a stuffed “mother” cat to cuddle next to.

In the case of fostering a mother and her litter, there is always the potential for fighting between her and your own cats (or dogs) because her instinct is to protect her kittens and your cats (or dogs) may be overly curious or even a little hostile. So it’s best to try to keep the mother and her litter away from your own cats-perhaps in a different room with the door closed. That’s what I did initially for my foster mother and kittens from the shelter. But after a few weeks of everyone getting used to each other, I was able to let them run loose throughout the house without any problem.

You can go ahead and name your foster cats, as I did, but be careful about getting too attached unless you think you’ll keep them yourself.

If you’re fostering on your own, start looking for a permanent home for your foster cats as soon as possible. You can advertise in the classified section of your local newspaper and tell your friends and family to spread the word. But be wary of potential adopters. Put together a basic adoption application (you can find examples of these on line), and ask for an adoption fee to weed out those who might be trying to collect free cats to sell to research labs, or those who aren’t really serious about taking responsibility for the life of a cat. Make sure you do your research on adoption applicants. Ask for personal and business references. Consider visiting their homes without advance notice. I rejected two applicants after I did that because their living situations were suboptimal for keeping a cat. Finally, because of the cat overpopulation crisis, it’s vital that you arrange to have your foster cats spayed or neutered. You could include the cost of the procedure in your adoption fee.

Fostering cats can be an extremely rewarding experience. Millions of unwanted cats are killed every year without getting a chance at life. If you are able to give a few cats that opportunity, you should go for it. Just remember that for successful cat fostering you need to consider their past and future lives as well as their present well-being while living in your household.

Cats aren’t exactly known for making good pets when compared to dogs but still fostering them is something that most people look forward to as women prefer them over all others and this whole tug of war makes it a feline Vs canine battle that you get to see here most of the times.

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The Puppy Personality Test


Buying a new puppy can be a very exciting time, and you may be wondering which adorable, squirming fluffy body to get. In order to get the right puppy for you, perform a small personality test on him. You should already know what breed will work for by having done the research, but not all dogs of the same breed behave the same; variation always occurs. Puppies of any breed may not display the characteristics of that breed to a T. They can be dominant, submissive, confident, or clingy. The type of puppy you get will depend on your experience with training puppies and your personal preferences. How a puppy responds to the personality test will cue you into the one you want depending on what you’re looking for.

Here are a few things to help you evaluate puppies you’re interested in:

Dominance. You can restrain a puppy on his back to test for dominance. Gently roll the puppy onto his back and hold him there for 30 seconds. A dominant puppy will spend the entire 30 seconds fighting your hand, trying to right itself. A puppy that relaxes right away, looks away, and licks your hand is showing submission. Middle-of-the-road puppies will fight for a few seconds before relaxing, not displaying dominance or submission in great amounts. The amount of the results will be great and delivered in less time for the relaxation. A fight can be there in the thoughts of the person to get the desired results. A person can browse this site for the purchase of the pets for the owner of the house. The spending of the time will be beneficial through the owner of the pets.

Independence. While you have the puppies attention, walk away from him. Puppies that ignore you when you walk away, indicating that it doesn’t bother them, are likely strongly independent. A less secure puppy will follow you in a subdued manner, possibly with a drooping tail.

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Needed Training For Rescued Dog

You are feeling proud of yourself because you have just adopted a rescued dog. Maybe you will be lucky and be the owner of a dog that has received training on how to behave as a pet. More than likely, you have just adopted a serious project for the next several months.

Animals and humans live best together when the animal understands what the humans expect it to do. Most rescued animals have come from places where they have been kept in cages with limited human contact. This means that you have been handed a blank slate in the training department. The type of training that the animal needs to have depends on the role it will have in your family. Where you live is also important.

If you live out in the country and the dog will remain outside, you will have just bypassed one of the biggest training needs. Inside dogs will need to be house broken. In adult dogs, this can be somewhat difficult. You may choose to consult a professional for this training. If you choose to take it on, keep the mop and paper towels handy. You will need plenty of them before this is finished. Good luck if it is a larger animal.

The dog will have to be trained to trust people. There is a better-than-average chance that this dog was physically abused. It may be either extremely hostile or very skittish . Either way, this is not a good posture for a pet. Using food, kind words, and time will help the animal to adjust to your home and the new environment.

It will have to be socialized not to regard strangers as dangerous unless you plan to use this as a guard dog. This means taking it out in public to let the dog become used to seeing lots of unknown people. Keep plenty of treats handy to reward the dog for not barking or growling. Also, reward the dog for passive and friendly behavior.

There are many other possible things that may be important and essential for your home. Things like teaching the dog not to be on furniture or to jump on guests can be a big deal for some people. While, strictly speaking, it is not training, you need to be aware of the dog’s temperament so that visitors to your home are not in danger. You should also get some tips from online tutorials. There are a lot of YouTube videos that teach pet owners how to train their dogs effectively. For more information, you can check it out.

With proper training and a good deal of effort, a rescued dog can make a good pet. It may not ever be like adopting a puppy, but the reward of knowing that you have made the animal a better life will offset this.

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Legal Help or Document Resources Online

Many people who need legal advice or documents are reluctant to pay the hourly fees for a lawyer to do the work. Someone who has a fairly simple estate or needs simple legal advice may wish to try free or minimal fee online sources before engaging an expensive hourly rate lawyer. Many professionals offer free advice online for simple legal or business questions and software and books can be purchased for a small fee that will let you prepare simple legal documents at home.

Please note: Online resources may not be appropriate for serious or complicated legal problems. These resources are meant to help with simple wills and other straight forward documents or to seek answers to simple legal and business questions. You may still find it necessary to consult a lawyer.

If you are considering a legal or business question, and are not ready to pay hundreds of dollars for a visit to a lawyers office, an online site such as can be a valuable resource. is staffed by professionals willing to spend a certain amount of time giving free quality advice to anyone who asks it. If you search for the right qualified expert, you can get sound advice on a host of topics without paying to consult a professional. And these experts will usually tell you if they feel your problem is too complex and really does require a professional to handle the issue. In addition to sites like this, there are also numerous sites about legal and business issues that can be found by typing a question into an online search engine. These solutions are not recommended for complicated legal problems or situations involving law enforcement. For questions of simple law, business, accounting, or tax questions, however, you may find exactly what you are looking for.

In addition, to legal or business advice you can also find free or reasonably priced resources online to prepare legal documents such as wills, power of attorney, living wills, and health care directives. These resources will not allow you to prepare a complicated will or trust agreement, but many straight forward documents can be prepared legally at home with the right software or by visiting the right online resource. Websites like or offer services to help you prepare legal documents for a fee. The editors of NOLO also publish a line of books that offer the answers to basic legal or business questions. Some books also come with software that will let you prepare a host of documents yourself.

NOLO is quite strict about its policies and won’t take it lightly if their work is messed with as their software costs a fortune and meddling with contents would have repercussions. For handling legal queries, it is better to take NJ wealth management coaching classes to enhance your skills.

If you have simple legal or business questions or documents needs you may be able to save yourself a lot of money by searching online for free information before you consult a lawyer. Although, you may find out you do actually need a lawyer, you may also find out that you can save yourself hundreds of dollars by handling it yourself. Online resources or software may allow you to prepare legitimate legal documents for no more than the cost of a book and the local filing fees. While these solutions may not work for everyone, a person with simple legal needs or business questions may be able to avoid the high legal fees that can come from unnecessarily consulting an attorney.

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3 Things You Must Teach Your Puppy Before He is One Year Old

Every dog owner dreams of owning a well behaved dog. A dog with no manners can be a nuisance not only to the owner but also to other people and cause embarrassment to the owner due to his actions. Even though it seems that such dogs are ill mannered due to their nature, in reality they can be trained to obey your commands and improve their behavior. If you happen to own a pup then it is very important that you teach him the basic dog manners and etiquette right from his early days so that he grows up to become a well behaved dog.

Even though there are lots of things that you can teach to your dog, you must focus on teaching him the basic manners and etiquette first. He can learn more things later as he grows up and he will learn them faster. You must be patient while you teach your dog and not yell at him for not obeying your commands. Remember that he is just a kid, so you need to keep your cool and focus on training him well.

Pups take a little time to learn things just as babies that are less than a year old but you can hop over to this site titled Pup life by researching it online for some interesting tips with detailed study but right now let us see the points that need to be taught to puppies.

Here are the top 3 things your must teach your puppy before he is one year old:

1) Potty training –

This is one of the most important things to teach your dog in his formative years. As far as potty training is concerned you must focus on teaching your puppy two things. The first is the location where he must go for toilet and the second is to alert you when he needs to go to toilet. Even though most people prefer that their dogs go to toilet at set times (before bed, after meals etc.), it would be useful to teach him ways to alert you if he needs to go to toilet. As an example, you can ask him a question when you take him to toilet. Gradually he will associate that question with going to toilet and when you ask him the question, he will either act disinterested or be ready to go out if he needs to go to toilet.

2) Who’s in charge –

This is another thing that you must teach your dog from an early age. You need to teach him that you are in charge and he must obey your commands. He must learn to obey your simple commands like sit, stay, fetch, release and drop etc. If you teach him well, he will soon learn that you are in charge and obey your commands without showing dissent.

3) Walk with you –

While going out for a walk, your puppy must appear well behaved. You must teach him from an early age to keep still while you put on the leash and collar. While walking outside, he must walk beside you and must not wander around sniffing and peeing. Gradually you can teach your puppy to walk beside you without a leash. It is a good idea to start this activity within your backyard and then try it outdoors. You must also teach him to respond to your calls when he wanders around so that you can take him back to home with or without a leash.

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The Bergamasco Shepherd Dog Breed

The Bergamasco Shepherd dog is a very unique looking breed coming from the Italian Alps. This herding dog breed has interesting fur that is knotted like dreadlocks and covers their face and body. This dog is actually very old and has been to be around even two thousand years ago where it was used a herder even then.


Being over two thousand years old, this dog has origins from the Orient and has made its way to Italy around four hundred years later. These dogs were exchanged for other herding and farm working dogs because of the harsh winters that took place on the Italian Alps years ago. This dog is now almost exclusive in Italy and not many people know too much about it anywhere else in the world.


With its shaggy and odd looking fur, the Bergamasco is a breed with a pastoral look and a long tongue that usually hangs out when they are excited. Their bodies are of medium stature and they weigh up to fifty pounds. Their most common coloring is a deep grey or even a calico shade. Their curtain of hair helps them endure harsh weathers that they grew accustomed too high up on the mountains.


These dogs are soundly and efficient when it comes to helping out their human masters. They feel like they can take up the duty of herding cattle and have a brave disposition when an intruder might be underfoot. They tend to be reserved dogs around strangers and show no signs of aggression unless they kept in an unsafe environment. They adore the comfort of their masters and keep a relaxed personality when they are safe and sound in their homes. Being one of the most patient dogs has given them the title of an ideal herder.

Grooming and Health

Since their fur is so unique it can be difficult to maintain their flocks as the fur is called. The coat needs to be clipped whenever it starts to drag on the ground as brushing is a no go with this breed. Their natural oils are hidden on their skin which usually clears out dirt and grime, but a bath should be needed every two months with one of the most gentle dog shampoos. After bath time they should not be combed but rather run amuck until their flocks have dried. These dogs have little health concerns, they need their flea shots regularly since fleas and mites can hide well underneath their fur. They can live up to sixteen years, sometimes even longer.

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to educate yourself on how to properly take good care of your pet. Knowing the right things and factors to consider depending on the breed of the dog. For more information, you can click for source here.

Bergamasco dogs are surely odd to the eye, but this does not stop them from an able and determined breed that has a soft fondness for humans.

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Choose the Proper Dog Leash

Finding a leash for your dog can be difficult with so many types of leashes available you are probably like I was at first puzzled by which ones will work and which ones will not work. I know when I walked down my local pet stores leash aisle I was absolutely amazed at the amount of leashes and brands that are available. So I kept picking up a leash and ended up buying a lot more leashes than I really needed. So here are my tips and secrets on how I narrow down the wide selection of leashes to the one that works best for me.

The first tip that I have is I always look for a leash that has some type of guarantee. Some of the leashes such as Lupine have a lifetime guarantee while others have a limited guarantee. Either way I want to make sure of a guarantee to make sure that if my dog snaps the leash within the first week of him having it I do not have to purchase a replacement just return the leash for fulfillment of the warranty.

The second tip that I have is find the leash that is the right size for your dog. Now some people will choose a leash that is meant for a Boxer for their little Yorkshire Terrier. I know that the leash will work, but it also is huge and can get really heavy on your dogs collar while he is walking. However, I have to really look hard for a leash that is meant for my dogs size because he is a two hundred pound English Mastiff and that is hard to find a leash that will fit his weight.

The third tip is find a leash that is the right length for what you want. Some of the adjustable length leashes have a wide variety of lengths that are available for you to let your dog walk farther in front of you or you can retract them to be right next to your side. Now I know that these work nice for smaller breed dogs. However, for my large breed dogs they would not work at all because they are well above the weight limit for them. So you do have to keep that in mind when checking those leashes out.

Finding a leash for your dog is not as hard as it may seem when you’re inside the pet store. As long as you know exactly what you need to do and what exactly you need for your beloved dog, you can easily find a leash for your pet. You can click here to get more info.I know from experience that when you first go into the pet store it can seem like a daunting task, but after following some sound advice and having your own experiences you will discover that finding the proper leash is not that hard.

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Berger Blanc Suisse Dog Breed

Switzerland has its fair share of beautiful dog breeds and the Berger Blanc Suisse is one of the most gorgeous, having a pure white coat and big brown eyes. They are a close relative to the German Shepherd, causing many to believe they are a white version of one. These dogs are used for farm work, police force, and even guide dogs for the blind.


First appearing in the mid 1800’s and being used as a shepherd dog, herding cattle and flocks of birds, the Suisse grew popular with farmers. Because of their brilliant white coat, this made shepherds spot them easily against a wolf, since farmers in the past have been known to accidently shoot their own dog mistaking them for a prowling wolf. This breed was close to dying out in the 1970’s before a breeder gained sight of them and wanted them to flourish once more.


With the face and fur density of a German Shepherd, the Suisse is somewhat large and has big bone structure. Their tail is somewhat longer and bushier and their noses are either black or pink. They can weigh up to sixty to seventy pounds depending on their gender, and they are known to sit straight up on their hind quarters. The ears are triangular and show their acute sense of hearing while their back is broad yet sleek. The Suisse only comes in one color, the shiny white coat.


These dogs can make either the perfect watch dog or the most lovable family dog who can greet strangers with a happy jump or tail wagging. They are watchful, guarded, and have strong wills. Their personalities are finely in tune with the German Shepherd, as they both are loyal companion dogs with a strong sense of justice. Being a fast learner makes him a wonderful pet to enter any type of home with children or elderly. They need plenty of exercise or else they can become quite hyperactive.

Grooming and Health

Blanc Suisses have thick yet short coated fur that needs to be tended to every week. They need to be brushed out on a weekly basis so they don’t shed too much. They need a bath once a month and their ears need to be cleaned every two weeks. These dogs are prone to elbow dysplasia and some skin problems that may need to be taken care of. They may need some special dog tooth paste, since their teeth can get cavities easier than other breeds. Suisses live up to eleven to twelve years.

As a pet owner, it is also important to check some reliable websites and click reference and sources so you will be guided accordingly on how to properly take good care of a berger blanc Suisse dog breed. 

Blanc Suisse dogs are one of the most loyal human companions, they feel like they have a strong need of protection to animals or children smaller than them which makes them definitely man’s and animal’s best friend.

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