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Berger Blanc Suisse Dog Breed

Switzerland has its fair share of beautiful dog breeds and the Berger Blanc Suisse is one of the most gorgeous, having a pure white coat and big brown eyes. They are a close relative to the German Shepherd, causing many to believe they are a white version of one. These dogs are used for farm work, police force, and even guide dogs for the blind.


First appearing in the mid 1800’s and being used as a shepherd dog, herding cattle and flocks of birds, the Suisse grew popular with farmers. Because of their brilliant white coat, this made shepherds spot them easily against a wolf, since farmers in the past have been known to accidently shoot their own dog mistaking them for a prowling wolf. This breed was close to dying out in the 1970’s before a breeder gained sight of them and wanted them to flourish once more.


With the face and fur density of a German Shepherd, the Suisse is somewhat large and has big bone structure. Their tail is somewhat longer and bushier and their noses are either black or pink. They can weigh up to sixty to seventy pounds depending on their gender, and they are known to sit straight up on their hind quarters. The ears are triangular and show their acute sense of hearing while their back is broad yet sleek. The Suisse only comes in one color, the shiny white coat.


These dogs can make either the perfect watch dog or the most lovable family dog who can greet strangers with a happy jump or tail wagging. They are watchful, guarded, and have strong wills. Their personalities are finely in tune with the German Shepherd, as they both are loyal companion dogs with a strong sense of justice. Being a fast learner makes him a wonderful pet to enter any type of home with children or elderly. They need plenty of exercise or else they can become quite hyperactive.

Grooming and Health

Blanc Suisses have thick yet short coated fur that needs to be tended to every week. They need to be brushed out on a weekly basis so they don’t shed too much. They need a bath once a month and their ears need to be cleaned every two weeks. These dogs are prone to elbow dysplasia and some skin problems that may need to be taken care of. They may need some special dog tooth paste, since their teeth can get cavities easier than other breeds. Suisses live up to eleven to twelve years.

As a pet owner, it is also important to check some reliable websites and click reference and sources so you will be guided accordingly on how to properly take good care of a berger blanc Suisse dog breed. 

Blanc Suisse dogs are one of the most loyal human companions, they feel like they have a strong need of protection to animals or children smaller than them which makes them definitely man’s and animal’s best friend.

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Great Money Savers for Holiday Video Game Shopping

My family and I adore video games, especially at Christmas. We collect almost every system made, including my vintage Atari 2600, and love to get ‘new’ games for any system we can. The following stores and online sites are where we purchase our games and I recommend you visiting them for your holiday shopping this season. (Click the title to go to their website.)


Gamestop, formally known as Funcoland, is a great place to purchase new and used games for the popular systems. They carry games for the Wii, X-Box and Playstations. They no longer carry games for the original Playstation or older Nintendo, like the N-64 or before. The game prices are comparable to Target or Wal-Mart, but the kicker is you can get them used, too. That is the best way to save money on video games any time of the year, but especially at Christmas. For the price of a single game at the stores, you can get 2 at Gamestop, and then, sometimes, they have the offer of “Buy 2, get 1 Free”. That is even better! We have used this particular deal many times. You can also mix and match the games on the various systems, for this deal, too. During the holidays they usually have extra bundles of games and systems for special prices.

Game Crazy

Game Crazy resembles Gamestop, but Game Crazy is run out Hollywood Video stores. Just like Gamestop, you can buy and sell your games, but the difference is that Game Crazy is not a stand alone store. You will need to visit your local Hollywood Video store to access Game Crazy, or check it out online. My husband does recommend this store for saving some money on video games.


If you are feeling a bit retro, and wanting to play some really vintage 8 bit games, then pull out your Nintendo or Sega Genesis and visit my favorite eBay store, DK Oldies. I have purchased vintage games from them for years, but sadly, they do not have inventory right now. I am mentioning them, though, because I do believe that they will have inventory for the Christmas holiday season. They have excellent games and are A+++++++++ when it comes to customer service. They even had games for $0.01! I purchased Captain Skyhawk and Gyrus from them using that deal a few years ago.

Everyone who has a computer has heard of, and their amazing deals. Did you also know that not all the products come from Amazon? They have stores, just like eBay, that they sell products through. If you hunt on Amazon, then you can get very good deals on video games. We have saved some major money on this site, too. They have games for all systems, even the original Playstation. We collected Crash Bandicoot games from Amazon and did not have a single issue, even with the Christmas rush!

Game Liquidations

Game Liquidations is another eBay store I like to purchase from. They have excellent prices on all games, including vintage. This store is currently active and actually offers more variety than most walk-in stores because they carry games for almost all the systems. They even have games for our Sega Saturn! Feeling like playing a little Gameboy Color, but lost your favorite game? Visit this eBay store and get a great price on your favorite games. Check out the site and see if they have limitations on delivery times to your area during the holidays.


If you are a loyal Target shopper, like a dear friend of mine, then click the link above and it will take you directly to the video game section of They do carry many new games for the newer systems, but I have a hard time purchasing a brand new game for the brand new game price. The bargain shopper in me is always looking for the best deal, and away from the tall glass display cases, near the CDs, are the cheaper games. They are located near either the CDs or DVDs, and are usually $20 or less. If you are a savvy Target shopper, then you will know this little secret, too. Back, away from the main aisles, on the end-caps, are their clearance items. This holds true for video games, too. I have found great games for the current systems, and even for PC. These are not usually online, so you will need to visit the stores because clearance items vary store to store. Holiday shopping is the best time to get good deals on the games because the stores have so much on hand, they need to get it out before Christmas is over!


Last but not least, is Wal-Mart. This store is great for all kinds of deals on video games. Their prices are similar to Target, and just like Target, they do not offer used games. Wal-Mart does have, away from their locked display cases, bins located near the electronics registers. These bins have current games for cheap! Yes, you need to dig because the bins are not the easiest to search through, but to save $10 on a game; you will see me there with my overnight gear! The more I save on the games, the more Christmas presents under the tree!

There you are; six places to save some serious money on video games for this coming holiday season. My favorite is still purchasing the games in the actual stores because the revenue from the sales help keep the store stocked with employees and even more product. During the holidays the lines get long at the registers, but if you can get a super deal on your family’s favorite games, then it is worth the wait. I will admit that I do purchase many of my games online. but that is mainly because you cannot find a physical store that sells Playstation or Sega Saturn games anymore!

Happy Holidays!

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Go Team! Finding Free Weight Loss Support Online

If you were going to climb to the top of Mount Everest, you wouldn’t train for it alone, would you? At the very least you’d want the advice of veterans who had done it before, as well as the support of other people who were considering this mind-boggling challenge for the first time.

For many, significant weight loss is a challenge on par with a trip to the top of the tallest mountain in the world. But for some reason, every year millions of people begin a weight loss plan without a support structure in place to help them along. Perhaps part of the problem is the difficulty in even finding such a community. After all, just as most of us don’t live next door to a team of people getting ready summit Mt. Everest, we also aren’t surrounded by people in the middle of weight loss journey that’s anything like our own.

So, what to do? For Lynn Haraldson-Bering, the answer was in radically expanding her world by searching for her community online. Lynn created a website ( here ) at (A free service that provides tools for non-techies to create professional looking websites) and filled it with pictures of herself that tracked her weight loss and a candid blog detailing her ups and downs.

“I chose Freewebs initially because everyone I knew on Weight Watchers online who had a site used Freewebs. What I love is that it’s so easy to use. Freewebs is always updating and making it even easier to maintain my site. And the premium subscription doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, either.”

At first the site was just for her, a way to “de-mystify” her weight loss goals by putting them out in the open and to share her progress with friends and family, but then something happened that Lynn hadn’t anticipated. A flood of visitors came to her site to comment on her blog postings and sign her online guestbook, congratulating her on her progress, offering encouragement and advice, and even sharing their own stories.

“Friends and family,” Lynn says, “while supportive, couldn’t understand my weight loss issues the way the online community could. These people understood what an accomplishment it was to fit in a size 16 or 14 for the first time in years, to go sleeveless, to exercise….I found several stories similar to mine, which was comforting to know I wasn’t alone and that others had been successful before me… I was able to reflect on my own uncertainty with more courage because someone had been in the same place as me and worked through it.”

And the result of all this encouragement and support? Lynn kept on her weight loss program and lost a staggering 167 pounds in 3 years-more than half her body weight! Since losing the weight, Lynn’s accomplishment has led to appearances on CNN, The Today Show, and Oprah where she’s shared her inspiring story with a whole new audience.

Now that Lynn has lost the weight, she says she plans on maintaining her Freewebs site to find the online support she needs for weight maintenance as well as to be there for a whole new group of people embarking on the same journey she started three years ago.

“Losing weight,” Lynn says on her site. “While a solitary physical act, does not have to take place in a vacuum. We all have questions, we all have doubts, we all have victories, both on and off the scale, that we want to celebrate with other people who ‘get it.’ I’ve said all along that if my weight-loss story can inspire just one person to take control of their weight and fitness, then telling it in any way I can is worth it.”

One look at the comments on Lynn’s website and it’s clear that she is just such an inspiration. She made it to the top of the mountain with the help and support of her online community and now she remains to help others make the same climb.

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Give a Chore Coupon Book to the Elderly

What do you give to a person who has everything? What do you give to a person who does not need anything at all? These descriptions often describe the elderly person on your gift-giving list. Elderly people who still live in their home surely have every item that they need and want from years of accumulation. Elderly people that live in nursing homes or adult communities have limited space and capabilities of owning more things.

Some of the classic gifts for the elderly are candies, throw blankets or pillows, toiletries and personal care products, and hats, scarves, or cardigan sweaters. Candies, or any food item, may not be on their approved medical diet. A person only needs one throw blanket and one pillow to be comfortable. Special toiletries are helpful, though perfumes and cosmetics are rarely used.

In order to give a quality gift to an elderly person, you have to understand what they need and really want.

The Main Complaints of the Elderly

The one thing that most elderly people miss is companionship and attention. This is not motivated by some sort of selfishness. In truth, more people, rapped up in their busy lives of career, family, school, and social lives, fail to take time out to be with their elderly parents.

Elderly people want someone to talk to for an hour or two. They want someone that will listen to what they have to say. They want to feel vital and important. Who can fault them for that?

What to Put in the Chore Coupon Book

The chore coupon books, in light of the above sentiments, takes on a different role. Yes, you should put coupons for chores that need to be done. These can be anything from house cleaning to yard work, or even laundry duties or cooking. However, what you should really focus on giving is time. When you arrive at the elderly person’s house to cut the grass, take time to consult with them about the job, and take them outside to show it off at the end. Allot some time to talking.

One great chore to include in the chore coupon gift book is driving. Many elderly people do not drive anymore, but still need to get to doctor’s appointments, the store, or simply for a warm afternoon in the park. Driving the elderly about not only gets them where they need to go, but gives them a captive audience for their tales and conversations.

A chore coupon book is an excellent gift for the elderly person in your life. And remember that the chores are not really the greatest gift of all. The thing most elderly people miss is the companionship and the camaraderie garnered from regular relationships and interactions. Time, as well as the helpful chores from the coupon books, are the best gift an elderly person can receive.

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Getting Pet Urine Stains and Odors Out of the Carpets

Pets are a great addition to our families. They are great friends, pals, playmates, protectors, and a body in the house that won’t talk back to you. They can be, however, a problem when it comes to keeping the house clean. What with training, the occasional accident, illness, and numerous other things, pets can leave tell tale stains and odors in our carpets.

Most well trained house pets are not a problem in this area. But that is not always a guarantee that nothing will happen. If you have a pet, you are bound to have a stained carpet at one time or another. When this happens you will want to get it cleaned up immediately. Be sure to use a good cleaner that will completely remove both the stain and the odor. You don’t want that lingering odor to suggest to the pet that it could be a good spot for a return trip. This holds true especially when you are training your pet. While training a dog to “go outside” or a cat to head to the litter box, accidents will happen. It is of utmost importance to get rid of that odor or the pet will certainly revisit that area. Then your work has doubled.

There are numerous ways to approach this problem. If a problem occurs be sure that you get it cleaned up immediately before the odor or stain has a chance to get set. Paper towels or a white rag are good ways to remove solid waste and absorb liquid. Then begin at the outside of the stain and clean inward toward the center. If you stand on the towel, this will be more effective than patting the stain. Whatever you do, don’t rub the stain as this could damage the carpet fiber.

The next step is to neutralize the stain or odor. Make sure that the carpet is just a bit damp before you go to this step. Special products are needed for this process so that you completely remove both the stain and odor. You don’t want to cover them up with just another odor or perfume. Avoid ammonia based products. These smell too much like urine and will not discourage the pet from returning. Vinegar and baking soda can work well on smaller stains but sometimes do not completely remove the odor. Steam cleaning will not produce the desired results since the heat involved may actually set the stain and odor.

Enzyme based cleaners are the best approach in neutralizing stains and odors. You can find a variety of these at pet stores. Just follow the instructions on the label. You will have to apply it and then let it sit for a period of time. It can then be blotted up with a towel and left to dry. It might be a good idea to do a test run on the cleaner before using it just to be safe.

If the urine smell still remains but you cannot locate the exact spot, use a black light. The black light will reveal a dark spot in the carpet. If you are unable to get it out then call a professional carpet cleaner. They will usually have more available methods of attacking this problem.

Even if your dog does not have an accident on the carpet, they are still bringing dirt into your carpet daily. From being outside and just everyday activities, your pet will soil the carpet from time to time. A regular vacuuming can help to control this and the occasional carpet cleaning will help to add some insurance.

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