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Dieting and Weight Loss Made Easy

I have been overweight my whole life. I have been battling with being obese for all of my adult life. I understand your problems. If you are reading this article then you know how I have felt. It isn’t necessarily that we like being overweight, don’t want to try (we have dieted and have more restraint than 5 skinny people put together), or have bad genes. For any number of reasons we currently are overweight. Some of us have decided that it is just ok to be overweight. I have not. I think being overweight will, in the long run, keep me from living the healthy lifestyle I want to live and may even keep me from living as long. We all want productive lives that we feel fulfilled and happy living and being in shape and thin can help us to feel those good feelings.

The easiest way to lose weight is to diet. Most diets work well if we work them. Same old story. When you get right down to it we try diets but most of us don’t really “do” the diet. We don’t make it a way of life for ourselves. We diet, fall off the bandwagon, and then before we know it we are back where we started. Why does this happen? For me it has always been that I will be successful and lose some weight but get comfortable along the way. Physically I look better but my metabolism has actually gotten worse! How can that be? I have found that most people who begin dieting don’t work out at all or if they do they work out all wrong. When dieting the number one problem (and one of the primary reasons we gain our weight back) is that we lose muscle as we lose fat. It is almost impossible to lose weight without losing some muscle but if you don’t work out you will lose a lot of muscle. This will cause you to burn less calories over the course of a day and if you just revert back to eating normally you will gain weight back very quickly.

Another way to make our diet easy and more conveniently is by taking weight loss supplements like leptoconnect. This product is made from all natural ingredients, hence, it is very safe and healthy to take. This is also one of the reliable brands in the market that consumers prefer.

Dieting can be hard but if you do decide you want to diet make sure to exercise. You don’t have to be in the gym for hours and that boring cardio you are doing isn’t the answer anyways! A full hour of jogging on a treadmill is in actuality very few calories. If you jog on that treadmill an hour a day for a month you only lose less than 3 pounds! That’s every day! Ask your doctor about it but the best way to exercise while dieting is by lifting weights. If you haven’t weight lifted before get help from an experienced friend or a personal trainer but start right way so that you will keep all the muscle you can. Diet and exercise together can develop your body into the sexy fit shape you want. Good luck and keep in touch with your progress or questions.

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Summer Air Conditioning Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average electric bill for houses in the summer months (June through August) is $395 per household. That works out to an average of $131.67 per month. Compared to the average monthly bill of $95.66 (as reported by Mother Earth News), Americans are spending a little over a third more on electricity during the hot summer months.

But what is a person to do? Should we stop using our air conditioners during the summer? Absolutely not. I am a practical environmentalist, and I thoroughly believe that such extremes are not realistic or necessary. Rather, we can make a few adjustments to how we use our air conditioners. In the process, we will save a great deal of money and help the planet while we are at it.

I live in California, and there is no denying that it is hot in the Summer. Tonight, it was still 85 degrees at 8 p.m. Did I have my AC on? You bet I did. And if it is still this hot tomorrow, I’ll run it then too. However, you can do what I have done and significantly reduce your bill with a couple of small changes.

This is the best time to make use of your air conditioner and California heat is quite merciless when at its peak form and dehydration can take it out of you so I always make it a point to lookup blaux portable ac reviews online for a replacement at every second summer season.

Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat is one very easy way to reduce the money you spend cooling your house. Basic models are available for as little as $19, and go up from there. They are simple to install, and according to the Energy Department, using a programmable thermostat can save you up to $150 per year.

A few simple tricks will make the most of the savings from this simple do-it-yourself project. Most importantly, set your thermostat to shut off your air conditioning while you are away. You can even program the system to begin cooling 15 minutes before you normally arrive home. Upon your arrival, your home will be comfortable, and you will have saved an entire day’s electricity use. Set your thermostat to change to a higher temperature (less cooling) after you go to sleep. This will allow you to be comfortable while drifting off, but saves you money once asleep. Raising the average temperature of your home even a few degrees can lead to dramatic energy savings. According to the Energy Department, you can save as much as 18 percent by setting your thermostat to 78 degrees rather than 72 degrees.

Use a Fan

There is nothing brilliant about this idea, but it remains effective. A fan makes you feel cooler by creating minor wind chill. On average, a fan (ceiling or house fan) can make a person feel 4 degrees cooler. When used in combination with an air conditioner, this can mean big savings. By setting your thermostat 4 degrees hotter, and using a fan, you will save a lot of electricity from running the air conditioner, and yet you will feel just as comfortable. And the savings can be impressive. According to the Glendale Department of Water and Power, the average ceiling fan costs $1.05 per month to run. In comparison, and air conditioner can cost around $21 per month to run, or more. So by allowing your fan to assist your cooling system, you stand to save a good deal of money each month.

Be Aware of The Outside Temperature

Like I said, tonight is a warm one, and people will be running their air conditioners throughout the evening. However, last week we had a cooler spell, and my neighbors were still running their air conditioners. It could not have been more than 60 degrees out, and many of my neighbors had their homes closed up, and they were running their air conditioners all night long. Why? If it is cooler outside than it is in, open your windows throughout the house, and let the breeze blow through. If you open windows on opposite sides of your home, you will get natural cross ventilation. There is just no reason to waste them money cooling your house, when mother nature will do it for you.

With just a few small changes, you can save a lot of money and still be comfortable. Try it, and enjoy keeping your hard earned cash.

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Facebook Vs. Personal Privacy

While the social economic pulse ruminates the obsession we seem to have with MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, as a populous we need to consider what personal privacy we are giving up and at what cost. On the surface it seems pretty cool and posh to tell all your Facebook followers your every move and emotion, but has tweet mania gone too far?

When the founding fathers wrote the words ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ I wonder if they could have imagined the technological world where the court room is the forum for challenge upon the constitutionality or admissibility of personal items/dialogues vs. privacy while kids and parents alike randomly update their mood, their location, their vacation plans, and their desires from moment to moment. And if admissibility is upheld would it also be valid then to confirm intent, knowledge, and provide alibis?

The mere discussion of online social networking (Facebook) as a means to influence legal rulings and decisions purports the concept of a society lacking personal characteristics and personality. So the question becomes, “If you publicize any personal feelings, by way of a written public record like Facebook, do you then give up personal right to privacy”?

In a recent suicide case in the news a mother was investigated for creating a fictitious young male profile on line to befriend an estranged female friend of her daughters so she could find out what the girl was saying about her daughter. After courting the girl the young man dumped her, the act that led to her suicide. While the woman’s conviction was overturned by a higher court and found as not having committed any wrongdoing the efficacy of her actions are in question. Ironically, new laws have sense been established and in fact are now protecting the women from the public that, ruffled by her actions, seem to be cyber harassing her. If she had verbally attacked the child what would she have been charged with? Is there any difference?

How about the new website ? This playful site scans social networking sites like Facebook and live streams back those people that have indicated they are not home. Claiming to be an awareness site letting people know what their ignorance could lead to it has gained notoriety for the place for criminals to go to find empty homes ready for the robbing.

It does create the question as to whether what used to be known as peer pressure could in cyberspace now be a criminal activity. For me the question is much more simplistic. Why does any person want the world to know their mood or their every step? Maybe it makes the declaring person feel special when others are aware of their every move. It seem a little creepy to me. If you are willingly posting exactly what you are up to minute by minute I think you have just given up the right to cry help if you are stalked.

While these many questions keep presenting themselves it is possible that they will not be answered until they are challenged in court. In the meantime, it would behoove us to take some personal responsibility and set personal guidelines and limits for ourselves and our children. As my mother always told me, ‘Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to be in the headlines of tomorrow’s newspaper’! While the message is still the same the statement could be corrected by replacing newspaper with ‘Facebook status’.

Hence, instead of creating negativity, why not use social networking sites as a platform where we can spread good vibes and positivity. You can getfans and build followers for a good cause that could make our world a better place to live in.

God help us with the intelligence to create technology that helps mankind and promotes creative thought to a level higher than “I need help with my animals in Farmville”.

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What Is The Distinction Between The Hemp Oil And CBD Oil?

Not all the oils are created equally using the same method for the oils derived from the cannabis plant. However, often used interchangeably, CBD oil, and hemp oil have major differences between them on how each one affects health and body. You need to determine which cannabis product is accurate for you, explore the differences between the CBD oil and hemp oil, and know the ingredients from which they are made. Read the cbdMD review here before you buy any product must check the reviews.

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: Know the major differences

CBD oil is made from the flowers, stalks, and leaves of the hemp plant; these are the only parts of the plant where the cannabis is found. Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seeds, which means there is no CBD content in hemp. Each type of oil provides its own effective health benefits and has some side-effects. One must be aware of everything about these oils before buying one.

Ingredients to look into:

The best way to know whether the product is hemp oil or CBD oil is to check the list of ingredients on the oil packaging. There are some companies that don’t clearly mention the words “hemp oil” or “hemp seed oil,” then look for “cannabis seed oil” or “cannabis sativa seed oil” as these are the scientific names for hemp oil. To look for the CBD products, find the ingredients like “CBD” or “Cannabidiol.”

Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

Studies have found out that both hemp oil and CBD oil are promising in enhancing one’s health but in different ways. Hemp oil is often preferred for its nutritional power due to its mineral content and healthy fats. There are many promising studies carried out that show its effects on PMS symptoms and skin disorders.

  1. Nutrition

Hemp seeds are quite rich in vital fatty acids like alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and linoleic acid (omega-6). These acids are considered an excellent vitamin E and protein source and offer many health-enhancing minerals like potassium, sodium, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

  1. PMS and Menopause

It has been found that hemp is a wonderful source of GLA (gamma linoleic acid), which is helpful in reducing the inflammation that occurs due to menopause. Hemp oil has also been observed to assuage PMS symptoms and reduce the effect of prolactin hormone in the body.

  1. Skin Disorders

Hemp oil is quite helpful for people with eczema as it improves the symptoms of skin orders that include itching and dryness. Studies have found out that these effects are due to the appropriate balance of hemp oil’s omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD has provided numerous health benefits, which include relief from inflammation, pain, and insomnia. CBD provides the power of cannabis plant without providing psychoactive effects like THC.

  1. Anxiety and Depression

CBD is highly helpful for people suffering from anxiety and depression. A report has been generated that states that CBD shows promising effects in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and post-traumatic disorder. CBD is used to treat many medical conditions but mainly pain, depression, and anxiety.

  1. Pain and inflammation

Patients that have arthritis suffer from stiffness, inflammation, and pain. CBD effectively helps in reducing pain and stiffness, and there are many patients that have experienced an improvement in walking and muscle spasms and pain reduction.

  1. Insomnia

As determined by several studies. CBD can help in better sleep. CBD showed promise for inducing deeper sleep and reduced symptoms of insomnia. CBD has provided potential benefits for anxiety and pain. People who face difficulty sleeping and feel tired after waking up must try CBD oil to get proper rest.

To understand the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, you must look for each oil offer’s benefits. You must also check the ingredients mentioned on the packaging and consult the health experts before taking one. To gain knowledge on differences between both oils, you can check out the points mentioned above. It is important to consider the third-party tested stamps on oils as it ensures the quality.

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Top Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

The summer is approaching with very high temperatures; the need for air conditioners is here. This article will take a look at energy efficient air conditions that will not only help you stay cool this summer, but will help save your wallet. This list will look at 5 different energy efficient air conditions, where to get them, and price.

  1. Energy Star Air Conditioner – Window Unit by Sunpentown

This single room air conditioner is great for cooling down a single room while using as little energy as possible. This air conditioner by Sunpentown is energy star certified and comes with a thermostat control to help unnecessary use; this AC also has a timer to control how long the unit stays on. This product comes in 6,500, 8,200, and 10,000 BTU models and range in price from $259 to $429 and can be found at

  1. Haier ESA3085 7800 BTU ENERGY STAR Air Conditioner

This powerful air conditioner is not only highly effective but it also highly energy efficient. This AC comes with a timer with a remote and also a thermostat sensor to prevent unwanted use. This energy efficient air conditioner is of course energy star certified, and is ultra quiet. This product can be found for $199.99 at

  1. Sharp AFS60NX 6,000 BTU Energy Star Air Conditioner

This energy star certified air conditioner by sharp comes with a timer and temperature gauge to ensure that this unit is only on when it is needed. This unit also comes with a removable filter for easy cleaning, and comes allows the user to direct air flow so that you can get the cool air where you need it most. This energy efficient air conditioner can be found at for around $195.75.

  1. Frigidaire – 5200 BTU Room Air Conditioner

This powerful single room energy efficient air conditioner is the perfect mix between practicality and usability. This unit can cool a room up to 165 sq. feet and even takes allergens out of the air, and is energy star certified. This AC also uses low voltage consumption, and can be found for around $169 at

  1. Frigidaire – 12000 BTU Room Air Conditioner

This large room air conditioner is easy to install and works within minutes. This low voltage consumption air conditioner has an energy saver setting to help cut back on energy use. This energy efficient air conditioner also removes up to 4 pints of moisture in the air per hour, and also reduces allergens. This product can be found at for around $329.99.

Apart from the aforementioned ones, there is also the renowned blaux portable ac that is one of the best brands in the world where you can avail the choicest of benefits whether it is savings or better cooling, you name it and Blaux is going to give it to you.

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Scents of the Season: Perfumes for Women Under $100

Perfume is an accessory that not only is great for date nights or girls’ nights out, but also makes a fantastic Christmas gift for your girlfriend or wife. This year, there are many new fragrances from which to choose made by a plethora of designers. This helpful guide will assist you in finding some of the best perfumes for under a hundred dollars in all kinds of fragrances.

When shopping for perfumes this holiday season, there are always stores that have sales throughout December. Look for your advertisements on television for national chains like Macy’s and Dillard’s but also check your newspaper circulars and online sales for retailers that sell perfume including places like Amazon. If you find one-stop shopping that includes perfume online, take advantage of cheaper shipping when you buy more products and your perfume will be even more cost-effective.

Dolce  amp; Gabbana’s new line of scents for 2009 includes three size bottles of Rose The One that has rose not only as a color of the bottle but also as the dominant scent. Other fruity and flowery scents add to the mystique of the all-powerful rose that conjures up a night of romance. Available at most perfume counters, a one ounce bottle is $60, 1.7 ounces goes for $70, and your best value is the 2.5 ounce bottle for $90.

Juicy Couture is one of the leading perfume lines for women and a year would not be complete without a new fragrance. Couture, Couture is the newest from the upscale perfume company. Fruits and flowers combine for a luscious scent that mixes mandarin and pink grapefruit with light sandalwood and honeysuckle. This scent is available for $65 for 1.7 ounces and 3.4 ounces is worth $85.

Regardless of the brand, perfumes are quite expensive whether you buy it online or retail but anything that satisfies your needs for an odorless body would do in current times as people are skeptical to buy branded perfumes due to its exorbitant price.

Prada’s L’eau Ambree is a simple yet elegant perfume that any woman will instantly love. Rose dominates again with a simple undertone of citrus and slightly musky amber for a scent that is not over the top and yet speaks to the beauty of perfume and women at the same time. Bloomingdale’s is selling this fragrance for $76 in a 1.7 ounce size.

Anna Sui’s Rock Me is a veritable inclusion on this list even though you can buy her 1.7 ounce perfume off of Target’s website for only $58. Like most other perfumes, she blends fruit and flowers with a combination of jasmine, honeysuckle, pear, and peach scents. Look for the guitar-shaped bottle in your perfume case.

With so many wonderful scents on the market, it was hard to narrow down a list. My last selection is Lola, a scent from Marc Jacobs. Nevermind the beautiful bottle it comes in, but once you smell this flowery fragrance you won’t go back. Roses and geraniums combine with a vanilla underlayer that provides an overall breathtaking experience. Lola is available for $65 in a 1.7 ounce spray bottle and around $50 for just one ounce.

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Clash Royale- Crushing Your Opponents in Style


There is a saying that anyone can do the pretty ones and is seen in numerous fields but none more so than that of entertainment as it has been quite an engaging as well as a controversial topic most of the times.

Leaving the controversy aside, we shall only focus on the entertainment part of it as it is no rocket science to be studied and analyzed in detail but simply is a source of enjoyment that we enjoy most during childhood as that is when most of us are free both mentally and generally but gone when we are grown up.

During childhood, apart from cartoons and comic books, one other thing that we all enjoy the most is playing video games but now we are in 2020 and television has given way to smartphones, Ps4 and Xbox 360 and Windows 10 although the first three are more popular choices for games.

Initial Story

One of the best games that you can find today is Clash Royale, that has captivated its viewers for the past four years since its launch in March 2016 and it may look like a game of cards at first glance but in fact is quite different.

Surely it would give you the vibes of Freecell, Solitaire and Hearts but that is about it because the real game is bigger and violent as it involves a battlefield and two teams on opposite sides where the goal is to achieve supremacy over the kingdom.

Clash Royale was launched by Supercell, which is a leading development company when it comes to video games and was launched 4 years back as mentioned above on both Android and Apple phones where the makers hoped that it would compete with the other established games.

However, they were in for a pleasant surprise as it quickly surpassed all others in the popularity stakes and emerged as a winner by leaving all others far behind to occupy the much coveted top post and continues to be popular after four years.

The initial stories that were floating that it would not be able to sustain after a few months and fizzle out like similar ventures but the deck of cards had a certain X-factor in them that it surpassed many an expectation.

Vanquish Foes

Clash Royale world is one of thrill and intrigue in the dark lanes which is only to be expected where the main goal is to kill the enemy and establish your dominance over the field which you can do by developing a strategy.

Foes like Giant, Ice Golem, Lava Hound and Royal Giant are strong so first of all they need to be distracted and caught off guard, which is when the defense troops in the front can launch an attack at the enemy battalion.

The two towers of both sides at opposite ends is going to use the same technique and build up a Bomber Tower, which is done through setting up a building of cards and this structure would help in neutralizing the forces but be sure to use the Zap laser to change their target.

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The Best Bowling Alleys in Atlanta, Georgia

When you are looking for a good place to go bowling in Atlanta, you don’t have to look far. There are several nationwide chains as well as local businesses that offer a great bowling experience. My two favorite bowling alleys are part of larger chains, but I have not found there to be any great difference between chains and local alleys.

Brunswick Zone is your standard, reliable bowling alley. It is consistently fun for any age group, though it is a bit outdated. Perhaps the retro music videos add to its charm. Brunswick is a large chain, and there are multiple locations around Atlanta. The food is fairly standard, including chicken fingers, hot dogs, pizza, fries, and some sandwiches. Alcohol is available, but don’t expect anything fancy. Brunswick Zone is a bowling alley that will always provide you with a good game, good service, and decent food. It is great for everything from kids’ birthday parties to a casual outing with friends. The prices are very fair-during the week a standard game is $1.99 until 6pm, when the price goes up to $3.99. Weekends and shoe rentals are $3.99. Brunswick opens at 10am every day, and closes at midnight on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays; 2am Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays; and 1am on Thursdays. There are multiple deals you can take advantage of, such as $1.00 bowling including soft drinks and food on Mondays after 9pm; $0.99 per game on Thursdays after 9pm; “all you can bowl” for $6.99 on Sundays after 8pm; and other daily specials under $2.00. Brunswick Zone has locations in Marietta, Norcross, Roswell, and Lawrenceville. You can access the website for more information at

Apart from the aforementioned website, there are many others to look forward to like About Bowling Balls where you can find all the necessary info about bowling alleys and tournaments where you can get certain conveniences at affordable prices and Atlanta is anyway popular for its bowling alleys where people can cultivate their skills.

If you want to step it up, 300 is a bowling alley that offers bowling “with a twist.” The alley channels a club on the inside, with sophisticated light displays and a tricked-up audio and video system. The music and videos are all the ones you would see on MTV-all current, mostly Rap, R B;, and Pop. In other words, it is a bowling alley that seemingly targets the under-forty crowd. That said, it is a very cool atmosphere, and the food is remarkably good. The menu is more like that of a fashionable club or bistro than a bowling alley. While I was there, I tried their “Two Bite” Sliders and thought they were up to par with any good burger I’ve had in a restaurant. The bar seems to be able to cater to any desire-anything from cocktails to imported beers. There is even a private bowling area for special events. It’s a very cool place to have an adult get-together, but it is also great for kids (though I would recommend that the kids be old enough to appreciate the cool atmosphere).

The only negative thing would be the prices-for a hip, club-like bowling experience, you pay $5.25 per person per game during the week, before 5pm, and $6.25 after 5pm. On the weekends it costs $6.25 before 5pm and $8.25 after. The hours are 11am-midnight during the week, 11am-2am on Friday and Saturday, and noon-1am on Sunday. Shoe rentals are $5.00 for all. However, there are special prices for different days of the week, such as the “all you can bowl” Mondays and Wednesdays after 6pm for $15, including shoes; Ladies’ Night Sundays after 9pm; and Happy Bowl Hour Mondays through Fridays 5pm-7pm. 300 is located at 2175 Savoy Dr, and you can reach them by phone at 770-988-8813. Check out 300’s website for more information:

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Crucial aspects of the Bible: Inspiration and Reliability!

In today’s time and age, people have become more cynical about what is true and reliable, and this is the case with the Bible. The Bible claims that the whole story is authoritative and is entirely inspiring. All the scriptures are inspired by God and are helpful in teaching, correcting, rebuking, and commendable training in righteousness. There are particularly three aspects of evidence that are considered: bibliographic, inspiration, and reliability. You can read about some devotional messages on Open heaven for today.

We will briefly outline these aspects of evidence:

  • Bibliography evidence

In earlier times, the evidence is abundant in the form of an assortment of manuscripts for the old and new testaments. These were found centuries apart but are still holding faithfulness and accuracy. The 6th century A.D standardized the Old Testament by the Masoretic Jews, but several Greek and Hebrew translations were found with a little deviation. In the New Testament, there were nearly a large number of translations with a little deviation found in various geographical locations. 

  • Inspiration 

Christians accept the Bible as the inspired word of God. The writers and the writings were inspired as if they are spoken by God. Therefore, the Bible acts as a guide to salvation through trust in Christ and sufficient for correction, doctrine, ethical and moral instruction. Bible authors and writings were inspired, but they don’t detail how God and humans were interrelated and work together to produce the Old and New Testament documents. 

Despite the method of inspiration, the writings are considered canonical Scripture, which means God’s authoritative message to humans. The truths are revealed in the Bible about God and what God does to have a relation with God. The Bible is written in human words, which makes it easy to understand the message from God. Other than the message, spiritual truths are understood with divine help.

  • Reliability 

The Scriptures are referred to as a trustworthy guide for humans’ relationship with God and other humans. The Bible gives the truth about worship, salvation, faith, morals, and ethics, but the commands of the Bible can’t be applied simply because some apply in limited situations while some are suspended. Statements in the Bible about science and history are of special interest. Historians find the Bible as a more reliable and accurate record than any other ancient writings or events. One of the most conservative statements about Scriptures admits that there are some exaggerations, inexact quotations, exaggerations, and loose quotes in the Bible of the Old Testament.

The irregularities encourage people to concentrate on broad pictures and not tangential details. Christians made many conclusions about the Bible, which insist that the Bible is more reliable in science and history than the position paper explains. 

It is crucial to understand the true meaning, history, and science of the Bible. The Bible is also an inspired word of God that is reliable in matters of worship, faith, morals, and ethics. We must focus on the stated and central purposes of Scriptures.

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Caribbean Cooking – Stuffed Fish

My first executive chef position came about quite accidentally. My friend, Sonny Tanksley had taken a bartending job on the isle of St. Thomas in the U.S.V.I. Sonny was a handsome southern boy and a charming young man. He was an excellent bartender and made outstanding tips. The chef at his restaurant had walked out during a busy dinner shift and Sonny was pressed into kitchen duty when the owner found out he had some culinary experience. Sonny, the dandy, hated the hot, dirty, food handling job. He immediately started lobbying for a return to his cushy bar position. The owner finally agreed if Sonny would find a qualified chef to run the kitchen. That’s when I got the call. I was managing a pizza joint during the day and working at a small restaurant in the evening trying to hone my culinary skills. My girlfriend had just dumped me and I was living with Sonny’s worthless ex-roommates. I was not a happy camper. When Sonny called I jumped. I packed up my crap and took a Grumman Goose to St. Thomas the next afternoon. By 4 o’clock the next day I was standing in the kitchen of ‘The Fish Market’ restaurant with my duffle bag in hand and not a clue in my head. Sonny and the head cook, a Creole man from the island of Antigua, Joe Papios took me under their protective wings. Within two weeks Sonny was back behind the bar and Papios and I had formed a winning kitchen team and a dear friendship.

Our food was simple and delicious. Only seafood came out of the main kitchen. The boss grilled some steaks and some ribs out front. We had the simplest of equipment; an old pizza oven, a leaky fry-o-later and an open Bain Marie. We served a wide variety of seafood prepared in all the simplest ways. The only sauce used was a simple veloute made from the simmering fumet in the Bain Marie, Creole vegetables were scooped from the fumet on each plate along with a portion of confetti rice and a beautiful portion of fish. I was proud of every plate that left the kitchen.

Our most popular menu item was the stuffed fish filet. I don’t know why. As an insider I preferred poached whole reef fish or whole fish quickly baked in the pizza oven.

Stuffed fish filets:

To make the fish stuffing accumulate 6 cups of fresh bread cubes, preferably whole grain bread. Poach a portion of flaky fish meat like Pollack or Cod along with some scallops and shrimps at he end. I suppose you could even use bacalao (salt cod) in the right sequence. Sauté an onion, a cup of diced celery and add the flaked and chopped seafood to the bread crumbs, then cool, add a splash of fish stock or clam juice to soften and there you are. I would not over season this mix but add a bit of salt and pepper and maybe flavor the poaching broth with a few bay leaves and a bouquet garni.

To assemble the stuffed fish have equal sized filets of fish such as flounder, sole or snapper, arrange the skinned side out and spread a few ounces of stuffing on one side of a filet, cover with the opposing filet then brush the outside with olive oil or clarified butter, season with sea salt and white pepper.Heat a baking sheet under the oven broiler then toss the stuffed filets onto the hot surface and cook under the broiler for 10 hot minutes. Both sides of the stuffed fish will be done and flaky and the stuffing will be heated through. Serve with a squeeze of lemon or lime or make a simple citrus buerre blanc. Now I know why this was such a big seller. For more additional information and tips in cooking, you can click here.

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