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Adding a Driver to a Car Insurance Policy

Whether you’ve gotten married or your teenager has reached driving age, adding a driver to your car insurance policy can create major headaches. You have to get in touch with your agent, make decisions about coverage levels, and deal with any changes to your premium.

  1. Obtain necessary data about the driver.

You need to know a few things before you add a driver to a car insurance policy. In order to obtain a quote or make the change legal, you will have to provide the driver’s license number, social security number, driving history and other important data. Contact information is also necessary.

These details are of utmost importance in the broader context as it would help in identifying the driver and reveal his past because car insurance policy is a hectic task unlike cheap non owner sr22 insurance that won’t conduct thorough research about the nominated candidate.

  1. Determine whether a car will be added as well.

Sometimes you need to add a car as well as a driver to your car insurance policy. In this case, the process is a little bit more complicated. You will need to know the year, make and model of the vehicle, as well as its VIN number and mileage.

  1. Learn the driver’s habits.

Will he or she be driving to work? School? Every day or only occasionally? Where will the vehicle be parked when not in use? And will the car be used for business purposes or is it exclusively a personal vehicle? Knowing these details will help you obtain the most accurate quote possible from your agent.

  1. Get a quote from your insurance agent.

Don’t just add a driver to your car insurance policy automatically. Instead, call up your insurance agent to ask for a quote. This way, you’ll be able to evaluate the change in your premium against what it would cost to purchase a separate policy.

In the case of teen drivers, according to, it is sometimes less expensive to obtain a separate insurance policy for your child while naming him or her as an exclusion under your own policy. To do this, however, your teenager must be licensed and must have his or her own car.

  1. Provide your insurance agent with the necessary information.

Once you decide on an insurance company, give your agent all the necessary details and request that the policy be activated. If you decide to pay in monthly installments, you will probably have to pay for two months up front (assuming you’ve activated a new policy). If you’re continuing under your current policy, you’ll need to pay the pro-rated portion of the new driver’s costs.

  1. Obtain the insurance card.

If you want to add a new driver to a car insurance policy immediately, the insurance company can usually fax or e-mail you an insurance card until the permanent one comes in the mail. But make sure you have that proof before the driver is allowed to get behind the wheel.

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Boiler Installation – What You Need To Know?

The boiler is one of the most important parts of your home, and it provides all your heating and hot water needs. And that’s why you should pick the one carefully. Well, boilers are available in different sizes, features, and power. Instead of choosing the one on a random basis, you should make your choices wisely. You need to know all about the different types of boilers, their advantages, and how they work. Usually, most people make mistakes while buying a boiler, which creates lots of problems in the future. Try to avoid all these mistakes and make the right decision after taking all the crucial things into consideration. 

Buying a new boiler and getting it installed is not as easy as you think. When you choose an unreliable boiler or make wrong decisions related to installation, you may face several problems. You need to consider some important things to get the best boiler installation. After considering some key decisions, you can enhance the life of your boiler. You should also talk to the engineer related to different parts of the installation process. He will give you a quotation for the new boiler after conducting a full heating survey of your home. 

When you hire an engineer to install a boiler, he will learn all about your heating and hot water requirements. He will take a significant amount of time to do proper research and provide their recommendation on the type as well the size of the boiler you need. Before going to install the best boiler, you need to know some important things which you can read later in the below post. 

Determine your needs 

It is important for homeowners to tell the boil installer all about their heating and hot water needs. They should also discuss the future plans that they might have. You also need to think about some crucial aspects to take your steps forward. First of all, you should ask yourself about how you use your hot water. Know about your needs at least once and then discuss it with the engineer to get the best boiler installation. You need to decide your budget and the brand of boiler you want to take your steps forward. 

You should also consider some other requirements to proceed further to install a boiler at your home. After getting the answers to a few questions, you should talk to your engineer. He can choose the best boiler for your home on the basis of your needs and budget. 

Benefits of installing a new boiler 

As you know, a new boiler installation can be a huge investment in your home. No doubt, this investment comes with plenty of amazing benefits that you need to take into consideration. Many boiler installation services are out there, but all of them are not the same. Choose the reputed services to cater to your needs. The selection of the best boiler installation services helps to install the boiler perfectly in your home. You can also get numerous benefits after installing a new boiler at your home. And some of these benefits are listed below- 

  • Enhance the value of your home 

When you install a boiler, it increases the value of your property. Having a gas safe registered engineer can install the new boiler perfectly and also get you out of various problems. When it comes to selling and moving, you can get more money. Make sure you are hiring an experienced engineer to install the boiler. With the help of this, you can easily make improvements to your home or property value. 

  • Smaller  and quieter 

New boilers are smaller as well as quieter as compared to old boilers. When an engineer installs the new boiler perfectly, then you can meet your requirements for hot water. Some boilers produce more sound, and that’s why you should keep this thing in mind. Instead of installing an old boiler, you should opt for a brand new boiler. You should always ask the engineer to install it in the right manner to avoid further issues. 

  • Reduce energy bills 

Installing a boiler is important to meet your hot water needs, and that’s why you should look for the best service providers. Always hire an engineer who is experienced and well trained. Usually, boilers are rated on their efficiency, and you should always keep this thing in mind. New boilers have much better efficiency, and it also helps to reduce your energy bills. With the help of installing a new boiler, you can save up your money and get additional benefits. 

  • Improve overall efficiency 

Installing a new boiler is a major decision, and that’s why you should always pay appropriate attention to crucial factors. With the help of installing a new boiler, you can improve overall efficiency. It is not beneficial only for reducing your energy bills but also add value to your property. Always hire a registered and well-trained engineer in order to get your boiler installed in a correct manner. 

In addition to this, you can also get many other benefits by installing a brand new boiler. The traditional boilers are not as efficient as brand new boilers, and that’s why most people prefer to replace them. Make sure you are considering your budget and other requirements for installing a boiler at your home. It can be a huge investment, and that’s why you need to be aware of some essential factors. 

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Simple Weight Loss: Tired of Being Chubby?

Losing weight and eating healthy is a hassle to many of us. Just the thought of having to watch what we eat is difficult to face. We’ve been raised to eat until we are full, to eat foods that taste good, but in reality they are full of fat and calories. Whenever the idea pops out, we think it’s an impossible task. That is not the case. Losing weight and being healthy is a lot easier than we think.

But before anything, you may be wondering what the benefits of losing weight are. It’s quite simple. First ask yourself what is the first thing people see. The correct answer is your physical appearance. Unfortunately for many of us, some do judge a book based on its cover and those who have love handles may get a couple of looks of disgust. So right off the bat, this should be a great motivator to lose weight. How about this next one? Better health. Not only are you going to look better, but you are going to feel better. You are going to have more energy, have a reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases as well as a lower chance for hypertension and diabetes.

Now, the first step that will really help is to replace all soft drinks with water. Yes, no sodas, Kool-Aid, or even lemonade. Nothing. Just plain water. Since our body is made up of mostly water (about 70% our body weight), it should be obvious to take this tip into consideration. Water can also regulate your appetite, increase metabolism, boost energy, release toxins, and alleviate headaches. A nice little tip I keep at hand is whenever you are feeling hungry, drink some water 15 minutes before your meal.

The next step is fairly simple as well. We are all guilty of snacking on the unhealthiest things possible: potato chips, cookies, and cake. How about replacing these with carrots, bananas, milk, apples, and the like? All these foods make a great snack and a much healthier one. Your body will be getting all those vitamins that it really needs to carry out its bodily functions, and you will have more energy than you could imagine. Got a sweet tooth or a love for caffeine? Dump those too, since too much sugar causes you to gain weight as well as possibly causing cavities and gum disease and caffeine disrupts your sleep cycle. Proper sleep is needed to regulate your body’s internal biological clock (your circadian rhythm) and thus necessary to have good health.

Go run a marathon. Or a half marathon. Or an ironman. Or just go out for a walk in the afternoon. Its quite simple, and walking about is a great way to begin exercising. Or you can also mall walk in the mornings, or better yet, for all those women out there, you can go on shopping spree and walk around. After you have built some stamina, you can being jogging. Soon, you will be able to run for about 10 minutes, then 15, until you have reached your goal of looking and feeling healthy.

On top of these tips, make sure to get support in your diet from weight loss supplements. This will help you to sustain your diet. There are products out there that are made from natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about the side effects. Check these leptoconnect real reviews.

This may seem a bit difficult, but think about everything you are gaining. You’ll be more productive and have a happy life, enjoying special moments with your healthy body. Don’t fret, if at any point you feel like giving up, imagine how much your life will change after you become healthier. Good Luck!

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The Benefits of Using a Computerized Sewing Machine

Computerized sewing machines are the latest in garment technology. These programmable machines allow the home user to create pieces of art or just make their own clothes faster and better than the old style machines. With modern technology and computerized sewing patterns, the beginner can be producing artistic needlework in no time.

These new machines use an electronic loop stitching system whereby the needle only passes partially through the fabric. This creates a loop in the fabric. A series of controlled electronic gears move the needle along. A computer program directs where the stitches fall. A presser foot keeps the material steady while the feeder pulls it through. This is allows for faster and more accurate needlework.

Using computerized sewing programs enables the home user to create patterns from a simple chain stitch that covers a vast area to more elaborate designs. Traditional electric sewing machines are not capable of sewing a diagonal pattern without human intervention. The computerized machines available now can do this and more. Patterns are available for complicated embroidery work that before now would have had to be done by hand to accomplish the same results. The new computerized sewing machines offer the user more options as well as quicker turn around on projects. Check with the manufacturer to see what programs are included with their machines. Other programs can be found on-line. Computer savvy users can even program their own patterns for more individuality.  A check over sewing machine buffs site can be made through the person to get the designed patterns for the person. The programs will meet with the need of the person to get the right and desired results. The projects should be simple and easy for the person for quitting at clothes. 

Computerized sewing machines can help the small business person compete in today’s clothing market. Garments that would have taken weeks to finish before the computerized sewing technology can now be done in a matter of hours. Unique patterns that would have been out of reach for the average user are now readily available and easily accomplished allowing the small shop owner more options to offer his/her customers. With the benefits of computerized sewing even the smallest shop can offer unique, high quality needlework at a competitive price and in record time.

While computerized sewing equipment can be more expensive than more traditional products on the market today, they make up for their cost in convenience and versatility. Anyone can find a machine that will suit their needs, from the novice to the professional. The Brother 700 series offers personalization to almost any article of clothing. Singer offers the Quantum Futura models that allows the home user access to the best technology for their money.

Anyone can create their own unique designs with today’s computerized sewing machines. Projects that would have been impossible to most people years ago are now readily available for even the beginner to produce.

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Gaming- Elo Boost for Understanding Purposes

There is no bigger thrill than entertainment and that has been proven time and time again no matter which age group you belong to, which is quite astonishing as older generation folks are seen as serious and mature about life while the younger ones are the exact opposite as everyone is at that age.

Even the people that are middle aged and well qualified to be senior citizens would agree to the fact that childhood is the best phase of life and such times can never come back again.

But why is it so? What makes childhood the best part? To put it simply, it is the time when there is no stress and tension about the future as that is for the parents to take care of while the kids would be in a make belief world where everything is alright and little worries except to eat, sleep, play and repeat.

Strong Connection

One of the best parts during childhood is when you play video games with your friends on the ps4 and Xbox 360 while slouching on the cushy sofa or couch and doing away with the joystick in hand.

However, there is nothing compared to the golden time period of the 80s and 90s when there wasn’t a PlayStation or Xbox to boast about but just a video cassette that you could connect with your television set and play as long as possible.

Today, we are in the era of PCs desktop and ps4 which has made gaming more interesting with newer varieties but some people are not satisfied with the gaming performance as they feel that the system becomes too slow.

It is so because sometimes the desktop or smartphone is unable to take up the load of the innumerable games that pop up in the options given the fact that there are millions of Android and Apple users in the world and each country has its own norms regarding gaming section.

Well, things can change if you install a game booster that would increase the speed of the gaming structure as it is a powerful software program through which the speed can be altered at will with a simple click where the PC enters into the ‘game mode’.

This gives you time to look up numerous resources and cheat codes while the level is going on and you can adjust the speed the way you want without harming or spoiling the adventurous spirit of the game.


Elo Boost is considered the best when it comes to gaming boosters where you just need to download it online after learning about its features and how the levels work depending on the game play in question.

Just make sure that you have a brand new hardware when installing a gaming booster as only then will it function in a proper manner by updating the device so that it can work in extreme conditions despite the fact that it leads to overheating when played in excess.

All it requires is to practice this technique without fail before starting to play the game in question.

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Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Air Conditioner

Most of us take our air conditioners for granted until they break down or stop working properly. However, performing some simple maintenance on your air conditioner can keep it functioning properly and help to extend its life. Just a few minutes worth of maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your air conditioner in tip-top shape and keeping you cool all summer long…without having to call the repairman. Here are some basic maintenance tips for your air conditioner that should get you started.

The first thing you need to do in regards to maintaining your air condition is to change the filter frequently. Most air conditioner filters should be changed every 3-6 months depending upon how dirty they get. It is better to err on the side of caution than to wait too long to change your filter. Replacing the filter too frequently doesn’t have any negative side effects, but if you don’t change it often enough it could lead to trouble. When the filters in air conditioners get clogged it can lead to ice build up, increased wear and tear on the unit since it has to run longer to keep you cool, and poor performance, all of which can decrease the usable lifespan of your air conditioner.

At the beginning of each season before you start running your air condition you should go outside and check the outside of the unit. Clear away any debris or leaves that have settled on it over the winter to ensure that air can flow properly into the unit. You’ll also want to check down in the condenser to ensure that it is not clogged with dead leaves or bug which both can severely restrict airflow. Try using a garden hose to wash away any dirt or debris from the outside of the unit.

Dirt or dust on the evaporator coil can cause symptoms similar to those caused by a dirty filter. If you have changed your air filter and are still not getting great performance out of your air conditioner check the evaporator coil to make sure it is clean. The evaporator coil is located inside the air conditioner and can be accessed from the indoor part of the air conditioner. Wipe away any dirt or debris on the evaporator coil and you should be rewarded with better performance.

Just doing these few simple maintenance tasks can help you to extend the life of your air conditioner and keep it functioning more efficiently so it keeps you cool during the hot summer months. If you have tried all of these suggestions and your air conditioner still is not functioning properly you may want to call a repairman to come and look at it for a “tune up.” It is often cheaper to take preventative steps than to have to pay to have the whole unit repaired at a later date.

Keep in mind that maintaining your air conditioner is of utmost importance especially during summers as this would help it last for a longer period of time without having to depend on a reputed brand like blaux portable ac where the prices are sky high in current times.

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How to Lower Your Monthly Air Conditioning Bill

If you live in a part of the country where the summers are oppressively hot, an air conditioner isn’t just a luxury, it is a necessity. Still, with the cost of electricity going up on an annual basis, you want to try and spend as little as possible without sacrificing much, or preferably none, of your comfort. This article will discuss how to lower your monthly air conditioning bill by employing simple strategies that require minimal effort. These strategies will not only keep you cooler for less, but will help extend the life of your air conditioning unit.

1 – Be a basement dweller

Hot air is less dense than cooler air, which causes it to rise. The lower in the house you are the cooler the air will be, and that area will require less air conditioning to reach a comfortable temperature. In the summer, try to spend as much time as possible in the basement. Move your TV down there, and if you have a spare bedroom then sleep down there too. By being a little flexible in where you spend the bulk of your time you can save a great deal of money on your air conditioning costs.

Now flexibility goes for a toss as peak summers are quite unbearable to manage with hot air and humidity playing spoilsport during the season so most people end up going for blaux portable ac reviews and get the best brand of ACs possible for respite.

2 – Check the SEER

Before you decide to buy find out what the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of the air conditioning unit is. The higher the number the better if you want to lower your monthly air conditioning bill. Lower numbers indicate it will cost more money to run the unit. Legislation passed within the past couple of years mandates that all central air conditioners have a SEER of at least 13. Window air conditioners are exempt from this law, however, so you should still do your research if buying a window unit. If you have an older unit with a low SEER you might want to consider upgrading. As long as it isn’t too costly, the upfront expense should ultimately save you money on your air conditioning bill in the long run.

3 – Clean your air conditioning unit

Want to lower your monthly air conditioning bill? Then you are going to have to get your hands dirty (or pay a professional to get theirs dirty). From the condenser coil in the outside unit to the furnace filter, these systems can get clogged with all sorts of dirt and debris. By keeping them clean you’ll ensure your air conditioning unit is running at peak efficiency, and this will save you a lot of money over the course of a long, hot summer.

4 – Get a programmable thermostat installed

If you want to maintain maximum comfort without the need for constant adjustments, then having a professional install a programmable thermostat is another way how to lower your monthly air conditioning bills. You can program it to stay off while you are at work for the day, then come on shortly before you get home, ensuring the house is at a comfortable temperature upon your arrival.

These are just some of the ways you can lower your monthly air conditioning bill, but they will impact your finances significantly if you can adhere to them, without forcing you to “sweat it out” during those days you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.

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Finally! A Weight Loss Program that Makes Sense

During my recent quest to get into shape and lose the bump in my shirt I decided that I would examine the best diets online before starting a weight loss program. So I went to Google and typed: “Best Diets”. It shot back over 42 million references! I then Googled “Weight Loss” and was sent over 62 million references! OK, what if I typed “Healthiest People”? That’s better; it only returned 1.2 million possible pages.

Rather than believe those late night diet pill infomercials who hire 22-year old models who never had a ounce of fat on them, I decided to look for the oldest and healthiest people on the planet and see what their diet consisted of.

The first site I visited compared 25 countries and their average life expectancies. For males the highest was Japan with 76.4 years and the lowest was the U.S. with 72.5. For women Japan came in first again with 82.9 years and 78.9 for the U.S. There was only a 4-year difference between the highest and the lowest out of 25 countries! If you are twenty years old four years might seem like a longtime, but I am sorry I would rather die at 72.5 then spend my life eating rice and raw fish! Next!

My next hit for healthiest people pulled up the Okinawans. Yup, Fish and plant foods as their main diet as well. Next!

My next greatest diet search turned up 7 foods the healthiest people eat. I shouldn’t even waste my time writing about them, but I know you are just dying to know so here they are: Pumpkin seeds, Sea Vegetables, Spirulina. Do you know what Spirulina is? It’s ALGAE! Green slime like that stuff in your birdbath! Raw Honey, Maca, Goji Berries and Cacao. I don’t eat bird food, algae, seaweed or anything else I can’t pronounce. Next!

The next 5 pages produced even different results. The Plains Indians, the people of Abkhaisa, Vilcabamba, or Hunza. All claiming to have the healthiest and longest living people with the world’s best diet. Sorry Google, good try though. Next!

Now what? I mean if Google can’t direct me to the healthiest people with the best diet and every weight loss program on TV say there’s is the best, what should one do?

Moreover, if you really want to lose weight achieve your desired body figure, you may want to consider taking weight loss supplement like leptoconnect. This product is made from all natural ingredients so it is healthy and safe to consume.

Then it struck me. I know several people who are over the age of 80, a few in their mid-nineties and one who is 99 years old. Why don’t I pay a visit to each one of them to see what they eat and how they live? After all, every one of the folks in the weight loss commercials look like they are under 30 years old. You want me to take the advice on how to live longer and healthier from someone who hasn’t lived very long? I don’t think so. By examining the diets and lifestyles of older, healthy people I felt I might find something they all ate that was common to one another. I did and boy was I shocked at the results.

None of them ate Algae, Pumpkin Seeds, Tofu or Goji Berries! They didn’t use Splenda, Sweet and Low or any other artificial sweetener. They didn’t have a membership at the Gym, and never bought a NordicTrack or Thigh Master. They did however eat fried food! I mean Fried Fish, Shrimp and Fried Chicken! They ate Barbecue (Southern Style) Creamed Potatoes with real butter and they ate cake; any kind of cake. They even ate real homemade Ice-Cream, made with real Milk, real sugar and real chocolate and drank sweet tea made with tons of sugar!

None of these folks counted calories, fat grams or carbohydrates. Now, that is the kind of diet I want to be on. The Eat anything I want to eat diet! But it doesn’t make sense and it goes against every diet I have ever read about or every weight loss commercial I have ever seen. There had to be something I was missing, something beside the type of foods that were in their diet, but what was it?

Then it dawned on me. Every one of these silver haired saints had two things in common with one another; the first was that even though they ate whatever they liked, they ate small potions, about 1/3 of what most people eat. The second common trait was that they were all active; they didn’t just lie around the house or sit back in their easy chair glued to the TV. They worked in the garden, went fishing, visited people in nursing homes and volunteered at nonprofit organizations helping others. In other words, they stayed active.

So Bobs new diet is not a diet at all, I eat what I want when I want. Just not as much. I order a sub and cut it in half, my wife and I try to order one meal and split it. In one week I lost over 8lbs eating everything I like! Plus cut my food bill in half! For those who say, there is no way I could survive on half a sandwich I ask you to try. It seems as though it takes about 15 minutes after you eat for the signal to move from your stomach to your brain that tells you that you’ve had enough. It does work! So for all you out there who don’t cherish the idea of dining on rabbit and bird food there is an alternative.

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Refinancing Home Mortgage

One of the very most effective times you possibly can conserve money is once you personal your personal home. Most individuals think of these times as once they have no money. Inside the end, houses are pricey. But there’s a way which you just can dramatically decrease your monthly payments if the situations are suitable. That is named refinancing home mortgage.

Having a refinancing home mortgage can seem to be like a challenging thing to accomplish, however it does not require to be. The truth is, several men and women would see huge strengths from refinancing their home loan. While every single homeowners issue and goal is distinct, you’ll be able to find still some points that anyone can perform to create the refinancing home mortgage method easier to discover the way, and a lot extra financially advantageous.

It is generally a very great thought to refinance your home loan if you will see a excellent sufficient savings sourced from it. So for you to could make it happen, you have to contain a improved interest rate qualification that what you will be paying on your old mortgage loan. Apparently, refinancing a home mortgage means for you personally to are receiving a new mortgage paying out for your old one on the same house. Even though it can be possible to achieve this for numerous reasons, the greatest factor should be to conserve money through much better interest. In case you ever commenced with a extremely high interest rate, since you may have had bad credit during the time, you might be able to refinance the loan along with a greater interest rate. If there’s an impact among the rates, this may help you conserve you a great deal of money each and each month.

Refinancing home mortgages definitely only works out typically when the interest rates are low, and as the advice is always to assist you save you lots of money which you could be otherwise utilized to shell out away from your monthly continuing bills in your current loan. Additionally, by refinancing home mortgages you will probably be capable to acquire far greater credit due to the fact you might be capable to make your payments quicker and without default. According to Mortgage advisor jobs in Hertfordshire, refinancing home mortgages is only applicable when there are low interest rates in the market. Hence, it is still better to save lots of money.

Refinancing home mortgage isn’t for everyone, though. Some individuals just won’t preserve sufficient money to warrant jumping by means of these hoops. However, it may be rather challenging determine inside your personal regardless of regardless of whether or otherwise refinancing is correct for you personally personally. Luckily, you are able to come across websites on the internet that offer free refinancing calculators. They take in several facts about both your primary loan and the prospective refinancing loan and run some calculations. They will then tell you if refinancing is regularly a very very good idea and if it can be going to invest less you sufficient money. Must you locate that it won’t, then it will probably be smart to avoid this venture.

As an example, in case you desire to spend off your home quick, it is possible to do so by refinancing. Most folks sign up to have their loan last for thirty years. That is since supply you with lower monthly obligations. Later in life, you may discover that you just make a very good deal extra money. This is a incredibly very good time to refinance due to the fact you’ll be in a position to then pick a shorter repayment term. You’ll be in a position to usually go for among 10, 15, and 20 years or additional.

Another advantageous point about refinancing your home mortgage is the amount of money you can preserve by not paying for private mortgage loan insurance, also named as PMI. Banks will require that you spend this in case you don’t fork out not less than 20% of your mortgage loan as a down payment. Later, in the event you’ve equity that’s at least 20%, it is possible to refinance and get rid of those annoying and costly private mortgage insurance payments. This may well end up saving you an excellent deal of money.

If you ever are not particular regardless of whether or otherwise refinancing will likely be the quite greatest suggestion for you, then you must talk to someone who is knowledgeable in this area, for example a financial advisor, and you might be able to usually find one at your existing financial institution. Patience and studying are your greatest tools to spend less lots of money when refinancing your home mortgage.

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Graphic Design: 4 Best Ways to Make Money Online

Graphic design is a true art form that has gained credibility and popularity over the past decade thanks to technology and internet based businesses that allow enthusiasts to buy and sell art. I have made a small amount of income through carefully selecting several ways to promote my artwork and myself as a creative and artistic person.

Artists don’t have to be ‘starving artists’, although many still consider themselves in this category. A starving artist is simply bad at business. Anyone can make a living from their craft if they promote and market themselves effectively. Here are 4 ways to make money online from graphic designs.


The internet is filled with online storefronts from eBay to Zazzle, which allow you to sell your artwork and designs. Zazzle allows you to choose from a long list of products to put your designs and creations on, and then sell to others. The margins are very small, but if you create unique designs that can be used for many different types of products, you may be able to earn a solid income through using their free storefront.

If you aren’t satisfied with eBay and their ilk, there is another option to look forward to like Evergreen Wealth Formula, where you can learn to earn money through easy tips and tricks but make sure to go for free download Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 as that is the most foolproof way of doing so without venturing online unnecessarily. is the coolest new innovation in art products. They use Displates, which are metal sheets that designs are printed on and then shipped to buyers. The Displates also come with a unique and easy to use system using a magnet. This allows the buyer to easily move the art throughout their home or business without having to use a hammer and nails. Almost all of the designs are priced under $100, making them affordable for any art connoisseur.

There are several ways that rewards and pays artists. You can earn 30% per sale of your design, an upfront payment to release your design, and even payments for promoting other artwork sold on the site.

For more information, visit the artists page on

Personal Website

Promote yourself and your artwork through a personal website. You can use a WordPress template and use Paypal or a free shopping cart to sell your own artwork. Although it may take you a long time to build up a following and start seeing sales on your website, just having that location online will help promote you and your work.

Make sure to create a gallery to display all of your work, even work that you would never consider selling to show your talent. You can also use social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to promote your designs and to get traffic to your website.

Remember, as an artist, you are a business. You should always be promoting yourself and your work.


Micro-Entrepreneurship sites have been popping up everywhere and are giving freelancers, artists, and creative people a marketplace to sell their unique skills and talents.

Fiverr is one of the most popular options available where people sell their services starting at $5. Try offering logo design, T-shirt designs, or something specific that you specialize in. This is a great way to build interest for your work and to make money in the process. As you hone your craft and learn how to provide exceptional work for others, you may be able to provide freelance work and consulting in the future as a full time job.

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