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Avoid These Major Mistakes That Hamper The Rifle Accuracy

There are many veteran hunters who often complain about shooting accuracy. They struggle a lot in achieving the highest accuracy while hunting and tend to blame the rifle. But, in reality, the error is not with the rifle, but with the execution and setup. Being a veteran hunter you must learn the errors and pitfalls to shoot with highest accuracy without excuses. Once you learn the most ignored mistakes, you can easily achieve better results in targeting and accuracy. Here are few helpful tips that would help you achieve better accuracy while shooting.

Inappropriate Scope Mounting

Mounting the scope on your rifle aptly is extremely important and most of the hunters usually make the mistake to mounting iota inappropriately, as a result they experience inaccuracy while shooting. If you are not aware about the process of mounting the scope, seek help of the online instructions and video tutorials.

You must start with quality bases and rings and then level the gun and scope prior to securing the scope. Secure the screws tightly using torque wrench.

Wobbly Rest

The stable rest that is unstable can hamper your accuracy while shooting. Stable rest enables the hunters to test the rifle, but not their ability to hold the rifle securely. If you shoot while being prone, then it is best to use stable bipod or you can heave heavy bench as rest for better accuracy.

Incompatible Shoulder Pressure

The shoulder pressure varies depending upon the body and gun type. The hunters would experience different amount of shoulder pressure that work best for their body and gun. So, there is no a precise amount of pressure that needs to be maintained. However, heavy pressure is challenging to achieve every time you shoot. But if you manage to maintain the same pressure in every shot you will see success in accuracy.

Lacking in Follow-Through and Focus

Lacking in follow-through is the major mistake that most of the shooters commit. The shot must not terminate until after impact so it is necessary to visualize the bullet impacting the subject. Hunters need to mentally and physically connect to the trigger until it breaks down and ensure to keep the head engaged to stock throughout the shot.

If it doesn’t work for you in first attempt, keep role playing until you sharpen your focus. You have to learn to pick the impact points, but not the impact area.

Inconsistency in Pulling Trigger

The best trigger pull is more than just a trigger press. If you think that simply by pulling trigger you can achieve accuracy, then you are wrong. Ensure that you are pressing the trigger moving in straight to rear without interfering the sight picture and these demands for lots of practices. You need to practice a lot to find the exact momentum when you need to fire and break the trigger.

So, these were some of the helpful tips for achieving the highest accuracy while shooting. You may seek further help from experts from the website Visit the website to learn more about the accuracy and rifle shooting.

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Stove Fan- Housewives’ Best Friend

No matter what task we have at hand, we can’t complete it with success without putting in hard work which is an important factor to keep you going with your daily routine both in personal and professional life.

It is generally perceived that men have to go out for work during the day for earning a living while the women lead a normal domestic lifestyle in the house while the kitchen is their miniature home for taking care of cooking.

They are also perfect with the household chores due to which the entire house looks neat and clean but right now the times are changing as there has been a gradual switch of roles of late with men doing the chores and women leaving the confinements of home to go out for work.

Basic Study

It goes without saying that both men and women are proficient in taking up each others’ tasks and can do it with ease without any problems or complaints but still women are considered the backbone of the society.

There are women that still prefer working in the house as they very much prefer the domestic lifestyle in the kitchen because they enjoy doing the chores inside for which the credit goes to the stove fan.

While people are familiar with the gas stove, very few can tell what a stove fan is as the term isn’t used as widely as it should be so by definition, a stove fan is a miniature fan that keeps the temperature in the kitchen at a minimum or optimum level.

It has been seen that women spent more than half their day in the kitchen than any other part of the house spending their time cutting veggies, cooking food, adjusting other electronic appliances and so many more.

The fumes from the hot, fiery food raises the temperature in the kitchen to an all time high due to which they start blistering and coughing most of the time that is going to have an adverse impact on their health in the long term.

In such a grave scenario, the stove fan is a welcome oasis that provides them the much required relief that would allow them to complete all their work and keep their health safe and sound as well.


For a detailed study of stove fans, you can visit the website where you can find all the important points pertaining to it that would clear doubts in your mind about what the stove fan is exactly meant for.

Now stove fans are different from ceiling fans as they don’t provide the blast of cool air but the aura of airflow is so smooth that it feels like a gentle breeze of nature when out in the woods that reduces the temperature in the kitchen and provides an inexplicable comfort to the body.

Stove fans don’t require electricity but just a stove on which you can place the device and it can generate its own electricity due to the strong capacity it possesses while warm and pleasant air starts emanating within a couple of minutes.

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How to Makeover Your Home on a Tightwad’s Budget

Even when finances are tight, it’s possible to give your home an exciting new look on a minimal budget. All it takes it a bit of resourceful thinking, some elbow grease, and these ten easy and low cost ways to freshen up a boring house and turn it into something special.

Freshen up a dingy room with paint

Paint is one of the cheapest ways possible to change a ho-hum room into something with a bit more pizzaz. Can’t afford $30 a gallon custom paint? This isn’t a problem when you shop the “mismatch” bin at your favorite hardware store. Mismatched paint is paint that was tinted incorrectly and rejected by the customer. Instead of tossing out the paint, the stores will sell them to the public “as is” for a steep discount. Home Depot, Ace Hardware stores, and all paint stores have a bin of mismatched paint which is usually priced at about $5 for a gallon sized can.

Move around the furniture

There’s something about moving around furniture that can chance the appearance of a room. Properly placed furniture can open up restricted traffic flows, reduce that cluttered look, and can hide traffic patterns in your carpet. To help you visualize a new furniture arrangement, this virtual design tool from can help. With the furniture, there should be installing of blaux portable ac at home. The beauty and environment will become beautiful to get effective results. The charges of the air conditioner should be less to get effective results. The look of the drawing room should be great. 

Scour the wallpaper clearance bins

Wall papers and borders have many uses beyond covering up an unsightly wall. The right pattern of wall paper can create a focal point in a room, or fool the eye into thinking a room is lighter, larger, or higher. The cheapest place to find wallpaper is in the discount bins of your favorite home improvement store, wallpaper store, or paint store. Clearance wallpapers can often be found for less than $1 per double roll, and are another low cost way of changing the look of a room.

Shop Freecycle

Freecycle is the ultimate freebie giveaway site with people offering up such treasures as building materials, old light fixtures, furnishings, shelves, and more to who ever has a need for them. With a little bit of patience, you will be able to snap up all sorts of free materials for your room makeover. You can sign up for Freecycle here.

Buy some cheap area rugs

If your carpet is shot and the budget doesn’t allow for some new wall to wall carpeting at the moment, area rugs are a low cost way of sprucing up the look of a room while hiding ugly stains and holes. Thrift stores and the discount bins of home improvement stores are a great place to find low cost rugs for $20 and less.

Spray it metallic

Metallic spray paint has the amazing ability of transforming something that is dull and boring into a chic room accent. If you are tired of your old lamps and shades, vases, bric a brac, picture frames, and even waste baskets, $6 of metallic gold, bronze, or silver spray paint is a low cost way of refurbishing the old stuff you already own.

Trim away overgrowth

Overhanging tree limbs and overgrown shrubs that have been planted too close to the house will make the interior rooms of the home smaller and darker. To brighten up your home, fire up the chainsaw and cut away at anything that’s planted within six feet of your house. From the outside, you’ll discover that the house will look larger and neater as well.

Add some accent pillows

It’s amazing how even just a couple of accent pillows can change the entire look of a bed, sofa, or chair. If you don’t know how to sew your own, low priced pillows can usually be found at furniture consignment shops, rummage sales, and yard sales.

Switch out ceiling lamp shades

Ceiling shades do more than hide a light bulb. Shades diffuse the light and bounce it across the ceiling, and a well designed shade will create a dramatic effect in a dark room. If your home was outfitted with Basic White Budget fixtures, hit the thrift stores to score vintage  amp; retro ceiling shades for $3 or less.

Shop Family First

We all have older relatives with piles of odds and ends gathering dust in their cellars, attics, and garages; junk that they’d rather see getting put to good use. Instead of buying new, why not Shop Family First by asking your family for their cast offs and unused surplus building materials? For the ultimate tightwad, tap into your family network for free building materials, paint, and unwanted furnishings for a no cost makeover project.

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Free Weightloss Programs Online for the New Year

Every New Year’s one resolution is made by more people than any other, to lose weight. I had the same goal myself last January when I bought a gym membership at my local fitness center for the annual fee of $250.00. One visit and $250.00 later my goal of losing weight became a distant memory. Once again I find myself with the same New Year’s resolution, but much less cash. This year I decided I would turn to the internet for some free intervention on my battle with the bulge. After many long hours of searching the internet, I found several sites that offer a diet plan or links to tools you can use to make your own diet plan. I know many of you will also attempt to tighten your belts and shed the excess this year. Therefore, I am sharing these internet sites with you in hopes we all may reach our goal this year without having to reach too far into our pockets. For weight loss, consumption of resurge products can be taken through the person. At online search engines, there will be proper information about the products. The charges can be compared to purchase the products. The attainment of the goals can be there for the consumers. 

The first site I would like to share with you is You have to register for this site but a basic membership is completely free. This site has many tools to help you shed the pounds. There are tools for daily weight tracking, a tool to plan weight loss goals, an automated goal planning tool, a diet profile, an advanced meal planner and tracker, a daily food journal, and a weight-tracking chart. There is also a calculator for you to figure your body mass index (BMI). also has an online community for support as you lose weight. You also get your own blog.

Another site that contains a bunch of free diet plans and planning tools is This site has a diet plan for every occasion, including a free 30-day diet plan. There are also guides that will give you a better understanding of the nutritional value of most foods such as “Healthy Foods for Weight Loss”and “Fast Food and Restaurant Calories” also offers a dieting journal that you can print off or save to your computer and weight charts to help you find your goal weight. The list of tools and diet plans on this site seem to never end. There is sure to be a diet for everyone at

At you can find Shape Magazine’s free Shape Your Body Plan. You will be asked to give your gender, height, and weight so that the interactive Shape Plan can tailor to your needs individually. You get hundreds of workouts and exercises on video, calorie counters, a Body Mass Index (BMI) tool and low fat recipes you can use to make a healthy weekly menu. The site also has progress charts to help you track your weight loss on the Shape diet plan. The shape plain does lack some of the features of the previous sites listed such as already made diet menu plans and blogs.

The site provides already made menu plans along with tools for creating your own menu plan and fitness plan. The site is a bit plain and old fashioned in appearance, but the tools available are great for anyone who wishes to follow the plans already listed or create their own. Tools listed include a metabolism boosting diet planner, a weight chart, and copies of the food pyramid. Another site that also has many tools and plans for managing weight loss is Weight Loss Buddy encourages dieters to reach out to each other and motivate each other through their online community. One of the main characteristics of the Weight Loss Buddy program is to remain motivated to continue losing weight or to maintain your weight through buddy systems. Buddies interact with each other through message boards and blogs. This site also has weight tracking tools, menu planning tools, a diet journal, a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, and many other tools.

The best online diet plan is without a doubt is Spark People, located at Spark People is very similar to e-Diets, but free. You simply enter some information about your self and you become a registered member with a profile on their online community. Your weight, height, and gender are entered into a Body Mass Index calculator and your BMI and amount of weight to be lost are calculated. You are given access to exercise videos, a premade meal plan, a fitness plan, and a diet journal. There are also many recipes so that you may rebuild the diet menu where it does not suit you. The backbone of the Spark People Diet Program is the online community it fosters through blogs, message boards, and special interest groups called teams. Spark People users support and encourage each other. Teams will often set goals together such as for each member to walk at least 3 miles a week.

There are a lot of free premade diet programs and tools that allow you to create a diet program on the internet. I found the six sites listed above to have the best free tools and programs on the internet. All of these sites contain the tools and diet programs themselves so you do not have to click through links. I found Spark People to be the best free online diet program out of all the sites I viewed. The site has everything you could need in a diet program and every aspect is created to work with one another. So, go ahead, check out all these sites for yourself, and decide which is right for you. All that you need to bring is a little will power and you will be able to mark one resolution, weight loss, off your New Year’s goals for good!

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What My Doctor Didn’t Tell Me About the Effects of Low Blood Pressure

The effects of low blood pressure can be very scary at times. The effects were so different than the doctor told me. Here is my story.

I experienced the effects of low blood pressure after I was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease. I was told my blood pressure was very low and I would have to take florinef acetate, 0.5mg, per day. I did this faithfully every day for 9 ¬Ω years. I wasn’t told any of the effects I could experience from low blood pressure. There were times that my blood pressure was as low as 60/30.

During the time I was having the effects of low blood pressure, I had to be careful about going up and down stairs. If I went either way too fast, I would nearly pass out. One day at work I hurried upstairs, dropped off my paper and back down the stairs. I remember looking down at the offices, everything turned gray, feeling faint and a big pole ahead of me. I was out briefly and when I realized where I was and what happened, I was hugging the pole and the guys from the offices were there with me along with the guys on the floor….about 7 in all. I went back to my job and finished the day.

In the future I remembered that day and went slowly, although the first few days someone would run and grab any paperwork from me and take it upstairs. They weren’t taking any chances of having to pick me up but more so, falling into a customer.

Another effect of low blood pressure was migraine headaches. The doctor told me that he believed the cause of the migraines was that of my blood pressure dropping, causing the headaches.

When my blood pressure would be low, I would get so sleepy and fall asleep when I would sit down with family or visitors. By eating salty foods it would help to keep the blood pressure up. So I was told, they couldn’t increase the florinef acetate because it could easily increase my blood pressure too much, the danger of a stroke and/or heart attack.

Another effect of low blood pressure for me was that of shaking and getting to the point of tears. Here come the potato chips, adding just a little more salt. I carried the individual bags of potato chips with me. After about two-thirds of a bag I would start feeling better but, sometimes it took two bags.

None of the various things that happened was told to me in advance, but each was confirmed after the fact. I was totally unprepared and certainly not aware any of these things would happen. It was always a scare when something would happen as I would think, “What now?” until I found that what was happening was all part of the effects of low blood pressure.

This happened years ago, and today I would be willing to bet that today’s doctors would disagree, as they so often do, with any diagnosis that happened 20 years ago.

Hence, it is really important to choose the right doctor for you as well, there are several factors that you need to consider when finding the right doctor to attend your needs when it comes to your health. Make sure that your doctor has years of experience already, had trainings and certifications like o1 visa Oral Surgeon.

As strange as it may be, I now see a doctor for high blood pressure, with a totally different disease.

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The MaD BLoNdZ Top Ten In-Flight Peeves

I spend an inordinate amount of time on very long flights. Most of these flights are uneventful, which means everything went pretty quietly. Once in awhile, however, I get seated next to a clueless moron. Such was the case on my recent flight from Melbourne, Australia to Hong Kong. Quite a few of these Top Ten Airline Peeves occurred on that lone flight….

Before getting into this discussion of flights, let’s make it clear that this isn’t about your regular charter flight dubai to Mumbai trip but something that would tell you about the peeves on flight and how to deal with them.

1) Don’t talk to me. Oh an occasional comment is fine and dandy. I am not a total bitch… but do not tell me your life story. I don’t care. This kid of about 19 would not shut up no matter what I did. He has no clue how close to being thrown off the plane mid-air he came. We are talking over 9 hours of non-stop hyperactive babbling. Do not do this. It is dangerous to your health.

2) If you simply cannot keep your damn mouth shut, at least stop long enough to listen to the damned in-flight announcements… and let me listen to them.

3) Do not ask for a stranger’s email address. Look. That’s just rude. It puts the person (moi) in an awkward situation. If you feel the need to hand over your email, fine. But do not ask for mine… and no, I really do not want to watch your latest brilliant mini-movie on the Internet so don’t send me a link.

4) I am sure the movie you are watching is quite hilarious, but please keep the loud incessant braying to yourself as much as possible. Especially on over-night flights… folks are trying to sleep! Grrr Argh

5) You have your seat. I have my seat. The space in front of our seats is for our stuff and our feet. The space in front of my seat is not for your feet. Get it?

6) You are not special. If there is an announcement of a delay, then it is a delay for all of us. The entire plane. Getting up and storming up to the attendants to demand you get special treatment upon landing will get you hurt. Badly.

7) You are still not special. Do not ask to be moved next to an empty seat so you can sprawl your crap there. You see, that empty seat is next to ME. I was there first, damn it. Telling me it is now your special extra space because you asked to move there will get you hurt. Ask the guy on the Hong Kong to London flight. He learned. heh.

8) If there is a long line to the toilets, do not wash and style your hair. People have to piss, damn it. Get over yourself. We all had a long flight. Do your prissy shit after you land, or at least have the courtesy to wait until there is no line for the flight privy.

9) Airplanes are not the place to solicit donations to your pet cause. Actually, no place is good for that. I am sure it is a great cause, but it is not my cause. I give a lot. A whole helluva a lot. All year long I give. I give where I damn well please and to my own pet causes. Your freakin attempted guilt trip doesn’t work with me, it just pisses me off to the point that even if I were inclined to give to your cause, I sure won’t now!

10) Your little annoyed tongue ticking and stupid noises are WAY more annoying to the rest of us than that kid’s temporary snivelling when his ears pop. Don’t make me hurt you.

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25 Simple Weight Loss Tips

  1. Keep a food diary. Research has shown that people who write down everything they eat will consume less food. A diary makes dieters accountable for portion sizes and mindless snacking.

 2. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keeping your body out of starvation mode will decrease the chance you will binge when faced with temptation.

  1. Make a list before you head out to the grocery store and stick to it. Period.
  1. This is old advice but good advice, nevertheless – don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry!
  2. Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store. Fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and fresh meats are generally featured on the outside walls of the store.

  1. When eating out, formulate a plan before you go to the restaurant and don’t waiver. You can find the menus of many restaurants on-line which will allow you to make sensible choices at home before experiencing the tantilizing sights and smells of the restaurant.
  1. Restaurant portions are huge so ask for a doggie bag or box with your meal. This will allow you to turn one gigantic, diet-busting meal into two sensible meals.
  1. Box up half of your restaurant food as soon as you are served so you’re not tempted to overeat.
  1. If your dining companions are so inclined, you could split an entree with one of them.
  1. Another option for restaurant eating is to order an appetizer and a salad rather than an entree.
  1. If you binge, don’t despair. The scale may go up but getting back on track at your next meal will guarantee the gain is not permanent. Drink lots of water to flush out any water weight you’re carrying due to excess salt consumption.
  1. Use a salad sized plate rather than a large dinner plate. A smaller plate makes it easier to control your portions.
  1. Fill half of your plate with vegetables and the remaining half with meat and a carbohydrate such as bread, potatoes or rice.
  1. Drink a large glass of water before each meal to help give you that “full” feeling sooner.
  1. Eat your meals sitting down and chew slowly. Put your fork down between bites. You should also take lose weight supplements to support your system and routine. If you see some leptoconnect reviews, you’ll find that some lose weight supplements are very effective in achieving your desired weight for yourself.
  1. Keep a portable and healthy snack with you at all times to help you resist temptations. Some suggested snacks are pretzels, a quarter-cup serving of nuts, a banana, an orange that has been peeled, sectioned and placed in a zip-lock bag or a piece of string cheese.
  1. Get eight hours of sleep each night. Recent studies have shown that people who become sleep deprived tend to gain weight.
  1. Limit your tv viewing time to one hour per day. You burn about the same number of calories watching tv as you do when you’re sleeping. Get up and do something!
  1. Whatever you’re currently doing, do more. Park your car as far from the store as possible and walk those extra steps as you run errands. Make two trips up and down your basement steps rather than trying to carry everything at once. Vacuum your carpets and shake your rugs more often. Pick up sticks in your yard. Weed your flower beds frequently.
  1. Take up a new hobby such as knitting which keeps your hands busy. It’s impossible to eat while you knit one, pearl two.

  1. Allow yourself a little bit of your favorite food from time to time so you don’t feel deprived. Deprivation leads to binging.
  1. Start reading labels carefully. You may find that the small package of chips you eat with a sandwich actually contains two servings, doubling the amount of calories you thought you were eating. Look to see how many calories come from fat. Check all the nutrition information to help you make healthier choices.
  1. When you’re tempted to snack, see if having a glass of water helps curb the urge. We often confuse thirst with hunger.
  1. Stop eating when you’re full. It sounds so simple but we usually stop eating when the food is gone rather than when our hunger is satisfied.
  1. Dieting is a marathon, not a sprint, so set realistic goals. A five-pound weight loss in the first week of your diet is surely to be followed by a gain in the second week. Plan to lose one to two pounds per week for lasting results.
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Tips for Online Money Making

Since you are viewing this article, I’m assuming you are unsure of how to make money online. Don’t worry, a lot of people don’t. There is no get rich quick method that works; making money online is a tough process at first. It can take several months to start to see money come in, but once it does, it can be a nice addition, if not a complete secondary income. Many people quit their “real” jobs to work online. They have to work hard to get there and to stay there, so if you’re ready to work, here’s some steps to assist the journey.

Have an Idea

Yes, this may seem obvious, but you need a solid idea before you can start. Do not expect to just get a quick idea, and work around it, you need to think it through fully. There are all sorts of ideas out there; it is up to you to decide what is best for you. Do you want to start your own website? Do you want to blog for money? Do you want to refer people to other websites? If you would like to start your own, your best bet is to start a niche site.

Niche sites are sites that have a narrow focus. They put all their effort on a group of people. Once your website starts to grow, you can decide if you would like to branch out a bit, or stay with the niche, it depends on the audience you are getting. Niches also include blogs. Most people enjoy niche blogs because it is what they are interested in; they want to know more. If you look at most successful bloggers, they blog about a specific thing instead of a wide spectrum.

Create a Plan

This can go along with step one in a way, but it is an important piece of information, so I made it its own step. You need a plan. Here’s a little checklist, feel free to add on and take away if it doesn’t apply to you.

  • How will you draw in your audience?
  • How will you maintain your audience?
  • How will you profit from this idea?
  • What will you offer that other sites similar do not?
  • How much do you know about this topic?
  • Will you make your own website, or use someone else’s? (Mainly for bloggers)
  • How much money do you have to start with?
  • How will you get a website design?

You need a means of getting your audience to your site and keeping them there. You will need to show them your site is the best; you need to offer something the other people do not. You need to decide if you will charge customers for a service, or if you will only profit from ads displayed on your site. If you do not know what you are talking about, it will show. You should have a passion for what you are doing. Passion will show through to the audience and they will feel more comfortable listening to you. If you start your own website, you are going to need to purchase a domain name, and web space from a hosting service. Do a little research and see which hosting site offers the most for the money, and if there are any deals around.

Put Your Plan Into Action

If you are making your own website, buy the domain and web space. After that, you will need an attractive design. Take plenty of time in designing this, as an eyesore will drive customers away. It cannot be too large either, as you only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention. If you have the money, hire an expert to design one for you.

Once you get the website complete, start adding your content. Make the pages clearly visible, make sure to have a site map, and a way to contact you. If you know SEO procedures, that will help a lot. Once you get some users, possibly start a newsletter, keep them in the loop. People feel more comfortable in a group.


This is not an instant moneymaker; it takes time to make money. It takes effort to make money. Most people that try to start online business fail within the first couple of months because they don’t see money. If you stick with it, you can make some good money as well. It may not let you quit your fulltime job, but it could get you a nice vacation here and there.

There are plenty of moneymaking websites out there, but all they can do is give you a few ideas to inspire you. You are the one that needs to take the initiative to start, and follow it through to the end. Do your research on your niche. Make sure you’re not going into something no one cares about, and make sure there isn’t huge competition in that niche, as those both will give you a very difficult time.

While there is no dearth to websites, one needs to be clever to tell apart the fake sites from the genuine ones so that you don’t get duped by the lure and splendor of the fake ones that would act like a ponzi scheme with get quick rich ideas and one such way to do it is to read about Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review to get a general idea.

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How To Make Your Web Site Look Professional

These days, websites have become a necessity for almost every organization. People turn to websites to find out everything from the history of an organization to the services it offers. In many cases, the website will be the FIRST representation of the organization an individual sees. And you know that old cliche — first impressions are everything! If the website is unprofessional or perceived to be unprofessional, that first impression is less likely to be a favorable one. After all, if the organization can’t even bother to put together a professional website, how can anyone be sure if the WORK they do is professional?

Creating a website is no easy matter, however. There are plenty of sites out there on the web that can teach you the basics of mark-up languages (HTML, CSS) as well as sites that can teach you how to draw amazing graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator (just Google “html tutorials” or “photoshop tutorials” and you’ll find them).

But knowing how to code HTML and how to create killer graphics only comprise part of the deal. You must also know how to make them play well together. It’s like making a soup — you can grow the veggies and butcher the meat, but if you can’t mix ’em in a pot and add the right spices — well, you’re on your way to a kitchen nightmare!

Now, I can’t teach you to become a star web chef overnight, but the following list will tell you four things NOT to do when gathering up your website-building ingredients. Warning — this list is blunt and honest, and it is not my intention to offend. I have been guilty of every single one of these myself, so I know what it is like! Without further ado, let’s start!

So, what makes a website look like it was designed by an amateur and not a professional?

  1. Amateur web designers overuse the Times New Roman font.

This is probably because most browsers default to Times New Roman and the inexperienced designer either doesn’t understand fonts or just doesn’t know any better. Serif fonts like Times New Roman have little “serifs” (or decorative “tips”) on the ends of their strokes. They are not recommended for the web (or for most other computer-based applications for that matter) because they are not as readable as sans-serif fonts. Sans-serif fonts — as you might have guessed — lack the serifs. Now, the opposite is true for print media. Serif fonts are hard to read in print, but on the screen where simpler is better, serifs simply get in the way.

If you want your site to look professional, limit the use of serif fonts. They are great for short blocks of text, such as headlines, logos or blockquotes. If you really want to use a serif font for your body copy, consider using Georgia instead of Times New Roman. Georgia is one of the few serif fonts that are highly readable on computer screens due to its wide x-height. Two examples of sites that use the Georgia font effectively (at the time of this writing) are The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

Bottom line: avoid Times New Roman. Use serif fonts sparingly, such as for logos and headlines. Stick to sans serif fonts such as Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Trebuchet MS or Tahoma for body text. If you must use a serif font throughout, use Georgia because it has a better readability than Times New Roman.

  1. Amateur web designers put text directly on top of background patterns.

Inexperienced web designers do not understand that their site will look unprofessional if they slap text directly on top of a background pattern. The result is an unreadable mess. (90% of MySpace layouts, anyone?) Background patterns are called background patterns for a reason — they must support the foreground elements (such as your main body text and graphics), not compete with them! The background and foreground are not created equal.

If you really want a background pattern, put your main body text in a containing div layer that has a solid color fill that compliments the background pattern. Only in specific design circumstances can you place text directly on top of a background patern. In these cases, the background pattern should be very subtle and muted.

Bottom line: put text on top of a solid color, not directly on top of background patterns. If you must put text on top of a background pattern, be sure that the pattern is subtle and does not compete with the main content. It’s called “background” for a reason!

  1. Amateur websites lack a color scheme.

The key to professionalism is a color scheme. Ideally, no more than 4 colors in addition to black and white should appear on a single page. The colors should go together naturally. I should be able to visit your site and point out the color scheme immediately. All colors used on your site–from text to graphics–should fit this scheme, and the scheme should carry through on all pages of your site. An alternative approach is color-coding each page of your site, but each page should have the same type of scheme. For example, if your “Company Info” page has a red color scheme and the “Products” page has a blue color scheme, the variants used in each scheme should match. 100% red, 50% red, 40% red on one page — 100% blue, 50% blue and 40% blue on another page. Color theory is a wide subject but you can get by with the basics. If it is not your area of expertise, now is the time to either purchase a color book (I recommend “The Color Index” by Jim Krause) or Google “color theory” to find free tutorials. There are even entire web communities devoted to creating and sharing color schemes — COLOURLovers and Adobe’s kuler to name a few.

Here’s a quick tip to get you started in the world of Color Theory — next time you open your graphics program, take a closer look at that color wheel. Learn that colors on the opposite ends of the wheel or spectrum are complimentary and work well together. Blue and orange, yellow and violet, black and white, and all the shades in between.

Bottom line: don’t just pick colors at random. Choose colors that belong together and stick with them.

  1. Amateur websites lack an overall design.

This is a big one. Quite often, amateur sites have no actual design. They are just an assortment of pages with a textured background, text flung on top of that background and no real color scheme or real cohesive design element that makes all the text, graphics and other items on the page look like they actually belong on the page.

I guess what I am ranting about here is the lack of FLAVOR in unprofessional sites. If a soup doesn’t have some overarching spice to give it a distinctive taste, then how do all of the veggies and meat inside it work together? This is one of the hardest hurdles to jump because it requires artistry, something that is not easily taught. The best way to get better is simply to practice. Take a look at different design galleries for inspiration. Six Revisions has a list of 18 great galleries to get you started. Sample the flavors and try something different with each design that you do. Eventually you’ll discover whicht design techniques you like and which ones you don’t like. Before you know it, you’ll develop your own personal web design style!

If you check some works of web developer in Mumbai, you’ll see that they don’t lack any design at all. Instead, their websites have great quality content and designs. This is why a lot of businesses boost their traffic and in return generate leads.

Bottom line: make an actual design for your site so it doesn’t look like some random hodgepodge of text and images. Look at web design galleries for inspiration and practice different design techniques as you work toward developing your personal style.

Well, that’s it for now!

It takes time to become a seasoned web designer, but if you avoid the four things listed above and actively work to improve your web artistry skills, before you know it you will be whipping up amazing sites that any organization will be proud to rock!

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Diet Drama For Youngsters

Have you ever been so obsessed with losing weight that you headed to the nearest drug store in search of the miracle pill? I have, and it wasn’t worth the price I paid, both monetarily and physically. Besides Atkins, South Beach, and other diet programs, I took three supplements that I was sure would work for me.

When I was a freshman in college, at the age of 18, I went to my local CVS in search of Hydroxycut. You know, the pill with the commercials that show a fat girl transformed into a girl with a bikini-worthy body. I started taking the pills as soon as I could, drinking a bottle of water with the first one. About a half hour later, I felt jittery and unable to focus. I followed the eating plan and exercise suggestions that came with the pills, but noticed no change in my health, other than the constant shaking of my hands. Two weeks after I started the regimen, I developed a raging urinary tract infection which required antibiotics. The nurse practitioner at the college health center told me that I had contracted the infection by not drinking 8-12 glasses of water per day when I was taking Hydroxycut. It causes kidney irritation if not properly flushed out of the body. Needless to say, I stopped taking it after that day. According to market research, Hydroxycut is the top-selling product in its market year after year. It is marketed as a “nutritional supplement.” In May of 2009, the FDA issued a warning to consumers after people taking the supplement developed various health problems related to the pills. It was recalled by MuscleTech, the manufacturer, and a new version is out on the market now.

Fast-forward a few years and one child later, I was still overweight. I had been reading in various magazines about a new weight-loss drug, this time FDA-approved. Alli, medical name: orlistat, is a pill designed to treat obesity. It came to me with a lengthy manual and information about how to adopt a low-fat lifestyle, as well as with a cute blue case for the pills. The Alli rule is this: if you cheat on the eating plan and eat fat, you will be sorry. I had heard rumors about this, but chose not to believe them. Silly me. I was browsing in a bookstore one afternoon, and I felt a little rumbling in my intestines. I passed some gas, and felt a little something in my underwear. I ran to the bathroom, and was upset when I found an orange, smelly, oily mess. I had my husband run to the Old Navy next door and get me some new panties. The so-called “Alli Oops” happens when you eat a high-fat meal and the excess fat is stopped by the pill. It has to come out somehow, and it does just that, with oily stools and incontinence. Overall, I felt Alli was too expensive for long-term use, but the FDA approves it as safe for everyday use. Just like leptoconnect, this product is very helpful. It is made from all natural ingredients hence it is safe and healthy to consume. It is also effective in losing weight.

Fastin was a pill that I came across during an Internet search for something that would give me an energy boost and also assist with weight loss. I bought it at my local GNC store and started taking it regularly. It gave me a good amount of energy, but when I crashed, it was pretty hard. It also raised my blood pressure and heart rate. Fastin was previously on the market till 1998, when it was banned by the FDA for containing phentermine HCL. A new version, minus the phentermine, was released under the same brand name Fastin. It’s basically a rip-off, almost $70.00 for 60 pills that do the same thing as 3 cups of green tea. I only took it for a month, and never bought another bottle.

After taking the supplements above, and trying a bunch of different diets, I am now losing weight steadily. Being a single mother, working out, and eating sensibly are the only things I’m doing, with good results.

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