Minecraft Bedrock Edition; What Are The Basic Amenities For A Peaceful Town?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to restrictions in mobility and socialization. People have been locked up in homes for more than a year now. The situation has been worsening, and boredom is at its peak. During this time, gadgets have played a major role in dealing with boredom by providing us with new movies, series, applications and games. The minecraft bedrock edition is one such game to keep your mind and body involved.

What is the Minecraft game based on?

Minecraft bedrock edition is an educational and learning video game. The pandemic has also seized the opportunity for progress and improvement for us. In this situation, this gaming app helps you with both the situation of killing time and learning new skills. You get to build structures and buildings and tackle strange mobs.

What are the realistic buildings that you get to make while playing

Town – A town comprises many buildings that have to connect with roads and have a similar structure and common public utilities and necessities like a common hospital or police station. The town needs to be protected from mobs; hence you can also make boundaries for safety.  

  • Restaurant – Where would you satisfy your cravings? Make your favourite restaurant and customize it according to your wish. Make different food counters. Outdoor nad inddor seating system. Make it large enough to accommodate the public who go for outing with friends and families.
  • Prison – A prison is a must to ensure the safety of your empire and to catch hold of the guilty and the culprits. Please get rid of the mobs in this place and punish them for their sins. You could customize the place with separate jails.
  • Hospital – The occupants and locals will need a good and large hospital to take care of them. Provide healthcare facilities by making a separate medical counter that supplies medicines, emergency counter for urgent cases, general ward for patients and waiting room for the acquaintance of the patients. Also do not forget to add a small cafeteria.
  • Underground City – Have you ever thought of an underground city? The minecraft bedrock edition makes this possible for you. The idea seems fun, but to build one, you will have to search for a safe underground raven. The area should be enough to build a complete town and the basic amenities of the occupants.
  • Cathedral – you definitely need positivity and peace in your town building a church or cathedral is a must to keep up the good work and bless your town. If you are confused about deciding the correct formation or structure, you could look it up for reference on the internet.
  • Bank – Banks are a must since all the occupants would require a bank to facilitate working with money and transactions. Build a simple bank with the needed structures like a personalized space for the cashier, an atm, and several other compartments for employees.
  • Library – Make a suitable library with bookshelves, lockers, table and chairs. Do not forget to add a carpet and accessories to your library. It could have enchanting potions and other storage requirements.