Marijuana Vs Alcohol Which Is Safer – Check the safer weed to consume

Alcohol Prohibition

There was a period of time when alcoholic products experienced the same legal and moral strife that marijuana does today. From 1920 to 1933, prohibition of alcohol existed in the United States of America. During that decade plus, alcohol was not allowed to be manufactured, transported, or sold; in accordance with the Eighteenth Amendment. This was eventually abolished after the Great Depression, as it was increasingly unpopular, even leading to mob violence. Lawmakers found that the sale of alcohol was helpful for economic growth and to help with the stressors of the times. Around the world, similar periods of prohibition of alcohol were enacted and failed, often due to increasing public demand or for economic growth.

Marijuana’s Prohibition

Marijuana has a similar history of transitioning from public acceptance through ‘prohibition’, and (currently) back to increased public demand. Though cannabis was once considered a safe and acceptable herb for public use, as it should be, the U.S. began to restrict its use around 1619. From 1906 onward, it was labeled as a poison in many states and completely prohibited during the 1920’s. Despite attempts in the seventies to abolish state laws and regulations, and again in the 1990’s, the federal government determined it has the right to criminalize and regulate marijuana, even for medical use.

Finally, this is changing. Colorado began selling recreational marijuana, in addition to the medicinal marijuana it already sold, as of January 1, 2014. As with alcohol in the 1930’s, economic and societal factors are clearly behind legalization. While users are ecstatic to have greater access to cannabis, recreational users must pay a twenty-five percent tax and can only buy limited quantities, with no more than one ounce on their person at any time. The demand of cbd for pain is increasing due to plenty of reasons. All the provided to the people so that the number of benefits are increased with the people. The medical use of the cannabis is required to be safe and secure for the people. The information about all the methods is provided to the people. 

While many people have a strong preference between the two substances, the effects and benefits differ greatly.

How Alcohol Effects Your Body

Alcohol depresses the nervous system. It is this effect that causes people to feel more relaxed, less self-conscious, and more talkative when consuming alcoholic beverages- while their attention span may shorten, and judgment and perception shifts. In excess, alcohol can lead to short term poor decision making and long term health risks including; anemia, cancer, liver disease, and heart disease.

In small quantities, alcohol has been associated with longevity and select health benefits. This is evident in studies on wine containing resveratrol. On the dark side of this coin, according to the CDC, alcohol is responsible for 88,000 deaths annually.

Marijuana Effects on The Body

One of the complaints of those who have long fought for the legalization of marijuana, particularly medical marijuana users, is that no study on marijuana (in over 5,000 years of use) has ever linked the use of marijuana to death or any reliable increase in lung cancer risks. The feel good effects of marijuana, from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, include functioning as a pain killer, improving mood, treating insomnia, helping combat nausea, and decreasing inflammation, reducing anxiety, and helping cancer patients. Less positive side effects can include dry mouth, increased heart rate, slowed reaction time, short term memory loss, paranoia, or

a distorted sense of time. More studies are needed to determine whether marijuana causes lasting brain changes (like schizophrenia) in users who start when they are teenagers, or if these causal links are faulty or cannabis strain dependent.

Though neither substance is legal or appropriate when driving, as both can play a role in car crashes, let’s recheck the facts:

Check The Facts

  • Marijuana can help everything from cancer to insomnia and has never been linked to death.
  • Alcohol causes 88,000 deaths a year.
  • Marijuana is shown to be effective at treating cancer.
  • Excessive alcohol use has been shown to cause cancer.