LIST: Boost Your Pinterest Strategy Today

Many business owners have no idea how lucrative Pinterest can be to their marketing efforts. With 12 million active U.S. users and 200,000 active UK users every day, it’s a shame that not everyone has found their way to the third most popular social networking site. One of the reasons is people don’t value social media as much as they do other search engine optimization ventures. They don’t see the time they invest in the site because before this year, it didn’t have much of an influence on search engine ranking.

In 2013, Google has stated they will place more emphasis on the social following a brand has on sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and of course, Google+. Google has adjusted its algorithm to take into account which brands are the ones people want to buy from, and will give them more of an edge on SERPs.

It’s not just about creating an account on Pinterest and forgetting about it though. For Google to know where to rank your brand, you’ll need to optimize your Pinterest profile. The following are 10 ways you can optimize your Pinterest profile.

When people search on Pinterest for a product or service, the username you choose could come up in the search if it reflects what you can offer people. Use a keyword that receives a lot of traffic on your site, and create a username with that keyword.

When you set up an account, write your bio with as many keywords that naturally fit into the paragraph. Be specific about what you offer in your images, videos, and text.

Create multiple boards to keep your images and videos organized. For every board created, write a detailed description about its content. Always remember to use keywords.

#4: Include Text for Every Image and Video

For every image and video uploaded, use the text box to your advantage. Describe the image or video including a keyword if possible.

When creating a new board or uploading an image or video, use a keyword in the title.

For every image uploaded on Pinterest, use a keyword for the filename. These filenames also shows up in search results.

Placing your site’s URL in the account’s description and in the board descriptions give you a valuable backlink, so take advantage of it.

Hashtags aren’t only on Twitter, they are also used on Pinterest and other platforms like Instagram so lots of businesses are getting ganhar dinheiro no Instagram. People use them to bring attention to key points about images and videos, and they help with the site’s search engine. Use them as often as possible.

Pinterest users and Google don’t want to read keywords, they want information from the posts you make on the site. For every image or video you upload, be sure they are of value and relate to the keyword you’ve attached to them.

Along with providing quality information, it’s also important to be unique with your information. When your board has the same information as 100 other boards, your account won’t stand out to Pinterest users or Google, which will hurt your ranking.

When using keywords on Pinterest, you shouldn’t use the same ones repeatedly. It’s best to have a long list of the keywords you want to rank for, and then sprinkle them in descriptions, titles, and filenames. That way you don’t seem like you’re spamming.

Get started optimizing Pinterest today. The site is crawled regularly, so it won’t take long before you see the results. You may just be sorry that you didn’t start using the site much sooner.