Legal Help or Document Resources Online

Many people who need legal advice or documents are reluctant to pay the hourly fees for a lawyer to do the work. Someone who has a fairly simple estate or needs simple legal advice may wish to try free or minimal fee online sources before engaging an expensive hourly rate lawyer. Many professionals offer free advice online for simple legal or business questions and software and books can be purchased for a small fee that will let you prepare simple legal documents at home.

Please note: Online resources may not be appropriate for serious or complicated legal problems. These resources are meant to help with simple wills and other straight forward documents or to seek answers to simple legal and business questions. You may still find it necessary to consult a lawyer.

If you are considering a legal or business question, and are not ready to pay hundreds of dollars for a visit to a lawyers office, an online site such as can be a valuable resource. is staffed by professionals willing to spend a certain amount of time giving free quality advice to anyone who asks it. If you search for the right qualified expert, you can get sound advice on a host of topics without paying to consult a professional. And these experts will usually tell you if they feel your problem is too complex and really does require a professional to handle the issue. In addition to sites like this, there are also numerous sites about legal and business issues that can be found by typing a question into an online search engine. These solutions are not recommended for complicated legal problems or situations involving law enforcement. For questions of simple law, business, accounting, or tax questions, however, you may find exactly what you are looking for.

In addition, to legal or business advice you can also find free or reasonably priced resources online to prepare legal documents such as wills, power of attorney, living wills, and health care directives. These resources will not allow you to prepare a complicated will or trust agreement, but many straight forward documents can be prepared legally at home with the right software or by visiting the right online resource. Websites like or offer services to help you prepare legal documents for a fee. The editors of NOLO also publish a line of books that offer the answers to basic legal or business questions. Some books also come with software that will let you prepare a host of documents yourself.

NOLO is quite strict about its policies and won’t take it lightly if their work is messed with as their software costs a fortune and meddling with contents would have repercussions. For handling legal queries, it is better to take NJ wealth management coaching classes to enhance your skills.

If you have simple legal or business questions or documents needs you may be able to save yourself a lot of money by searching online for free information before you consult a lawyer. Although, you may find out you do actually need a lawyer, you may also find out that you can save yourself hundreds of dollars by handling it yourself. Online resources or software may allow you to prepare legitimate legal documents for no more than the cost of a book and the local filing fees. While these solutions may not work for everyone, a person with simple legal needs or business questions may be able to avoid the high legal fees that can come from unnecessarily consulting an attorney.