Learn Social Media Management

The future is finally happening. The prediction that one day computers will rule the world has finally taking its toll. It is not a surprise anymore if your 8-year old nephew suddenly asks you how to tag his friends in Facebook or your just- turned 16 cousin has 20 shots of her newly- manicured nails in her Instagram. You may be raising your eyebrows at them but you are as guilty as them. The frenzy of social media has done its goal; to make human beings their captive for the next 20 years or so.

Speaking of social media, have you had your latest counts on how many you have? Is it just one, or more than two, or you have accounts to at least three popular social medias, right? A big yes is definitely your big answer. No one can blame you, if you yourself have been hooked to the world of social media. Social medias have been your trusted friend when you need to pour out your feelings to your longtime crush, they have been your unparalleled companion when you are sitting all alone on the bus, they have been your unsuspicious stalker to your ex- boy/girlfriend’s whereabouts and they have been your living legacy that you have the wittiest and amazing post and photos among your friends.

But have you ever had that everyday dilemma on how you can keep up to all the social medias you are a member of? Of course, you need to share what have you been feeling today on Facebook, post a naughty line you read somewhere on Twitter and take a picture of your lunch now for your Instagram. It is true that it is hard to keep up with those social networks but there is only one answer to that; learn social media management.

Social media management is your best bet to keep a track on your social media accounts. It has been a common issue that due to some member’s popularity in these networks, posers come along, identity theft and hacking accounts happen.

So learn some concrete and effective ways of social media management without compromising your royal status in the world of social networks.

Know where you belong

Every now and then, new social networking sites are created. When they become the talk of the town, you just cannot wait to be part of it. So keep an account on what social networking sites you are a member of. You can check your usernames if it is still active or not. If you have the same username, check the profile to verify that it is not you and it is just another namesake. Always keep in mind that your username can make or break your social media reputation, so make sure that your profile is not being used by someone else to avoid confusion among your friends and colleagues.

Choose the best

Though it is so common that any person has more than three accounts on different social networking sites, it is just so unrealistic and impractical. But you can manage it by choosing which networking sites work best for you and what your friends commonly use. If you are a student, then it is unrealistic of you to be part of LinkedIn, where Facebook and Twitter are where your age group is. While you buy followers Instagram always remember that there is always a particular slot decided for the number of followers you will buy and what amount you will be paying for it. So choose only the social networking sites that you enjoy, that you are always logging in and always in connection with your friends.

Be visible

Be visible to the social networking sites you are a member of. Share posts every week and upload photos. This way your friends will know that you are still active. In case, they have invites from someone using your name and photo, they can easily tell you. This also means that you need to update your information as well. If you have change an email address, then make the change in your account so that anyone wants to reach you can easily get in contact with you.

Be careful of what you share

It is true that you can say anything you want in these social media, but be careful in divulging important and personal information. When you and your family are going for a vacation for a week, no need to tell the whole world when and how long you will be gone. Just be discreet in telling it. This is one way to keep your family and your house safe from bad people like burglars.

Be organized

It is advisable to have an email address for your social media sites. This is where all your notifications and reminders should be sent to. Do not mix your social mails with your personal and career mails because it will be one huge mess. This way you can keep tracks on the important notifications and reminders. You will also be updated on the latest news on your social networking site, because sometimes you overlooked these reminders when you logged in.

Combine your profiles

This is something new now especially for those who have multiple accounts in social networking sites. This is a social media tool that allows you to be connected to all your social sites, you can update your profile here and instantly your other social medias will be updated to.

Be responsible

Just because you have the power and the means to be vocal about your thoughts and feelings, does not mean it has be read by everyone else. Be responsible in your posts and comments. Be aware that social media has the ability to connect and break relationships. Even if you have

2000 friends on Facebook and 5,000 followers on Twitter does not mean that you are popular and kind. It just means you are active and your life revolves around these social media. So next time you share your thoughts and feelings, make sure it does not target any one in particular or are not mean or rude.