Just Another Crafting Bench Mod 1.11/1.10.2/1.9.4

Most of the time people tend to run across a very simple Minecraft mod with special and awesome feature. They don’t even notice how great they really are. So, today I would like to suggest you guys to try out this Just Another Crafting Bench Mod which is the mod that some of you might probably have come across for many times. What this mod has to offer you would be something really great for sure, let’s just check it out!

Just Another Crafting Bench Mod is a really interesting mod which will literally add in a single block to the game which is the JACB block which is where the title of the mod came from. This mod will act just like a normal crating table in all respects, except one thing.

While this new crafting table can be used to create items, tools, armor and many more just like the regular one, but it will also be able to hold onto all the ingredients that you have put inside it after you’re done and walked away. It can actually hold up to 9 different items. This mod will do nothing else besides what’ve mentioned already. So, it’s quite simple. Not only does it provide you convenience when it comes to crafting, but also allow you to do everything about crafting more comfortable. In some cases, it also allows you to have full access Minecraft accounts so you can have more fun playing the game.

If you find this Just Another Crafting Bench Mod interesting and useful where you don’t have to keep the items in your inventory, but just keep them in the block itself and you can craft it any time. However, keep in mind that this new block doesn’t work like the enderchest which you can only store the item in there only when the block is placed on the ground and usable.