Jewelry- Biggest Weakness of Women

The summer is in its last phases but still in peak form but Covid-19 has ensured that the citizens don’t get subjected to the scorching heat due to which everyone is now in a nationwide lockdown and confined to their homes for the past 6 months and counting.

Between man and woman, there is always a never ending debate about who is the superior of the lot but most people used to arguments look forward to such endless ones that has been going on since the times of yore.

Even though there are many theories floating around the average human psyche that is prone to argumentative discussions, it has to be admitted that such discussions do keep the level of talks healthy where people can arrive at alternate conclusions despite disagreements.


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of jewelry? You always visualize your significant other laden with gold and silver from top to bottom or watch a historical movie where the queens are adorned the same way.

Jewelry is something that most women are willing to kill for as they cannot do about it, which by the way is a constant source of harassment for men as they go from pillar to post to fulfill their demands.

Jewels basically consist of ornaments that are laden with precious stones like gold, silver, rubies, sapphires, pearls, etc. to name a few which are used to make items that we wear everyday in the form that is known as jewelry.

The items consist of rings, necklace, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets and pendants, which even today’s men are seen piercing their ears to wear adorable earrings while the cufflinks are used to fasten and secure the cuffs in the t-shirts that make them look attractive.

Gold chains have been a fashion statement for a long time but nowadays they are synonymous with hooligans and vagabonds that roam around the alleyways wiling away their time and pilfering innocent bystanders.

An 18k Cuban link chain has many stories to tell and it has become a craze for both sexes in a big way as it now forms a indelible part of jewelry items that is being utilized by both young and old as a fashion statement to make oneself stand out among the lot.


Keeping in mind the weakness of women, let’s look at some important tips for buying jewelry so that the henpecked husbands don’t have to face the wrath of their wives this season.

  • The most important step is to know about her taste and preference so that it would make you decide what to buy for her right from jewelry design to color scheme so that it would pleasantly surprise her on any special occasion
  • These days you would know that 24 carat pure gold is rare to find and the ones that claim to be so have metals, brass and alloys adorned to make up for gold so be sure to identify the true ones
  • Before purchasing, keep in mind to ask about its price and warranty period so that it proves your money’s worth