Ignite Pecs Inner Chest Workout

Nearly every guy strives for a strong set of pecs. In order for those pecs to look sculpted and pumped, you will need a solid inner chest workout routine to get started. The following exercises will target those pecs, making you look chiseled to perfection with a bit of dedication. Additionally, these testosterone boosting supplements increase testosterone levels which in turn will increase the speed of muscle gain. 

Inner Chest Workout: Cable Inner Chest Press

Targeting your inner chest is a snap with the cable inner chest press. You will need access to a high cable pulley machine to complete this exercise.

To Execute The Cable Inner Chest Press

Set the hands up high on the high cable pulley machine. Next, stand between the machines and grab the handles with each hand. Extend your arms behind your body with your elbows bent. Then, while keeping your chest up, slowly bring the handles to the front of your body to your waist. While reaching waist level, extend your arms and push down while squeezing your inner chest. Hold for one count and return to your starting position. This completes one rep.

Inner Chest Workout: Close Grip Bench Press

One of the keys to working your inner chest lies in the technique of your grip. Performing the bench press with a close grip targets your inner chest. For this inner chest workout, be sure to keep your hands at shoulder-width apart. You will feel the stretch in your inner chest.

To Execute The Close Grip Bench Press

While lying on a weight bench, firmly grasp the barbell from the rack with your hands at shoulder-width apart. Plant your feet on the floor the barbell to your chest with your elbows close to your body. Push the barbell above your shoulders until your arms are fully extended. Lower to starting position; this completes one rep.

Inner Chest Workout: Barbell Decline Pullover

The barbell decline pullover targets the inner chest while using a decline bench and a barbell. This move is an intermediate exercise, but it is relatively easy to execute.

To Execute The Barbell Decline Pullover

Lying flat on your back on a decline bench, hold a barbell above your chest with your hands shoulder-width apart. Move the barbell down behind you and over your head, with your hands nearly touching the floor. Squeeze your chest muscles for one count, and return the barbell to starting position. This completes one rep.

Inner Chest Workout: Barbell One Arm Floor Press

The one-arm floor press helps add bulk to your inner chest while focusing on coordination. The only required equipment is a weighted barbell.

To Execute The Barbell One Arm Floor Press

While lying on the floor flat on your back, slightly bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Have a partner hand you the barbell so you are holding it in one hand. Lower the barbell toward the floor so your bicep is parallel to the floor. Hold for one count and return to your starting position. Switch arms and repeat.

Each inner chest workout in this routine will help sculpt your pecs while adding a twist to your workout routine.