How to Write an Estimate for Cleaning Services

When you run a cleaning service you will inevitably need to offer your customers a quote or an estimate on the cleaning services that they request. If you want to close the most deals possible then you need to learn how to write an effective estimate. This estimate will include itemized cleaning services, prices and notes.

Step #1 – Conduct a Physical Walk-through

The first step in writing a cleaning service estimate is to visit the property that needs to be cleaned. You will talk with the owner of the property when you first arrive. As they give you a tour of the building, office or apartment, you will take notes regarding what cleaning services they need. You will need to take measurements and gather the data that you will need to write up your estimate or quote. After the walk-through shake their hand and tell them that you will have their estimate for them by the end of the day or by the next business day.

Step #2 – Itemize the Cleaning Services

When you are writing up your cleaning services estimate you need to start by itemizing your charges. You can group services together or you can create a very details itemized list. Each itemized line will need to include a description of the service, including measurements, the rate and the final quoted price for that service.  Shine up company offers the best cleaning services to the apartments and flats. The description of this Chicago cleaning company is available at online search engines for the information to the clients. The information provided should be great to meet with the desired results. 

Step #3 – Create a Letterhead

To make your estimate look professional you will want to create a letterhead to add to the top of your quote. The letterhead needs to include your business name, its physical address and your phone number. You can also include a graphic, your email address and your website address.

Step #4 – Add Basic Quote Information

Below your letterhead you will need to add a section to denote who the quote is for, the date and how long the price will be good for.

Step #5 – Add Your Line Items

The next step is to add your line items to your quote or estimate. The line items need to be organized in a logical manner. For example, you can organize the services by alphabetical order, you can organize the services by room or you can organize the services by price.

Step #6 – Create a Tally

Step six is to tally your line items and to create a final quote price. You will want to double check all of your calculations to make sure that they are correct.

Step #7 – Finish Your Estimate

The final step is to edit your estimate and add finishing touches. You will want to add a thank you note at the bottom of the estimate and then edit the estimate for spelling, formatting and punctuation errors.