How to Makeover Your Home on a Tightwad’s Budget

Even when finances are tight, it’s possible to give your home an exciting new look on a minimal budget. All it takes it a bit of resourceful thinking, some elbow grease, and these ten easy and low cost ways to freshen up a boring house and turn it into something special.

Freshen up a dingy room with paint

Paint is one of the cheapest ways possible to change a ho-hum room into something with a bit more pizzaz. Can’t afford $30 a gallon custom paint? This isn’t a problem when you shop the “mismatch” bin at your favorite hardware store. Mismatched paint is paint that was tinted incorrectly and rejected by the customer. Instead of tossing out the paint, the stores will sell them to the public “as is” for a steep discount. Home Depot, Ace Hardware stores, and all paint stores have a bin of mismatched paint which is usually priced at about $5 for a gallon sized can.

Move around the furniture

There’s something about moving around furniture that can chance the appearance of a room. Properly placed furniture can open up restricted traffic flows, reduce that cluttered look, and can hide traffic patterns in your carpet. To help you visualize a new furniture arrangement, this virtual design tool from can help. With the furniture, there should be installing of blaux portable ac at home. The beauty and environment will become beautiful to get effective results. The charges of the air conditioner should be less to get effective results. The look of the drawing room should be great. 

Scour the wallpaper clearance bins

Wall papers and borders have many uses beyond covering up an unsightly wall. The right pattern of wall paper can create a focal point in a room, or fool the eye into thinking a room is lighter, larger, or higher. The cheapest place to find wallpaper is in the discount bins of your favorite home improvement store, wallpaper store, or paint store. Clearance wallpapers can often be found for less than $1 per double roll, and are another low cost way of changing the look of a room.

Shop Freecycle

Freecycle is the ultimate freebie giveaway site with people offering up such treasures as building materials, old light fixtures, furnishings, shelves, and more to who ever has a need for them. With a little bit of patience, you will be able to snap up all sorts of free materials for your room makeover. You can sign up for Freecycle here.

Buy some cheap area rugs

If your carpet is shot and the budget doesn’t allow for some new wall to wall carpeting at the moment, area rugs are a low cost way of sprucing up the look of a room while hiding ugly stains and holes. Thrift stores and the discount bins of home improvement stores are a great place to find low cost rugs for $20 and less.

Spray it metallic

Metallic spray paint has the amazing ability of transforming something that is dull and boring into a chic room accent. If you are tired of your old lamps and shades, vases, bric a brac, picture frames, and even waste baskets, $6 of metallic gold, bronze, or silver spray paint is a low cost way of refurbishing the old stuff you already own.

Trim away overgrowth

Overhanging tree limbs and overgrown shrubs that have been planted too close to the house will make the interior rooms of the home smaller and darker. To brighten up your home, fire up the chainsaw and cut away at anything that’s planted within six feet of your house. From the outside, you’ll discover that the house will look larger and neater as well.

Add some accent pillows

It’s amazing how even just a couple of accent pillows can change the entire look of a bed, sofa, or chair. If you don’t know how to sew your own, low priced pillows can usually be found at furniture consignment shops, rummage sales, and yard sales.

Switch out ceiling lamp shades

Ceiling shades do more than hide a light bulb. Shades diffuse the light and bounce it across the ceiling, and a well designed shade will create a dramatic effect in a dark room. If your home was outfitted with Basic White Budget fixtures, hit the thrift stores to score vintage  amp; retro ceiling shades for $3 or less.

Shop Family First

We all have older relatives with piles of odds and ends gathering dust in their cellars, attics, and garages; junk that they’d rather see getting put to good use. Instead of buying new, why not Shop Family First by asking your family for their cast offs and unused surplus building materials? For the ultimate tightwad, tap into your family network for free building materials, paint, and unwanted furnishings for a no cost makeover project.