How to Increase MMR in League of Legends: The Ultimate LOL Cheats

If you want to increase your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in League of Legends, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we provide an ultimate guide on how to rank up faster and easily climb the leaderboards. By using these LoL cheats, you’ll get a better understanding of the game and improve your skills along the way. 

What is MMR? 

Before we dive into our list of tips, it’s important to understand what MMR is in League of Legends. MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating, and it’s used in ranked games as a measure of skill level. Your MMR determines which tier you are in, from Bronze to Challenger, so if you want to climb the ladder, you’ll need to increase your rating. 

Choose your champion wisely 

Choosing the right champion can make or break a match. Each champion has unique strengths and weaknesses that should be taken into account when playing them. Some champions excel at killing minions, while others specialise in taking down enemy champions quickly. Understanding how each champion works will help you choose the one that best suits your play style and give you a better chance of winning matches. 

Focus on teamwork 

Teamwork is essential for success in League of Legends – no matter how good your individual skills are, working together as a team will always be more effective than going it alone. Make sure everyone on your team knows their role, and communicate effectively during matches so that strategies can be discussed and executed properly. This will ensure that goals are achieved efficiently, rather than wasting time arguing or fighting over who should do what.  

Understand lane mechanics 

Understanding the mechanics of the lane is key to success in any mode of play, but especially if you want to climb the leaderboards or increase your MMR quickly! Knowing where enemy champions tend to spawn or roam will help you plan ganks or ambushes, while learning about minion waves and pushing strategies can lead to easy target captures or turret takedowns by overwhelming enemies with superior numbers early in the match.  

Practice good positioning  

Positioning is extremely important in League of Legends, as being out of position often leads to death or wasted resources like mana/health potions that could have been used elsewhere on the map! Practice staying safe, but still close enough to allies to help if needed – not only will this keep your character alive longer, but it will also give your teammates more time to farm & trade kills/assists, which also counts towards your overall MMR ranking!   

Watch out for enemy champions                        

Knowing the location of enemy champions is essential for successful team fights and split-pushing scenarios – even when there’s not much else going on around you! Knowing where enemy heroes are allows teams to either avoid potential ganks/ambushes or prepare for counter-attacks; meanwhile, knowing what items they’re building gives valuable clues as to their intentions (i.e. stacking damage items means they’re probably trying to kill someone).  

Play smart & adapt quickly                          

Finally, a key aspect that many players overlook when trying to climb the ladder quickly is adapting to different situations throughout the game – whether it be switching lanes mid-game due to changes made by opposing teams (such as taking Dragons), or simply itemising differently depending on your current state (armour vs. magic resist items, etc.). Being reactive, rather than blindly relying on pre-set plans, allows players to stay competitive until the very end, despite any challenges that may arise along the way; plus flexibility means greater chances of finding unexpected opportunities, such as picking off unsuspecting enemies who have strayed too far from the safety zone, etc.!



Increasing your MMR in League of Legends takes dedication and practice, but following the tips above should help anyone looking to climb the ladder quickly without too much hassle! Remember – choose your characters wisely, pay attention to details like positioning & watch your opponents’ movements closely so that you can take appropriate action whenever necessary while adapting to the rapidly changing conditions each match brings! Good luck, summoners!