How To Find Cheap Apartments In Boston, Massachusetts

Whether you refer to it as Bean Town or the Hub of the Universe, Boston is one of the most populous Massachusetts cities according to city data available in 2006 – housing about 589,141 Bostonians – and with a median rent of about $1,075, it is not the cheapest to live in, either.

Fortunately for low-cost apartment hunters in Boston, there is a plethora of helpful tips about cheaper neighborhoods and other cost-cutting advice that will make living in this expensive city just a bit more affordable.


For example, you may find that the famed South End – located to the south of Back Bay and to the north of Dorchester – with its bohemian undertones, artistic flair, and many little restaurants and businesses is out of reach financially. Granted, for home buyers the area is notoriously expensive, but for those who find two or three good friends to share a spacious apartment, the dream of living in the center of one of the most desirable addresses in all of Boston can become a reality! Recent ads have revealed that a sunny bedroom on Appleton could be yours for only $950 – if you don’t mind sharing! For meeting the standards, there should be selection of a cheap apartment in Penrose. The finding of the best flat is done to get the better results with the right decision. The sharing of the information about the flat should meet with the standards and requirements of the apartment.

Live like a student.

Whether you are currently enrolled in college or have left institutions of higher learning already behind you, you will save money if you live in neighborhoods that are traditionally geared toward meeting the needs of the local student populations. Rents are cheaper – the amenities are more of the no-frills kind and thus will lower the amount of money landlords charge – and the areas are usually located within walking distance of major public transportation lines.

The neighborhood collectively known as Allston-Brighton – bordered by the Charles River – is one good example of a locale that caters to the needs of students attending Boston College, Boston University, and also Harvard. If you do not mind the overwhelmingly adolescent neighbors, the sometimes loud parties and other drama that comes hand in hand with many young people living in close proximity, and also the fact that much of the neighborhood seems to consist of somewhat uniformly looking brick front apartment buildings, you will find that a one bedroom apartment can be yours for about $1,200 per month and up.

While this might be a bit steep, remember that you will be saving money on a car, maintenance, and insurance if you live close to public transportation and not invest your money in an automobile!

Make the most of having a meager income.

Even as being one of the working poor is not exactly an enviable position, by capitalizing on the low rents that are available to those with income that falls within the restrictions several affordable housing programs have specified, you will have the option of finding a great place and at the same time paying on a sliding scale!

For example, several developers and management companies will offer specific properties for rent if you fall under the $34,740 income mark. Living alone, a one bedroom apartment would cost you only $788! For a two person family with an income of only $39,720, the rent would be $946. While not an upscale home with all the frills, this type of rent is available at the Brighton-Allston Apartments at 1387 Commonwealth Ave.

Take a look at the accessible housing registry yourself and you will be amazed at what you can find!

Scan the want ads.

Use any of the major job search engines to see if you can get an in with a property management company! In some cases employment with such a company may be a desirable position as on-site property manager at a highly reduced rental rate or even for free, while at other times working with or for a property management company may result in an inside tip for a cheap apartment that could be yours for as long as you continue working there. Although few and far between, this is a step well worth taking!

Check out the want ads on Monster and other sites and sign up for their email alerts! Who knows, you might just find that dream apartment and a job all in the same day!