How To Build Arm Muscles With Free Weights

In this day and age of busy lifestyles and deadlines, not everyone can devote time to go to the gym to work out each day on a consistent basis. Finances are also one of the deterring factors for people willing to focus on their fitness but expensive gym memberships can surely act as a turn off especially in these financially difficult times.

If you are in any such similar situation or know someone facing the same issues, there is good news. There is no denying the fact that certain body parts and muscles are well developed using sophisticated gym equipment but if your area of concern is building arm muscles, using free weights can be an equally good option, as suggested by MoneyOffSupps. Here we are with everything that you need to know about building your arm muscles

4 Advantage Of Using Free Weights

Free weights offer a complete muscle development program. Even advanced bodybuilders use free weight exercises to attain maximum benefits of the workout. Training arms with free weights offer an advantage over using machines as while using free weights, the body utilizes core muscles and other stabilizing muscles to help maintain balance and control. Free weights not only help in maintain pose and body structure but also helps develop the arm muscles from various different angles.

Recommended Free Weight Exercises For Stronger Arms

Although there are many free weight exercises that can be included in your daily fitness program, here is a list of most highly recommended free weight exercises useful for developing strong and muscular arms that can match if not better those using sophisticated gym equipment.

Barbell Curls

If getting your hands on a pair of dumbbells is not possible, a barbell rod with some weights can do the job. In fact, barbell curls and dumbbell curls should be used alternatively for the best results. Barbell curl when done in a slow and steady motion hits the biceps full on. Advanced users can change between the standard bar and the Ezy curl bar.

Preacher Curls

Preacher curl used with a standard barbell rod or an Ezy curl rod focuses on the brachialis muscles helping in the overall development of the arm preacher curl as the name suggests is performed by sitting on a preacher with hands extended on the preacher pad and moving the barbell rod in an up-down movement from the time forearms are vertical to the point when arms are fully extended. Repeat for each hand with 12-15 repetitions of 3 sets each.

Skull crusher

The skull crusher like most free weight exercises can be performed both with the barbell rod as well as dumbbells. The skull crusher is a slightly advanced free weight exercise in which a dumbbell or barbell is moved over the head while lying flat on a bench

The skull crusher adds more angles to the arm workout and is a useful exercise especially when the body gets used to the old free weight routines.

Hammer Curls

Hammer curl is one of the most effective arm development exercises that can be performed with a set of dumbbells as well as a barbell. Not only do the hammer curls affect the forearm but also helps in increasing muscles on the outer side of the biceps.