Great Money Savers for Holiday Video Game Shopping

My family and I adore video games, especially at Christmas. We collect almost every system made, including my vintage Atari 2600, and love to get ‘new’ games for any system we can. The following stores and online sites are where we purchase our games and I recommend you visiting them for your holiday shopping this season. (Click the title to go to their website.)


Gamestop, formally known as Funcoland, is a great place to purchase new and used games for the popular systems. They carry games for the Wii, X-Box and Playstations. They no longer carry games for the original Playstation or older Nintendo, like the N-64 or before. The game prices are comparable to Target or Wal-Mart, but the kicker is you can get them used, too. That is the best way to save money on video games any time of the year, but especially at Christmas. For the price of a single game at the stores, you can get 2 at Gamestop, and then, sometimes, they have the offer of “Buy 2, get 1 Free”. That is even better! We have used this particular deal many times. You can also mix and match the games on the various systems, for this deal, too. During the holidays they usually have extra bundles of games and systems for special prices.

Game Crazy

Game Crazy resembles Gamestop, but Game Crazy is run out Hollywood Video stores. Just like Gamestop, you can buy and sell your games, but the difference is that Game Crazy is not a stand alone store. You will need to visit your local Hollywood Video store to access Game Crazy, or check it out online. My husband does recommend this store for saving some money on video games.


If you are feeling a bit retro, and wanting to play some really vintage 8 bit games, then pull out your Nintendo or Sega Genesis and visit my favorite eBay store, DK Oldies. I have purchased vintage games from them for years, but sadly, they do not have inventory right now. I am mentioning them, though, because I do believe that they will have inventory for the Christmas holiday season. They have excellent games and are A+++++++++ when it comes to customer service. They even had games for $0.01! I purchased Captain Skyhawk and Gyrus from them using that deal a few years ago.

Everyone who has a computer has heard of, and their amazing deals. Did you also know that not all the products come from Amazon? They have stores, just like eBay, that they sell products through. If you hunt on Amazon, then you can get very good deals on video games. We have saved some major money on this site, too. They have games for all systems, even the original Playstation. We collected Crash Bandicoot games from Amazon and did not have a single issue, even with the Christmas rush!

Game Liquidations

Game Liquidations is another eBay store I like to purchase from. They have excellent prices on all games, including vintage. This store is currently active and actually offers more variety than most walk-in stores because they carry games for almost all the systems. They even have games for our Sega Saturn! Feeling like playing a little Gameboy Color, but lost your favorite game? Visit this eBay store and get a great price on your favorite games. Check out the site and see if they have limitations on delivery times to your area during the holidays.


If you are a loyal Target shopper, like a dear friend of mine, then click the link above and it will take you directly to the video game section of They do carry many new games for the newer systems, but I have a hard time purchasing a brand new game for the brand new game price. The bargain shopper in me is always looking for the best deal, and away from the tall glass display cases, near the CDs, are the cheaper games. They are located near either the CDs or DVDs, and are usually $20 or less. If you are a savvy Target shopper, then you will know this little secret, too. Back, away from the main aisles, on the end-caps, are their clearance items. This holds true for video games, too. I have found great games for the current systems, and even for PC. These are not usually online, so you will need to visit the stores because clearance items vary store to store. Holiday shopping is the best time to get good deals on the games because the stores have so much on hand, they need to get it out before Christmas is over!


Last but not least, is Wal-Mart. This store is great for all kinds of deals on video games. Their prices are similar to Target, and just like Target, they do not offer used games. Wal-Mart does have, away from their locked display cases, bins located near the electronics registers. These bins have current games for cheap! Yes, you need to dig because the bins are not the easiest to search through, but to save $10 on a game; you will see me there with my overnight gear! The more I save on the games, the more Christmas presents under the tree!

There you are; six places to save some serious money on video games for this coming holiday season. My favorite is still purchasing the games in the actual stores because the revenue from the sales help keep the store stocked with employees and even more product. During the holidays the lines get long at the registers, but if you can get a super deal on your family’s favorite games, then it is worth the wait. I will admit that I do purchase many of my games online. but that is mainly because you cannot find a physical store that sells Playstation or Sega Saturn games anymore!

Happy Holidays!