Give a Chore Coupon Book to the Elderly

What do you give to a person who has everything? What do you give to a person who does not need anything at all? These descriptions often describe the elderly person on your gift-giving list. Elderly people who still live in their home surely have every item that they need and want from years of accumulation. Elderly people that live in nursing homes or adult communities have limited space and capabilities of owning more things.

Some of the classic gifts for the elderly are candies, throw blankets or pillows, toiletries and personal care products, and hats, scarves, or cardigan sweaters. Candies, or any food item, may not be on their approved medical diet. A person only needs one throw blanket and one pillow to be comfortable. Special toiletries are helpful, though perfumes and cosmetics are rarely used.

In order to give a quality gift to an elderly person, you have to understand what they need and really want.

The Main Complaints of the Elderly

The one thing that most elderly people miss is companionship and attention. This is not motivated by some sort of selfishness. In truth, more people, rapped up in their busy lives of career, family, school, and social lives, fail to take time out to be with their elderly parents.

Elderly people want someone to talk to for an hour or two. They want someone that will listen to what they have to say. They want to feel vital and important. Who can fault them for that?

What to Put in the Chore Coupon Book

The chore coupon books, in light of the above sentiments, takes on a different role. Yes, you should put coupons for chores that need to be done. These can be anything from house cleaning to yard work, or even laundry duties or cooking. However, what you should really focus on giving is time. When you arrive at the elderly person’s house to cut the grass, take time to consult with them about the job, and take them outside to show it off at the end. Allot some time to talking.

One great chore to include in the chore coupon gift book is driving. Many elderly people do not drive anymore, but still need to get to doctor’s appointments, the store, or simply for a warm afternoon in the park. Driving the elderly about not only gets them where they need to go, but gives them a captive audience for their tales and conversations.

A chore coupon book is an excellent gift for the elderly person in your life. And remember that the chores are not really the greatest gift of all. The thing most elderly people miss is the companionship and the camaraderie garnered from regular relationships and interactions. Time, as well as the helpful chores from the coupon books, are the best gift an elderly person can receive.