Getting a comprehensive guide for Millennium Park in Chicago

Amidst every city, there is that one corner that comforts the people and allows them to have the best times possible. One of such spots for Chicago is Millennium Park. Situated at the heart of Chicago, it allows the city dwellers to leave all of their emotional stuff behind and truly enjoy the time amidst the laps of nature. Due to the Loop area of Illinois’s easy location, it has become the most corner of the city. Read on to find more about Millennium Park in Chicago.

Briefing on the park 

It is quite interesting to know that Millennium Park is a part of the 319-acres spread for Grant Park. Covering an area of almost 24.5 acres, it is the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs’ responsibility to maintain the beauty and ensure adequate care. Some of the lucrative spots around it include Randolph Street, Michigan Avenue, East Monroe Drive, Columbus Drive, and many more.

The other features include the following:

  • Constructed on the top of a railroad yard and parking garages.
  • Extensive green roofs that match the global standards have been curated with beautiful designs that match nature’s eyes. 
  • Regular and comprehensive cleaning of Millennium Park in Chicago to impart a clean and lean look. 

Therefore, all of these factors contribute to the corner’s cleanliness and make it one of the preferred and favourite locations for the citizens. 

Nearby attractions

One of the additional reasons for which Millennium Park has been gaining the limelight is the nearby attractions. The following enlists the top ones in the list:

  • Cloud Gate, also called the Bean. It is the park entrance and holds the massive structure reflecting the skyline, green spaces, and people who move within the same. Standing at almost 33 ft high, it weighs about 110 tons and has a detailed architecture. The stainless steel is connected through a truss and distributes the load evenly through both of the base points.
  • Lurie Garden, which is considered an oasis for the city dwellers. It is the home to a good amount of flora and fauna and holds the transformational journey from a boggy marshland to a lush green locality. The seasonal views add more feathers to the cap.
  • Boeing Galleries, that host the contemporary and modern exhibitions to give the perfect insights to the visitors interested in viewing the best artwork of their life. The open-air gallery concept is what adds more stars to Millennium Park in Chicago. Maggie Daley Park, the spot that is considered ideal for kids. Themed around Alice in Wonderland and Chocolate Factory, the decorations are enough to attract your kids and showcase the stuff to try out. The unconventional thinking and activities are worth investing time and resources in. 

Therefore, the number of reasons falls short on going to Millennium Park in Chicago and witnessing some of the best points within it. Grab your opportunity now and have a look at the perfect.