Fully Featured 12 Best Weighted Blankets Of 2020

Weighted blankets have gained much popularity in recent years. Some magazines even quoted the weighted blanket as one of the best inventions done in the year 2018, claiming that these blankets can develop good sleeping habits while some even claim that it helps relieve anxiety and insomnia. If you want to purchase a weighted blanket, then you must go for the one that feels comfortable. Many experts suggest buying a blanket by checking the weight of the blanket in comparison to your weight. Below you will learn about the 12 Best Weighted Blankets 2020.

Best blankets of 2020

With the increase in popularity, there are so many weighted blankets available in the market with different functions. The 12 best-weighted blankets 2020 are:

An organic cooling cotton weighted blanket

Suppose you need a blanket that can keep you both warm as well as cool, depending on the situation. In that case, you must buy this blanket as its fibers are made of glass beads from inside while the outer layer is made purely of cotton, which helps in maintaining the cooler temperature inside. The price of these blankets is around 70 dollars.

Seven layers 100% cotton premium weighted blanket.

These blankets give extra comfort with the seven layers of fabric and are made of 100% cotton so that you don’t get suffocated. It’s also available in 11 different colors, with the price being around 51dollar.

YnM weighted blanket

This blanket is the most reviewed one on the internet, with almost 4000 customer reviews. It also has seven layers of fabric to make the shape of a person whoever is using it. These blankets also have patterns at the top, which is like a pouch inside the blanket, which helps the uniform distribution of the beads. These blankets are available in 22 different colors, priced around 70 dollars.

A chilled bamboo weighted blanket

These blankets are useful in warm weather as it keeps you cooler due to its fabric made of bamboo. The good part about these blankets is that you can easily wash them at your home, just put them in the washing machine, and that’s all. You can get this blanket for almost 80 dollars.

Gravity blanket

These blankets were launched in 2017, and within a year of its launch, it became very famous and was claimed in one of the magazines named TIME as one of the best inventions of that year. This blanket is costly, with around 151 dollars, but the cost is due to its comfort and market value.

Relaxation weighted blanket

This is another blanket with a great market value and is made of microfiber that gives extra warmth with uniformly distributed weights in overall blankets. It’s also available in different colors and textures with a price range of 200 dollars.

Custom weighted blanket

These blankets are customized mainly for kids with almost 70 color variants and textures. As it’s made, keeping kids in mind so, it’s even waterproof. The price of the blanket is around 175 dollar

The Napper

These blankets are a little overpriced with fewer functions. The blankets’ fabric looks as if they are handmade knitted blankets, and due to this knitted style, the blanket has become more weighted than a normal weighted blanket. The price of these blankets is around 249 dollars.

Weighted blanket deluxe set

These are specially designed blankets for helping in some of the severe conditions of the body. As a neurologist designed the blanket, it’s even more trusted by peoples, and the blankets’ price is around 75 dollars.

Weighted blanket with two duvet covers

This blanket helps those who live in an area where sometimes the climate is hot, and sometimes it’s cool. As you have got two covers with the blanket, one is to keep you cooler, and the other one is to keep you warmer. These blankets are one of the bestselling blankets with a price of 70 dollars.

Weighted blanket Slumber Cloud

These blankets are made of 100% cotton that can help you in breathing comfortably inside the blanket. The fabric used in the lining of the blanket is coated with the same technology used by NASA in a spacesuit to regulate the temperature. The price of these blankets is around 129 dollar.

Weighted comforter Brookline

Brookline’s blankets are very soft and comfortable and easily washable as it comes in duvet style cover. The price of these blankets is around 249 dollars.

The bottom line

You can choose any blanket you think is best for you as there are much more available in the market than those mentioned above. According to the experts, the rule of purchasing a weighted blanket is by checking for the blanket that weighs equal or nearly equal to the 10% of your body’s weight. So buy your favorite blanket today online easily.