Free Weightloss Programs Online for the New Year

Every New Year’s one resolution is made by more people than any other, to lose weight. I had the same goal myself last January when I bought a gym membership at my local fitness center for the annual fee of $250.00. One visit and $250.00 later my goal of losing weight became a distant memory. Once again I find myself with the same New Year’s resolution, but much less cash. This year I decided I would turn to the internet for some free intervention on my battle with the bulge. After many long hours of searching the internet, I found several sites that offer a diet plan or links to tools you can use to make your own diet plan. I know many of you will also attempt to tighten your belts and shed the excess this year. Therefore, I am sharing these internet sites with you in hopes we all may reach our goal this year without having to reach too far into our pockets. For weight loss, consumption of resurge products can be taken through the person. At online search engines, there will be proper information about the products. The charges can be compared to purchase the products. The attainment of the goals can be there for the consumers. 

The first site I would like to share with you is You have to register for this site but a basic membership is completely free. This site has many tools to help you shed the pounds. There are tools for daily weight tracking, a tool to plan weight loss goals, an automated goal planning tool, a diet profile, an advanced meal planner and tracker, a daily food journal, and a weight-tracking chart. There is also a calculator for you to figure your body mass index (BMI). also has an online community for support as you lose weight. You also get your own blog.

Another site that contains a bunch of free diet plans and planning tools is This site has a diet plan for every occasion, including a free 30-day diet plan. There are also guides that will give you a better understanding of the nutritional value of most foods such as “Healthy Foods for Weight Loss”and “Fast Food and Restaurant Calories” also offers a dieting journal that you can print off or save to your computer and weight charts to help you find your goal weight. The list of tools and diet plans on this site seem to never end. There is sure to be a diet for everyone at

At you can find Shape Magazine’s free Shape Your Body Plan. You will be asked to give your gender, height, and weight so that the interactive Shape Plan can tailor to your needs individually. You get hundreds of workouts and exercises on video, calorie counters, a Body Mass Index (BMI) tool and low fat recipes you can use to make a healthy weekly menu. The site also has progress charts to help you track your weight loss on the Shape diet plan. The shape plain does lack some of the features of the previous sites listed such as already made diet menu plans and blogs.

The site provides already made menu plans along with tools for creating your own menu plan and fitness plan. The site is a bit plain and old fashioned in appearance, but the tools available are great for anyone who wishes to follow the plans already listed or create their own. Tools listed include a metabolism boosting diet planner, a weight chart, and copies of the food pyramid. Another site that also has many tools and plans for managing weight loss is Weight Loss Buddy encourages dieters to reach out to each other and motivate each other through their online community. One of the main characteristics of the Weight Loss Buddy program is to remain motivated to continue losing weight or to maintain your weight through buddy systems. Buddies interact with each other through message boards and blogs. This site also has weight tracking tools, menu planning tools, a diet journal, a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator, and many other tools.

The best online diet plan is without a doubt is Spark People, located at Spark People is very similar to e-Diets, but free. You simply enter some information about your self and you become a registered member with a profile on their online community. Your weight, height, and gender are entered into a Body Mass Index calculator and your BMI and amount of weight to be lost are calculated. You are given access to exercise videos, a premade meal plan, a fitness plan, and a diet journal. There are also many recipes so that you may rebuild the diet menu where it does not suit you. The backbone of the Spark People Diet Program is the online community it fosters through blogs, message boards, and special interest groups called teams. Spark People users support and encourage each other. Teams will often set goals together such as for each member to walk at least 3 miles a week.

There are a lot of free premade diet programs and tools that allow you to create a diet program on the internet. I found the six sites listed above to have the best free tools and programs on the internet. All of these sites contain the tools and diet programs themselves so you do not have to click through links. I found Spark People to be the best free online diet program out of all the sites I viewed. The site has everything you could need in a diet program and every aspect is created to work with one another. So, go ahead, check out all these sites for yourself, and decide which is right for you. All that you need to bring is a little will power and you will be able to mark one resolution, weight loss, off your New Year’s goals for good!