Finally! A Weight Loss Program that Makes Sense

During my recent quest to get into shape and lose the bump in my shirt I decided that I would examine the best diets online before starting a weight loss program. So I went to Google and typed: “Best Diets”. It shot back over 42 million references! I then Googled “Weight Loss” and was sent over 62 million references! OK, what if I typed “Healthiest People”? That’s better; it only returned 1.2 million possible pages.

Rather than believe those late night diet pill infomercials who hire 22-year old models who never had a ounce of fat on them, I decided to look for the oldest and healthiest people on the planet and see what their diet consisted of.

The first site I visited compared 25 countries and their average life expectancies. For males the highest was Japan with 76.4 years and the lowest was the U.S. with 72.5. For women Japan came in first again with 82.9 years and 78.9 for the U.S. There was only a 4-year difference between the highest and the lowest out of 25 countries! If you are twenty years old four years might seem like a longtime, but I am sorry I would rather die at 72.5 then spend my life eating rice and raw fish! Next!

My next hit for healthiest people pulled up the Okinawans. Yup, Fish and plant foods as their main diet as well. Next!

My next greatest diet search turned up 7 foods the healthiest people eat. I shouldn’t even waste my time writing about them, but I know you are just dying to know so here they are: Pumpkin seeds, Sea Vegetables, Spirulina. Do you know what Spirulina is? It’s ALGAE! Green slime like that stuff in your birdbath! Raw Honey, Maca, Goji Berries and Cacao. I don’t eat bird food, algae, seaweed or anything else I can’t pronounce. Next!

The next 5 pages produced even different results. The Plains Indians, the people of Abkhaisa, Vilcabamba, or Hunza. All claiming to have the healthiest and longest living people with the world’s best diet. Sorry Google, good try though. Next!

Now what? I mean if Google can’t direct me to the healthiest people with the best diet and every weight loss program on TV say there’s is the best, what should one do?

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Then it struck me. I know several people who are over the age of 80, a few in their mid-nineties and one who is 99 years old. Why don’t I pay a visit to each one of them to see what they eat and how they live? After all, every one of the folks in the weight loss commercials look like they are under 30 years old. You want me to take the advice on how to live longer and healthier from someone who hasn’t lived very long? I don’t think so. By examining the diets and lifestyles of older, healthy people I felt I might find something they all ate that was common to one another. I did and boy was I shocked at the results.

None of them ate Algae, Pumpkin Seeds, Tofu or Goji Berries! They didn’t use Splenda, Sweet and Low or any other artificial sweetener. They didn’t have a membership at the Gym, and never bought a NordicTrack or Thigh Master. They did however eat fried food! I mean Fried Fish, Shrimp and Fried Chicken! They ate Barbecue (Southern Style) Creamed Potatoes with real butter and they ate cake; any kind of cake. They even ate real homemade Ice-Cream, made with real Milk, real sugar and real chocolate and drank sweet tea made with tons of sugar!

None of these folks counted calories, fat grams or carbohydrates. Now, that is the kind of diet I want to be on. The Eat anything I want to eat diet! But it doesn’t make sense and it goes against every diet I have ever read about or every weight loss commercial I have ever seen. There had to be something I was missing, something beside the type of foods that were in their diet, but what was it?

Then it dawned on me. Every one of these silver haired saints had two things in common with one another; the first was that even though they ate whatever they liked, they ate small potions, about 1/3 of what most people eat. The second common trait was that they were all active; they didn’t just lie around the house or sit back in their easy chair glued to the TV. They worked in the garden, went fishing, visited people in nursing homes and volunteered at nonprofit organizations helping others. In other words, they stayed active.

So Bobs new diet is not a diet at all, I eat what I want when I want. Just not as much. I order a sub and cut it in half, my wife and I try to order one meal and split it. In one week I lost over 8lbs eating everything I like! Plus cut my food bill in half! For those who say, there is no way I could survive on half a sandwich I ask you to try. It seems as though it takes about 15 minutes after you eat for the signal to move from your stomach to your brain that tells you that you’ve had enough. It does work! So for all you out there who don’t cherish the idea of dining on rabbit and bird food there is an alternative.