Female Strength Training Get Your Best Body For The New Year

Many women steer away from strength training, afraid it’s going to make them bulky or because they’re intimidated by the concept of lifting weights. However when it comes to achieving your best body, female strength training is the key. Here are 10 tips for female strength training, to help you get your best body ever.

1. Know that female strength training is no different than strength training for men. Muscle fibers are muscle fibers. True, women don’t have as many muscle fibers as men do (which just means they won’t bulk up as much) but the training process is the same. Strength training works your muscles and in essence, breaks them down. The process of rebuilding them post workout makes them grow. This process along with increased muscle mass burns more fat. Not to mention the fact that muscles just look so much better!

2. You cannot change the shape of your muscles. Many women want to lengthen their muscles or change the shape of them. You, can’t, that’s genetics. What you can do is increase your muscle mass and your strength through training. Take your thighs for example, when you replace the fat on your thighs with muscle, they’re going to look great regardless of the size or shape of your muscles.

3. Protein helps you recover and build more muscle. Just like the products you can get when you check these supplements, protein is an essential component of a strength training diet. Your muscles need protein to repair and grow. Female strength training experts recommend consuming a protein heavy snack soon after you workout. Protein shakes are a great way to get a heavy dose of protein without having to consume a steak! Additionally, eating smaller and more frequent meals throughout your day and making sure protein makes up around 30% of your diet, and that fat makes up no more than 30% of your diet, is a great way to quickly get the body you desire.

4. Strength training is lifting heavy weights, not lifting a light weight 100 times. The ideal workout generally consists of doing 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions. Your weight should be as heavy as it can be for you to barely be able to complete the final set.

5. Good form is essential to a good body. Good form helps you build the muscle you desire without injuring yourself. If you’re doing squats for example because you want a great rear end, improper form can actually lead to a back injury. Before you perform any exercise, make sure you’re using the proper form.

6. Warm up your muscles first! In order to get your body into prime fat burning, muscle building form, it’s important to spend a few minutes warming up. Stretching, a few minutes on a cardio machine or jumping rope or even a few minutes lifting light weights will all work effectively.

7. Don’t forget your arms. Most women are focused on shaping their bottom half however your core muscles and your arms deserve just as much attention. Remember how wonderful Michelle Obama’s arms look?

Female strength training is the single best thing you can do for your health and your physique. There are a number of great books and programs available online to help you get started lifting weights and getting in shape today.