Does Your Group Have A Vision On Facebook


The purpose of starting a Group on Facebook is solely to create the opportunity for you to message members on a regular basis. “Farm” from your own Group!

Your Group should strive to give information to its members that will be considered valuable and entice them to want to read your messages. It should NOT be created with the ultimate purpose of “selling” to your members. That is what your website or your blog is for! Your Group is meant to convert people out of the world of Facebook and into YOUR world. This is why Voy Media is there to help you with all this so that you can create more informative and useful Facebook groups.

Before Creating your Group:

Name your Group

Determine a Vision, Mission, and USP for your Group. This will help you to create the ultimate tone and structure for your group.

Decide specifically how you are going to ‘touch” your members and how often

Name your Group: Choose a name that is memorable and clearly defines the essence of the Group!

Neworld’s Group Name: Neworld Web through Facebook

Vision Statement: This is the big picture. In a vision statement, you say “Where you want to go or what you want to do”.

Neworld Web through Facebook’s Vision: “To provide a forum for business owners on Facebook to access the tools offered by Neworld Coaching, Neworld Web Partners and group members to convey their business messages of growth and success strategies.”

Mission Statement: The Mission Statement flows directly from the vision statement. It is the implementation of the vision and it outlines what must happen to realize the vision. It’s a guide that contains action words and adjectives that modify them. This is your “How we will accomplish our Vision” statement.

Neworld Web through Facebook’s Mission: To be the primary “business growth ideas” resource used by “Neworld Web through Facebook” members. We accomplish this by providing information of upcoming webinars, recordings of previous webisodes, and expert information regarding business growth and strategies via the discussion boards and wall posts.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): This is your slogan-it should answer 3 specific questions:

What do you have to offer?

What makes you unique?

Why should anyone choose to do business with you?

Neworld Web through Facebook’s USP: Communicating Virtually for YOUR Business Growth!

Decide how often and why you will message your group! (80% information and 20% sales copy)

Neworld Web through Facebook:

Inform members of webinars the day before they occur Send a Web Guide every 2 weeks (soon to be every week) Promote FREE Stuff on our Website Promote FREE Chat Friday General information regarding “Low” cost webinars

To create a Group:

From your home page-click on Groups on the left side.

Click on “Create a Group” in the upper middle of the page

Description: Use the info you created above

Group type: Business (most often)

Recent News: Here you can write something about welcoming everyone to the group and what you plan on offering to them. This is a little more information than the description and can be changed often.

Include your telephone or Skype and the rest of the contact info

Go through the ‘Customize” radio buttons step

“Publish” (ensure that you have entered as much information as possible at this point!)

Skip the invite friends step for now

Go to the group by clicking the link at the right in the middle that says “back to ???”

Upload a photo or a logo

Check all the info and make necessary changes

Write something in the status bar (now you are published on everyone’s walls etc)

Begin a discussion

Invite friends and write a personal message to them

Messaging your group:

Begin messaging your group within 24 hrs of sending your initial invitations. Be consistent and give content that is informational and of use to the members. THIS IS THE MAIN AREA THAT YOU WILL CONVERT PEOPLE!

Inviting friends to join your group is a Maintenance Job and should be done once/week!

See you next week…