Designing Web Sites

When an individual is designing a web site for personal, or company use there are many different ways that they will be able to write the program for their web site. The two main ways for an individual to make a web site. The two main ways is by using different software programs, and through different programming codes. The individual will be able to use these different types of programming systems to create the best web site for you.

If you are still wondering what web site designing is it is the process of programming that an individual or a company will go through to create a web page. From that web page the individual will create several more web pages in order to fully create a web site. The web pages that an individual will create can be viewed through certain software programs, and through your web browser. When an individual creates a web page, or site, they are using programming code. Some of these different types of programming code can include Javascript, Flash, Casading Style Sheets, XHTML, and HTML.

HTML stands for Hypertext Makeup Language. HTML is important in web designing, and many beginners use it to build beginners web sites that are very simple in nature, and plain in appearance. HTML is a key part in creating a web site, but if you only use HTML your web site will be plain in nature. You will want to use XHTML and other programming with HTML. HTML is used to add bolding, underlining, and italics to the documents on your web site. With HTML you can also embed objects, and pictures into your web pages. You can also use HTML to create interactive objects such as menus. HTML will also help you add headings, quotes, links, paragraphs, and many more extra options to your web pages.

XHTML is a more advanced form of HTML. XHTML allows you to further expand on the basic HTML code. XHTML stands for eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language. XHTML is a part of a family of programming called XML Markup Languages. XHTML Programming needs to be written perfectly, and in a concise way. If XHTML is not written correctly the programming that you have just written will not work.

So essentially if you are just beginning to create web pages then you will want to begin with HTML, and once you believe that you have gained enough potential knowledge to know how to handle HTML then you will want to move onto XHTML. Web site designing can be a very difficult process to learn, but once learned correctly. Once you can write this type of programming efficiently then you can learn newer types of programming codes. With these codes you can make the perfect web site for your every needs.