Clash Royale- Crushing Your Opponents in Style


There is a saying that anyone can do the pretty ones and is seen in numerous fields but none more so than that of entertainment as it has been quite an engaging as well as a controversial topic most of the times.

Leaving the controversy aside, we shall only focus on the entertainment part of it as it is no rocket science to be studied and analyzed in detail but simply is a source of enjoyment that we enjoy most during childhood as that is when most of us are free both mentally and generally but gone when we are grown up.

During childhood, apart from cartoons and comic books, one other thing that we all enjoy the most is playing video games but now we are in 2020 and television has given way to smartphones, Ps4 and Xbox 360 and Windows 10 although the first three are more popular choices for games.

Initial Story

One of the best games that you can find today is Clash Royale, that has captivated its viewers for the past four years since its launch in March 2016 and it may look like a game of cards at first glance but in fact is quite different.

Surely it would give you the vibes of Freecell, Solitaire and Hearts but that is about it because the real game is bigger and violent as it involves a battlefield and two teams on opposite sides where the goal is to achieve supremacy over the kingdom.

Clash Royale was launched by Supercell, which is a leading development company when it comes to video games and was launched 4 years back as mentioned above on both Android and Apple phones where the makers hoped that it would compete with the other established games.

However, they were in for a pleasant surprise as it quickly surpassed all others in the popularity stakes and emerged as a winner by leaving all others far behind to occupy the much coveted top post and continues to be popular after four years.

The initial stories that were floating that it would not be able to sustain after a few months and fizzle out like similar ventures but the deck of cards had a certain X-factor in them that it surpassed many an expectation.

Vanquish Foes

Clash Royale world is one of thrill and intrigue in the dark lanes which is only to be expected where the main goal is to kill the enemy and establish your dominance over the field which you can do by developing a strategy.

Foes like Giant, Ice Golem, Lava Hound and Royal Giant are strong so first of all they need to be distracted and caught off guard, which is when the defense troops in the front can launch an attack at the enemy battalion.

The two towers of both sides at opposite ends is going to use the same technique and build up a Bomber Tower, which is done through setting up a building of cards and this structure would help in neutralizing the forces but be sure to use the Zap laser to change their target.