Chronic Severe Lower Back Pain

Chronic severe lower back pain can usually be felt in the lower back region and even right up to the upper legs and buttocks. Chronic severe lower back pain is most probably the hardest of back pains to diagnose. As a result, people suffering from chronic severe lower back pain face a very long and painful wait, countless tests and extensive therapy to fully recover and be somewhat pain free. So if you have ever felt a little twinge in your back only to wake up with a bit of a sore back, count yourself lucky, as you cannot start to understand the level of pain that people with this condition experience every day of their life.

Discussing The Distinction

There is one main distinction within chronic back pain that is caused by different factors. These factors play an important role in determining what type of back pain you might have, and how you should go about getting it treated. So, it is important that you consult with a professional health expert such as Dr. Joshua Rovner, especially if the pain continuous for a couple of weeks.

The major distinction that must be made is between chronic back pain that occurs as the result of an unidentifiable pain generator, and chronic back pain that occurs as the result of an identifiable pain generator. While the first tends to be more difficult to treat, the latter is usually associated with structural spine conditions, such as degenerative disc disease or spinal stenosis. With chronic back pain, an unidentifiable pain generator is usually the source.

Characteristics Of Constant Discomfort

Chronic back pain is both long lasting and recurring. Both factors are considered an unavoidable part of back pain. In order to be considered chronic, back pain usually has to last continuously for three to six months. Additionally, it is common for chronic back pain to keep coming back-even after it has been thought to be resolved! The recurrence of the pain is usually sporadic and unpredictable, and it varies highly from person to person.

A Doctor’s Diagnosis

As previously stated, most chronic severe lower back pain are caused by an unidentifiable cause making very difficult for an accurate diagnosis. This is also multiplied by that fact that different people have different ways of describing the pain and the exact location. Add the fact that the level of pain tolerance is quite different from one individual to another, and you have your self a very small chance to actually pinpoint the root of the problem. A good diagnosis is paramount if you are going to have any chance of nipping chronic severe lower back pain in the bud so work closely with your doctor. Your efforts will be well rewarded by a healthy and pain free back.